Tips to remove and unlock password on PDF files

To remove and unlock password on PDF protected file is not a rocket science. It is easy if you understand and know the tools to use. Please note that to remove/unlock passwords or removing restrictions on a PDF file are not the same thing.

This tutorial simply shows you how you can achieve both task of removing/unlocking password and also on removing restrictions like copying text, printing of the file.

Most applications/software on the internet that offers this services does so at a charged rate; the ones that are offering free services does so with the inclusion of malware/hidden codes in the final product.

Basically, to remove and unlock password on PDF file, there are just two tools that are certified excellent, safe and secure to achieve this task:

  • Freemypdf
  • PDFCrack


Freemypdf is basically an online application that allows you to remove password restrictions on a PDF file.

Please note that the application only removes restrictions such as copying of text, printing of the PDF file; in other words, it basically removes an encrypted password permission set up.

The use of the service is only restricted to a PDFfile size that is not more than 150mb in size.

freemypdf-remove and unlock password on PDF

Guidelines to remove password restrictions on PDFfile document:

  • Make sure that the PDF is not password protected if you want to open it
  • Now, go to
  • Click on browse, locate the source of the file, upload, then save the edited/unlocked file on your system ( e.g. on the desktop)
  • Finally, the system automatically removes/stripe off the restrictions  on the file

Note, the beauty of it all is that there is nothing for you to install, its fast, easy, direct.


PDFCrack tool is a complete tool, it remove and unlock password on PDF files. A PDF encrypted file that will not open or request for a password before you can view it can easily be edited with this free PDF password unlocking tool. It is very much ideal and useful in recovering passwords plus content from PDF-files.

Though, unlike the other mentioned version, this tool has to be downloaded, then installed on your system before it can achieve the task you want it to achieve.

PDFcrack-remove and unlock password on PDF plus recover password


1. Go to, download the application

2. After the download, install it

3. From here, go to the installed program and follow the necessary guidelines.

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