Seven SEO tips to get Google US search traffic

In getting the best out of Google AdSense and any affiliate program, savvy probloggers and webmasters knows that organic Google US search traffic, UK and Canada gives a high CTR ( meaning that clicks from them offers a high conversion rate because they are high paying regions according to Google Adwords), as compared to places like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, malaysia e.t.c.

USA, UK and Canada are high paying regions because most advertisers and businessman pay fat money to advertise on Google Adwords. The same concept applies even to affiliate marketing strategies.

Case Studies

Site A

Site A receives a million visitors per month with 25% of the traffic sources from USA, and the rest 75% from Asia and Africa. Site A makes just 2000USD in Adsense revenue and 476USD from affiliate sales per month.

Site B

Site B receives 400,000 visitors a month with 90% of the traffic sources from USA (75% US, 10%-UK and 5%-Canada). Now, site B makes 3,450USD Adsense revenue and 453USD from affiliate sales per month.

In conclusion, the two case studies above clearly show the importance of getting organic Google traffic from USA and UK.

Please, find below the explained seven proven strategies to increase and get targeted Google US search traffic

Strategy 1 – Use Google Webmaster tools with USA Gmail Address

I have a blogger account (opened a Gmail account using US IP address) and have been using the account for more than four years. Now, I discovered that traffic to about 90% of the contents is from USA (with no major backlinking strategy-please note, it’s not for this blog address).

Google has complex algorithm But I have come to understand that Google targets and set up their flagship Adwords campaign tool based on geographical locations and hence determine the amount that advertiser pays.

get Google US search traffic using analytics

The idea is to open a USA based Gmail account. During the account sign up, chose United states as your country/location. However, by default, the location can be automatically set by Google itself to your original location, all you have to do is to convert your IP address to that of the state.

After achieving this, use the Gmail account to open a Google webmaster account and have your website or blog verified.

Recommend: What is Google Webmaster and how to verify your website

After this, the next step is to set the geographical location to USA; to do that, follow the following guidelines:

  • Open up a Gmail account or a straight forward webmaster account at: (
  • After being verified, login and go to your dashboard, look towards the right hand side and locate the gear icon (settings), click on it and select ‘site settings’.
  • On the settings page, go to ‘Geographic target’ and from here, you can scroll down to pick United States


Strategy 2 – Configure your Bing webmaster Settings

Since our goal is to make sure that bulk of your web traffic is from USA, it is also important to verify your blog/website in Bing and adjust the settings to target the USA. It’s like using a double edged sword to win a battle.

Ready?, following the below guidelines

  • Sign into your Bing webmaster account
  • On your dashboard, under ‘configure my site’, select ‘Geo-targeting’
  • Chose domain and towards the right side, scroll down and select ‘United States’

get organic traffic from usa with bing

With these new settings, Bing will configure search traffic that are coming to your website to be those from USA.

Strategy 3 – Study your Analytics Account and implement the following

With the use of Google Analytics, look and search for the particular post or article that gives you the main traffic. At the same time, look for the post or article whose source is majorly from USA.

When you get the particular post or article, then, write and publish more articles that is focused and related to that particular topic.

To do this, follow the below guidelines:

  • Open your Google analytics account (if you have Google Webmaster account, then you should have an analytics account)
  • Once opened, go to your dashboard and under ‘standard reports’, locate ‘ Geo’ and from here, click on ‘ Location’
  • On the location page, scroll down and you will see lists of countries from which your traffic is coming from.

use Google analytics to target US search traffic

Please, note the number of visits that is coming from USA

  • Go back to the same left hand side and locate ‘ acquisition’, click on it and chose ‘all traffic’
  • On the top of the page as seen in the image below, click on ‘source’ and ‘keyword’
  • Please, note down the various keyboard and their corresponding number of visits.
  • Now, beside ‘ keyword’ look towards the right and locate ‘ others’ . Click on ‘visitors’ and then chose ‘country/location. Note down the results
  • Now, sit down and analyze the result and from here, you can know which topic is coming from USA, Canada or Europe.


Google analytics will show you the keyboard that helps drive traffic from us

Then write more about topics related to that. For example, if how to increase Google traffic using images is a topic on your blog/website and this same topic is bringing you lots of traffic from USA, then it makes sense to write more content around this niche.

