7 killer SEO tips to increase google traffic using images

In May 2013 when Google enlarged the cover photo of the Google plus page, I knew then that the search engine is really serious about Images.

The use of Images on a blog and website is an important factor as it helps cement understanding and seal creativity on the topic of interest. It helps and makes the topic and article interesting. However, certain SEO best practices need to be taken into consideration in order to get maximum benefits to increase Google traffic using images.

Aside this, the use of images and pictures has proven to so many people and blogger on its power of attracting traffic. I know of bloggers who claims that certain images on their blogs are accountable for almost 80% of the source of their traffic.

drive google traffic through image

Proven Case Studies

1.   According to Elisa Gabbert of wordstream.com, she emphatically stated that the major traffic from her site comes from Google image search. She emphatically gave examples, stats and facts to support her claim as seen on her blog below.

2.   Yeremi Akpan of probloggertips.com is a testimony to this as he said in the statement below: this site gets 90% of its traffic from a particular image which I can’t tell you

The image in question is responsible for his leading and main keyword which stands on No 2 of Google’s search result and number one on both Bing and yahoo.

3.   Cynthia Sanchez of ohsopinteresting.com reiterated the same in her post below: She said, blogger Kate Bryan receives more than a million visitors every month from images on pinterest.

Another interesting blog, pearsonified, shared the same concept about how the use of images increased traffic to the website. The details are explained below:

So, where are the 7 killer SEO tips to increase Google traffic using images?

Having seen the impacts an optimized image can make in getting you lots of Google traffic, lets follow the below listed discussions on how to get and use your blog images to your advantages:

Increase Google search traffic using images

  • Name of the Image or picture being used

Most bloggers make the mistake of just naming an image anyhow. For example, the name you use to save your image from its source matters. E.g. if I scan an image from a document, I should give it a name that relates to the topic or content of my article instead of just using a.jpeg e.t.c, but rather use something like optimize-image-for-seo.png

  • Image ALT

Search engines by default cannot and doesn’t understand the text inside an image, and this is where the ALT attribute parameter comes in. The ALT is like a description and name for the image or picture in question.

Infact, the ALT parameter is more than important than the image name earlier discussed. The pictorial overview below will show you how to get it done.

alt text helps to increase google traffic using images

  • Make use of PNG, instead of JPG

Most people are familiar with the JPEG extension format for an image or picture. The truth here is that JPEG image extensions are used for designers and photoshop experts, which they deploy and use on hard copy jobs e.g. in billboard designs, business cards e.t.c

However, when it comes to web publishing, the ideal image extension format to use is PNG or GIF; this is the standard model and one of the advantages is because PNG images are lighter in size compared to the JPG extension. So, instead of naming your picture with names like seo-killer.jpg, it is better you name it as seo-killer.png.

You may not really agree with my facts here, I have also seen some JPEG images that are lighter in size than the same image in PNG. It all depends on how smart you know how to use various softwares to reduce their size. For jpeg images, you can use jpegmini.com ( an online application).

  • Use original and uncommon Image

Google loves fresh and original content; the same principle also applies to a picture or image. My personal advice is to always use an original picture that has never being used on any blog or website.

duplicate does not allow to increase google traffic using images

On a second note, according to Elisa ( earlier mentioned), an uncommon, classic, eye catching and intriguing picture can do the magic of helping you get much more traffic from Google.

Darren Rowse of problogger.net, shared an article on how a guest post made over 3 million visits to his blog. The bottom line is that the image used for that post was responsible for almost 85% of the traffic, check it out:

While clarity and high resolution images and picture should be used, it is also important that it should not be too heavy.  If you know how to use Photoshop software, use it to reduce the image size.

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  • Source of Picture

The source of your pictures can invariably put you in problem if you are not careful. One of the best SEO practices is to use a Public Domain images. Basically public domain images are free to use on your blog or website anytime and any day.

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I hope this tutorial will sure help you out; you’ve got additional recommendations, criticism, kindly share it the comment section below.

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