Duplicate Content- Four free copyscape alternatives checker tools

Having spent so many hours and energy writing and publishing quality content, Josh discovered later on that his contents and blog post were being downgraded day after day in the Google search engine rankings. After rigorous search, he later discovered that duplicate content of his post syndicated on some blogs was the major culprit.

Another issue: Bimpe recently purchased a new domain and got it hosted on websynthesis hosting platform (was recommended to her). Due to the nature of her full time job, she decided to outsource articles for her blog to a freelance writer. The freelance writer wrote articles and she was posting the articles on her blog. After some months, she realized that her website is not getting traffic from Google. After rigorous research and analytical studies, it was discovered that nearly 95% of the articles from the freelance writer were actually duplicate contents seen on other site.

Troubleshooting Result: Both of them were purely victims of duplicate content, Bimpe suffered from duplicate content while Josh suffered from content scrappers (i.e. plagiarism)!


The solution would be to have used duplicate content checker. Now, in the industry, Copyscape is the most popular, but on a personal note, I’m not too impressed with how copyscape works, plus the fact that you have to pay for their service to get the best. In this tutorial, I have listed out four free copyscape alternatives that will help you check and discover duplicate and scrapped content of your blog.


duplichecker -free copyscape alternatives


Duplichecker is an excellent free copyscape alternatives. To use their service, you have to sign up (it’s free) and verify your account. After doing this, you have two options to check for duplicate content

  • Either copy your text into the check box provided
  • Or upload a saved file in either word document format or ordinary notepad form

Then, click search (the green search button lies in-between the two Google AdSense adverts)

Check site: http://www.duplichecker.com/


plagium free copyscape alternatives duplicate content checker


Another free copyscape alternatives tool is plagium; With Plagium, it is not compulsory for you to sign up before using their services. However, there are two options: quick search and deep search. For a quick search, simply copy and paste your text into the box and click on quick search.

For deep search, you might need to sign up ( it’s free likewise).

Check site: http://www.plagium.com/


plagiarisma-free copyscape duplicate content alternatives

Plagiarisma tool is an online application and in this case, in addition to checking your text, you can also check for duplicate content by inserting the required URL into the search box.

The system, by your option will scan through Google, Babylon and Yahoo database to get the job done.

Check: http://plagiarisma.net/


copygator- free copyscape duplicate content alternatives

CopyGator is what I can call RSS Monitoring police. The site is an online application site and it basically monitors your RSS feed whether it has been scrapped and stolen.

Site: http://www.copygator.com/


To avoid Google wrath on Duplicate content, make sure you use this tools probably twice in a month if you already have your blog or website running. You do not have to worry to go premium on copyscape as these free copyscape alternatives competes very well to deliver a fairly good results.

If you are looking to outsource your content article writing to freelancers, make sure you use this tools to check the quality and authenticity of their written posts.

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