Genesis Altitude Pro Theme Review – WordPress Installation And Guidelines

Genesis Altitude Pro Theme Review – WordPress Installation And Guidelines

Studiopress Altitude Pro theme review: This is a comprehensive yet detailed summary of this Altitude Genesis WordPress themes, why it is currently the best and leading WP Business template. Get to know the testimonials of people using it, the template features and how you can install it.

The rise and use of WordPress in building state of the art professional business and corporate websites are on the increase on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that WordPress platforms are easy to use, maintain and they are of low cost to launch.

Leading in this development is studiopress  ( See the fantastic theme they built for food bloggers),  I will be discussing and sharing a thorough review on Altitude Pro WordPress theme, how to install it, the pros and cons and also list live business and corporate websites using it.

altitude wordpress theme


  • 1#    Introduction

Altitude Pro WordPress theme is a premium business theme from studiopress. It’s One of the best OnePage WordPress Theme with a Parallax scrolling effect I’ve ever come across. Aside from this, its solid security settings, high level  of intelligence and the unmatched SEO configuration makes it unique among its peers.

Its unique design stems from the fact that it has distinguishing sections which are blended in parallax mode as you scroll down. Each section has the option of its own background images which help gives it a double added advantage in terms of professionally looking website design.

I’m a fan of anything Genesis ( from studiopress) and its because of their clean coding, HD ( High-definition) glossy looks, security and the Google friendly search engine optimization ( SEO) benefits!!

Altitude Pro is highly recommended for the following types of business websites:

  • A business site with emphasis on rendering services
  • It is ideal for an educational resource site
  • It is recommended for a membership website
  • It can be used to build and create an entrepreneur site that offers subscription and general services
  • For the subscription based model of business site, it is a huge benefit because of the recurring mode of payment collection!!

Of a truth, Altitude is a slick design with the right attitude that is required for the modern day’s and rigorous success requirement of an online business.

Altitude Theme reviews And Customer Ratings

altitude theme reviews- customer ratings

Check out their customer ratings and recommendations at the bottom of their homepage!!

Altitude Genesis WordPress Theme Review -10 Important Features
  • 2#    Inbuilt Sections With Parallax Effect

The core hallmark feature of this template is the Parallax effect inbuilt in the sections. From default, it has about six (6) sections which automatically moves to the next section as you scroll down the section ( this is the parallax effect earlier mentioned).

The Parallax feature does not add additional loads, its slick and of course absolutely retina ready.

The beauty and professionalism invested in the design concept make it arguably one of the best and most recommended OnePage WordPress theme.

  • 2#    Flexible Widget Configuration

altitude genesis theme reviews

As can be seen from the homepage template above, there are six different widgets template layout you can choose from. This makes the customization of the entire homepage design so flexible and adjustable to your desire.

  • 3#    Complete OnePage Features

When talking about OnePage websites, this template presents the perfect example of what can be obtained if you are looking to have a professional looking one-page website design layout.

From the default settings, the entire page contains full features including the overview, features, pricing, testimonials, Faq, sign up, contact. When you click on any one of them right from the header, the page simply scrolls down till you get to the section you desire.

However, with the customization settings, you can change the entire sections and configure it perfectly.

  • 4#   Custom settings of background images

Altitude Pro WordPress theme review

For a creative fellow, you can make use of 1600 by 1050 pixel wide pictures to replace the default homepage background pictures.

This is possible by making use of the customize settings. To do this, just go to appearance, then click on customize, move over to the Front Page Background Images and from here, you can play around with your creative abilities.

  • 5#   SEO Secured, Schema Integrated

Now, this is a bit of some technical language, but I will explain. There is no point having a beautiful website with no visitors ( organic visitors from Google and search engines) checking on it.

One thing with all Genesis themes, of which Altitude is one is that they are all SEO tamper proofed. Genesis themes are the industry standards for anything search engine optimization.

schema and seo readySecondly, all their themes have an excellent schema integration in-built. This makes crawling by search engines easy; basically, a well-defined schema and architecture web page structure is well loved by search engine crawling spiders.

In summary, using this theme will naturally give you a competitive organic ranking and boost on SERP than other templates. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

  • 6#   Great loading speed , Retina Ready, and Mobile Responsive

For example, this blog was built using the Modern Pro Genesis theme and using Pingdom tools, my speed is 661ms ( using Dallas as my pick center). This same fast loading speed is typical of all Genesis child themes, including Altitude.

great loading speed

On a second note, a theme is said to be retina ready if you upload an image or video on it and it comes out crystal clear and sharp with no form of pixelating. All these are some of the features present in the retina enabled Altitude WordPress theme.

The year 2015 witnessed a mobile ranking revolution by Google, even up to the extent that the search engine is now penalizing websites/blogs that are not mobile responsive/compliance.

Altitude is a mobile responsive template, and it appears perfectly well whether being viewed on PC, laptop, or on any mobile phones.

  • 7#   Altitude pro theme Setup, Support And Installation

Genesis themes are not just known for SEO advantages, security and robust framework; they are excellently and universally respected when it comes to accessing and receiving premium quality support.

In fact, a dedicated page is created by studiopress to cater for all support related requests.

When it comes to the Altitude pro theme setup, follow the below guidelines:

  1. Make sure you have purchased, logged into your studiopress dashboard and then download the ZIP file.
  2. Upload the ZIP file directly from the dashboard of your WordPress; from appearance to the theme, to upload themes e.t.c.
  3. Activate the theme, once done, check out the below tutorials for more guidelines and full help on the installation.
    1. Front Page Layout Configurations
    2. Getting Started Guide

I have also included the below video tutorial ( Thanks to Philip Gledhill)

how to install altitude pro theme demo

You can read about the guidelines directly from studiopress here.

Or you can watch the above and below video:

  • 8#   Live Websites Built/Designed With Altitude Pro WordPress Theme

The following are examples of live websites built and designed with this template:

  • 9#   Other features

Its other features includes:

  • Accent color styling, Custom header logo, presence of HTML5 markup, Theme options
  • Landing page template
  • Excellent Native theme customizer
  • Footer widget area and after content widget area
  • 10#     Conclusion

There must be something that is making this theme retains its position as the most popular and most sought after child themes in the Genesis repository and believe me, I’m sure it is simply due to the fact that its the best option for a business and corporate website template. This Altitude Pro Review just explains everything you need to know about the template.

I highly recommend you get this template for a simple sum of USD99 ( including the framework).


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