Social media optimization – 3 Facebook sign up account strategies to increase traffic

The purpose of this researched and analytical post is to show you the importance of why you need to have a Facebook sign up account and if you have the account already, then you need to know the reasons why the account should be active and healthy. Facebook, as a social media network is crucial to your overall blog success in this post-Google hummingbird era.

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This purpose aligns very well with the overall reason why you set up an online business, either in form of website or blog. Your reasons include but not limited to:

  • Having lots of web traffic i.e. either organic, referral or direct to your online presence ( your blog and website)
  • Being able to have a high sales conversion rate of your product (s), services and expertise i.e. make more money or more influence in your chosen niche
  • Increase your chances of monetization i.e. making more money either through Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing e.t.c.

To have a Facebook sign up account is not difficult, go to the homepage at, and simply register by filling out your information on the registration page.

What is social media optimization and its relevance to having a Facebook account?

facebook sign upI don’t know whether you are aware, Google completely changed its search engine algorithm matrix to a new dimension; a development called Google hummingbird, and after this, Google followed up with another update (Google penguin 2.1, released on the 4th of October 2013).

SEO professionals, bloggers and webmasters have already started seeing these effects with the latest release of Google PageRank on December 6th, 2013; there were surprisingly drastic reduction of some websites PR from PR8 to PR3 e.t.c., even Neil Patel’s blog was seriously hit.

This and many more reveals that the era of search engine optimization (SEO) is being revamped, adjusted to what is now becoming social media optimization gradually.

Google’s latest algorithm places 90% emphasis on people/user engagement satisfaction, social media signals, bot and human mobile optimization satisfactions. Google is moving to an era of producing definite answers to questions being asked!

Therefore to rank very well in Google come 2014 and beyond, embrace this and add the remaining 10% of Google’s SEO best practices (free panda, free penguin, and free black hat practices strategies) and focus on quality content.

Social media optimization talks about how you can use the various social media networks (Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest e.t.c.) to rank your blog and websites high on search engine result pages

Case studies on how Facebook sign up account social media optimization helped brands/business

  • Diamond Candles

Diamond candles is a small e-commerce site. The company has a Facebook page for their business and just by tweaking and placing customer-contributed photos, their sales and conversion rates increased and they also attracted about 293,000 new Facebook followers.

This was made possible in the first place because they sign up for a Facebook account and from here, created a Facebook business page. They were able to create a community around their business, and implemented their follower’s suggestions.

Check the details below:

increase sales and lead conversion using social media optimization with facebook

  • Neworld Associates

According to Neworld associates, by having a Facebook sign up account, and creating a campaign on the FB site with the aim of finding a credible soundtrack for a particular company, the Facebook campaign helped them increase sales and also got them 200,000 pounds of free PR.

Full details:

  • ReginaldChan and Darren Rowse of Problogger

Notable probloggers e.g. Darren Rowse, Kristi Hines, Reginald Chan, Adrienne Smith e.t.c. all have a Facebook account, and lots of credible/targeted followers. So, a simple post of their contents on Facebook goes viral and help them get massive traffic to their blogs.

So, go and sign up for a free Facebook account fast!!

  • Econsultancy

Econsultancy, a leading digital research and consulting firm carried out a research on the impacts of promoted Facebook posts of your blog and contents. The conclusion was affirmative and positive. Check out the details below:

What are the three Facebook sign up strategic factors that can help your business in getting more exposure and lots of organic traffic?

  • High PageRank 9 and High Traffic

Facebook has a high PageRank value of 9. On the Alexa ranking, Facebook is number 2 globally and also No 2 in the US (as at the time of publishing this content). This means that is the second most popular and visited website in the world and USA.

For a website to have a PageRank value of 9, it means just five backlinks from such website is equivalent to 50 backlinks from PR8, equivalent to 500 backlinks from PR7, 5000 backlinks from PR6 e.t.c.

Facebook helps in social media optimization to build engagement and community

To rank high and attract more traffic from Google and other search engines, you need lots of quality backlinks from Facebook, so go ahead and sign up for a free account.

To get the best out of this website, posts consistently your content, videos from your blog to your Facebook profile and timelines and also request from your friends to help share your contents on their own Facebook profile.

  • With a Facebook sign up account, you have access to lots of user engagement and community

Facebook is not just a social network, it is a community. Google stated explicitly that publishers should simply focus on good content and user satisfaction. The new algorithm is designed to judge and study human behavior to rank your blog. Therefore, having an active user engagement points to the search engines that you are credible, people friendly and hence qualify to rank very well; with Facebook, you can easily achieve this!!

Your focus should be on having targeted Facebook friends and fans. Work hard to have more followers, more likes and by doing this, you will have an active community that are ready to share and recommend your contents.

Look for people in your niche with high Facebook fans or followers, follow them and request that they recommend and share your contents.

  • Schedule and Automate your Blog Posts

Have you ever wonder why people are not clicking your shared posts/contents from their Facebook timeline and profile to your website!! Don’t you think that its because you shared this content on Facebook when your followers were not online or probably asleep.

automate blog post using buffer on facebook sign up

Social media optimizers and professional bloggers use the above strategy to increase leads and traffic to their website. They simply schedule and automate their blog posts on Facebook at a particular time and day throughout the week.

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Conclusion and Feedback

Thanks for reading through this blog post. Your views, opinion and suggestions and disagreement are highly appreciated through the comment section below.

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