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Considering your hectic schedule, engagement and business that require your attention, I can help you get quality results through my three main services:

  • Blog writing services
  • SEO- Getting Google friendly backlinks and organic traffic generation
  • Website creation and maintenance


My main objective is to help grow your website and business. I can help you to achieve good results by writing quality content that retains reader’s attention, gets you conversions and also guest post for you.

My writing strategy incorporates tailored content development that aligns positively into your existing content and business plans.

Please, find below a summary of my blog writing services:

  • Ghost copywriting services
  • Content writing ( Blog and Web)
  • Guest blogging / Content Marketing
  • Email copywriting / Newsletter

Ghost Copywriting services

In need of white paper, quality reports, branded sales speech, all written in your name? I’m great at that and will be glad to help establish you as an expertise in your niche/field.

This is a professional service and my strong ethical research in data analysis/facts findings and intelligent acumen will definitely give you nothing short of quality.

Content writing

I offer quality SEO copywriting content for websites and blogs.

The modern day SEO of the moment requires relevant and constant updated fresh content on your blog to guarantee steady streams of traffic.

The presence of a blog on your business website establishes readership and connection between you and your readers, and through this, you can convert them into any end product or action you desire.

Being a professional blogger, I can help  out, giving you space and enough time to focus on running your business.

Guest Blogging / Content marketing

As the blood in your veins and arteries keeps the body moving, so also without marketing, a business cannot survive. This same concept is important in the online business world.

Guest blogging is the most popular and SEO friendly content marketing strategy of the moment.

Guest blogging/posting is unparalleled as it offers the following advantage:

  • It helps in quickly building recognition for you in the online sphere
  • It helps in building authority in your niche/field
  • Guest blogging helps in getting exponential torrents of traffic growth
  • It confers on you brand awareness and expert status.


The survival of any website/blog depends on the traffic it receives, and not just traffic but Google organic traffic.

With a humble declaration, I can boldly say I’m an expert in getting quality Google friendly backlinks for your website.

You need a high organic traffic to your website for the following reasons:

  • To outrank your competitors in terms of SERPS and conversion sales
  • More traffic equates to more conversion and which equates to more sales
  • For a monetized site that depends on Google AdSense, a high traffic means more money from AdSense
  • Most online advertisers ( premium advertisers) are interested in a high traffic authority website before they can place an advert

Backlink Strategy

My backlinking strategies involve:

  • Backlinks from a reputable Google friendly websites/blogs i.e. websites that are free from Google penalties.
  • Backlinks are obtained from related and relevant sources to your blog/website niche
  • My backlinking services are not automated, they are purely whitehat techniques
  • And lastly, all backlinks are from PR3-PR9 dofollow (70%) and nofollow (30%) sources.

Interested, talk to me and I’d be glad to be of service.

SEO Services

SEO means search engine optimization. My professional SEO services incorporates

  • Social media optimization for your blog/website with the pure aim of getting more improved/targeted traffic. I primarily engage with the use of Google+, Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • The use of premium SEO tools to audit your blog/website for
    • Possible Google penalties
    • Possible negative SEO practices
    • Technical and structural errors on your site
    • Reasons and proffer solutions as to why there is non-performance in the area of traffic generation and positive conversation sales.


Kindly read my guidelines on website creation and maintenance in this category:

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Probably, what you want may not be listed above, please, feel free to get in touch for us to discuss on your needs.


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