Strategy 4 – Use Google Places,Bing Places and US/UK Citation sources

People are generally familiar with the use of Google Adwords; however, for a proactive target of US search traffic/American web visitors , it is important to place your blog and website on Google places and other local search engines.

This works perfectly well going by numerous success stories of people that have made use of Google places. To get lots of US traffic and if you have the budget (very little amount anyway), you can try using this service.

There are two types of account, the free and premium; you can try the free account to actually test and determine your conversion analysis.

Sign up for Google places, and read their success stories

google places can help you get targeted us traffic and visitors

The use of Bing places for business is another sure way of getting American visitors. You can configure a targeted local area you want from the US.

To get started, check:

bing places for business to get us and american visitors

Citation sources are important credible tools to Google. A wonderful list was compiled by an author at search engine land and I will honestly want you to make use of the listings and submit your blog/website there. They are legit and won’t affect your site negatively. If you really want bulk of your visitors and traffic to be from US and UK, make sure of the list and submit your site immediately.

Check out:

Strategy 5 – Use US Local listings and US/American Classified Sites

This strategy is a sure way of helping you receive more traffic from USA. It works very well if your business is into sales, services, manufacturing e.t.c.

I was able to just get a credible New York site listing which can be effectively used if you are trying to get visitors from New York ( or a more targeted areas or cities in New York).

Check out:

A wonderful post at MOZ for better understanding can be seen through the link below:


American Classified Sites

This strategy is often overlooked and highly underrated. There are numerous free US classified sites that you can simply add your website or blogs to. And, if you are also looking for US backlinks, there is a great avenue and opportunity.

You can start with the likes of craigslist e.t.c. The following are compiled lists that can be used to your advantage and they are purely American classifieds.

More lists can be accessed at :

Strategy 6 – Host your Website or Blog on a US server

This is an important strategy and it should have been the first point. Top leading websites with lots of US traffic all have their servers stationed and located in the US (prove me wrong).

You can also have your blog hosted on US, UK and Canada server, and you are sure to receive traffic from this sites.

The primary advantage to this is the fact that each server in any country has a specific country IP ( Internet Protocol) and as such, if you host your site on their server, then you are making it easier to get much more traffic from USA, Canada and even more of Europe. Google understand this IP protocol and they take it into consideration.

The following are summary of webhost that are hosted and based in USA: Synthesis ( I highly recommend this webhost, I’m using it; but note it is a little bit expensive, but good for people that values their business), Bluehost ( good for medium wesite owners and bew bloggers, easy and cheap to get started), GoDaddy, 1and1 e.t.c.

You can use the following tool to determine the location of a particular server hosting a particular blog/website:

(if you know more, kindly share it in the comment section)

travelling to get backlinks from US visitors

Strategy 7 – Get credible backlinks from US sources

Backlinks is the blood running in the veins of blogs and websites that makes them receive life from Google and other search engines. The source of your backlinks is an essential factor that determines the type of visitors to your blog, either the ones coming from the search engines, referral traffic e.t.c.

So, how can you build backlinks from US based blogs?

  1. The first step is to determine where they are hosted (explained this in strategy 6).
  2. The second step is to build Google friendly backlinks from forum profiles ( make sure they are hosted in US and focused on US or the web generally)
  3. In addition, you can get backlinks from country specific sites/domains e.g.
  4. Join Bulletin Boards and Communities ( US) and become engaging with the community
  5. Try and make sure that your followers on twitter, Google+ are mostly from the United States.

Why you are getting lots of traffic from India, Malaysia, Pakistan and not US, Canada or UK

When Google disabled the accounts of most bloggers and website publishers from India, the global online community was angry. One thing remains true and that is ‘India, Pakistan and some other African/Asian countries are into shady practices on online spamming’.

The black hat guys from these regions create bulk automated junk links to various sites including theirs.

to get US search traffic visitors-black hat people are holding time bomb

If you make a mistake of accepting spammy comments from these people or giving them a link on your blog, you will get lots of crazy torrents of traffic from these regions. These link spammers run tools that scrape the internet.

So, the best way is to remain legit, practice white backlink strategies and follow the outline methods above.

NOTE: My online friends from India, Nigeria, Africa, Pakistan,Asia; please don’t be annoyed with me for this stated facts!

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