Need FB Account-7 Facebook sign up successful steps

I need a Facebook account, I need to sign up!! Apart from going social and wanting to hook up with your friends and colleagues; there are more than seven reasons why you need to have a Facebook sign up account. From being able to:

  • To stay connected with friends and families
  • Getting connected or sign up for spotify ( though no longer compulsory)
  • Getting high quality PR9 backlinks ( good if you are an internet marketer)
  • Being able to leverage and use FB to market and have a high conversion rates for your products and services on your blog and website
  • Being able to increase organic and referral traffic to your blog/website from FB
  • Being able to increase exposure and influence on your chosen niche or business field
  • Being able to make money on Facebook and increase your monetization strategies of Google AdSense, affiliate marketing on your website.
facebook sign up account gives you advantage and high altitude

With Facebook as a marketing tool, you get the advantage

One thing is certain and well clarified by research and case studies: Advertisement and marketing on Facebook helps give a high ROI; hence the need to have a free sign up account.

The purpose of this post is to show and give guidelines to newbies on how to get, open and create a free FB account. If you have the account already, then don’t bother.

Secondly, as a reader of my blog and possibly thinking of becoming a blog or SEO consultant, you need to have it as it is a great marketing and SEO free tool!!

Opening and registering for the account takes less than five minutes; let’s get started.

What do I need for the free Facebook sign up account?

Honestly, you only need

  • Your Name
  • Internet Connection
  • And mobile phone

With these things ready, let’s dig in:

facebook sign up

simply fill in the required details

  •  Find your friends

This is optional, I will simply advise you to click the “skip this step”

how to sign up for facebook

Skip this

  •  Fill out your profile information

This is the single most important stage when trying to open and sign up for a Facebook account. Take your time to fill our requested information about yourself, school attended, work e.t.c If you are opening a Facebook page for business, a different profile format will be presented to you.

fill out profile information when you sign up for facebook

fill out profile information

  •  Choosing an interest

This was not part of the options, i guess it was added of recent. Anyway, it is good if you can choose an interest you are interested in following. But, to me, you can skip this also and go straight to the next step.

fb sign up

Its good to chose an interest from the beginning

  •  Add Profile Picture

Your picture is your identity and brand. Its advisable you upload your best picture for easy identification from friends and folks. You can simply upload from your computer or simply take a new picture using the webcam on your laptop.

upload your new pics-facebook sign up8

Sorry, I uploaded Mark zuckerberg bald head

  • After clicking on save and continue, this then brings us to the next phase; this next phase involves email verification and updating of all necessary informations.

sign up for facebook and activate from your email

  •  Finally, on verifying your email account, you are free to start using Facebook.

I hope this explanation and guidelines on FB registration is well understood and will be helpful to you.

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