11 best responsive wordpress theme for a food blog and site

The choice of a premium, beautiful, premium themes adds glamour, professionalism, and splendid touch to your blog. After the successful publication of detailed guidelines on how to start and launch a food blog; this particular post is meant to give you optimal wordpress food themes that are both responsive, and Google SEO friendly.

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Before sharing with you these great wordpress templates that you can use to set up and launch your own food blog, there are three things you need to understand in the choice of your selection

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  • Google friendly SEO structure

To be able to rank very well on Google search result pages, your blog or site should be Google friendly in terms of its SEO structure. In other words, the type of wordpress theme or design template you want to use should give you the flexibility of a sound Seach Engine Optimization ( SEO) structure in place. This is a very important point to note.

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  • Mobile Responsive

The term ‘mobile responsive’ simply means the ability of a particular web page to render very well ( show very well) and adapt its sizes to fit the screen on any mobile phone used to access it. Your new blog should show clearly, and change to the screen view on any mobile platform used to view it; this is an important parameter if you really want to compete in this 21st century Google age.

  • Speed

A slow loading wordpress themes will lead to an increase in bounce rate, possible Google penalty ( Google made it clear that they take the issue of web page speed in their SERP rankings, check their declaration here). In case you want to check the speed of a particular webpage, check out: Google page speed checker and Pingdom Tools Now, to the main point on selecting the best wordpress food themes:

  • 1#         Foodie- Food WordPress Themes

The number one recommended wordpress theme for food blog or site; I am encouraging you to get. From the table of world acclaimed studiopress ( makers of Genesis themes) come Foodie.

Highly recommended
Its mobile responsive, click and check it out!!

Foodie is a premium, SEO friendly, mobile responsive food theme that will fit excellently for a cooking, cake making sites, food blogs e.t.c.. It has the following features that made it slick and recommended for your use:

  • It is mobile responsive- I have mentioned that earlier
  • it has featured images- this is important as it covers the above the fold, making it easier for visitors to see sliding galleries of different pictures of desserts, cakes e.t.c.
  • Presence of 3 color styles
  • HTML5 mark up
  • It has 6 layout options
  • Presence of custom menus ( very important for your pagination)
  • Custom header
  • Theme options

RecommendationCheck it out

  • 2#         Crave wordpress themes

Crave, as the name suggests is another wonderful wordpress food theme from the stable of studiopress. This theme is mobile responsive and has threaded comments section inbuilt in it.

The theme is quite good, it has the following features:

  • It contains subscription form towards the left widget of the theme
  • It contains custom header
  • It has 3 layout options
  • It has the presence of theme options and featured images

Recommendationcheck it out

  • 3#         LifeStyle Pro Theme

The lifestyle pro theme fits perfectly well as a magazine styled layout for a food blog; its an ideal wordpress theme for food blog and site. Its look, beauty attraction and the presence of featured images makes it ideal to be used as a credible food design template.

Simple, and can adapt as a food theme

This theme has the following features:

  • it is built with HTML5, which in the industry is the standard and latest hyper text mark-up language ( HTML)
  • it has 6 colour styles
  • Presence of footer widgets
  • Presence of featured images
  • Presence of threaded comment section

Recommendation: Check out the demo

  •  4#         Foodie wordpress theme from WooCommerce

This theme from WooCommerce is excellent, the following features makes it attractive for outright purchase at a simple cost of 55USD:

Highly mobile friendly and responsive
  • Its built with combination of both HTML5 and CSS3
  • Inbuilt Google rich snippet
  • Highly SEO optimized
  • Fast loading scripts- loads very fast on web browsers
  • Highly compatible with all forms of browsers
  • It is mobile friendly and responsive- you can view it perfectly on any mobile device
  • it has unlimited banners, sliders and portfolio
  • A guaranteed lifetime support

Recommendationscheck out the theme and buy

  • 5#         Justshop Cake – Bakery Food WordPress Theme

Justshop is a customised wordpress theme for cakes, bakery , food and drinks niche. It is built as an ecommerce platform that allows for easy shopping on the site from shoppers and web visitors. The theme has the following inbuilt features:

  • It has Menu Card & Pricing Tables ( very much ideal)
  • Presence of 5 Header styles
  • Presence of 6 Beautiful colors ( with options of colour changing with ease)
  • It has an advanced drag and drop page builder
  • Ajax Product loading, Ajax product filtering
  • Highly SEO optimized for Google and Bing searches
  • It is retina ready and mobile responsive

Recommendationscheck out the theme and buy 

  •  6#         CookingPress – Recipe & Food WordPress theme

As the name suggests, CookingPress is an ideal foodie and cookie wordpress theme. This food blog design gives you the edge and advantage by making it easy for you to share your recipes and cooking ideas with lots of audience.

Interesting features that this theme has includes:

  • It has microformat support and Google Recipe view inbuilt- meaning search engines will really love it
  • It is SEO optimized
  • It is mobile responsive- you can view it on any mobile phone and it will adapt to the size of the screen with clearity
  • it has optional 3 layouts to display posts i.e either in grid view, excerpt mode and full posts
  • It has inbuilt Recipe creator

RecommendationCheck out the demo and buy it Now

  •  7#         Food & Cook – Multipurpose Food Recipe WP Theme

With 6 optional layouts, 3 recipe layouts, mobile responsive and a clean coded wordpress theme, this Food and cook wordpress theme from WPTheme is a recommended theme to get. This theme has some pretty interesting features that will absolutely catch your attention, among them are:

highly recommended
  • Print friendly plugin
  • Inbuilt Video ( for tutorial and for showcasing)
  • Presence of slider images
  • Inbuilt Google Microdata
  • Highly responsive
  • Presence of Google fonts support
  • Presence of WooCommerce Shopping cart plugin- this enables you to sell anything and much more

RecommendationCheck it out and buy

  •  8#         Food Recipes – WordPress Theme for food blog

Looking for a perfect blog and site design for professional chefs, cooking experts and consultants, then look no further as this this theme is all what you need. The food recipe wordpress theme is a full, 100% mobile responsive, SEO optimized and beautifully crafted design that will fit into your taste.

Check It Out

Present features of this wonderful theme includes:

  • five slider variations of the featured images
  • Search engine fully optimized
  • easy and extensive theme options
  • Front end recipe submit e.t.c

LinkCheck it out

  • 9#         Organique – WordPress Theme For Healthy Food Shop

The name sounds unique, I bet it with you that the name resonates absolutely well with the quality features presented in this theme. Organique food theme is best used for someone who wants to open and operate a food shop or better still, a food shopping blog or site.

Features that made it unique includes:

  • Responsive and Retina Ready: this means its clean coded and can adapt on any mobile device for easy viewing
  • Intuitive page builder: inbuilt page building capabilities
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Search engine friendly e.t.c.

RecommendationBut it now 

  • 10#         Foodie – A Whimsical Food Blogging Theme

Foodie is a blogging theme with a focus on food. Whether you are a seasoned chef, or just getting comfortable in the kitchen, Foodie allows you to showcase and talk about your latest creations, or the art of food in general.

RecommendationCheck it out

  • 11#         Coffee Lounge Theme

This theme represents a café lounge, it is a masterpiece from Themefuse and its classy to have a look at. It is ideal if you are running a coffee shop, a lounge that sells and service customers that either wants some cakes, desserts, cocktails e.t.c

Good if you are thinking of setting up a coffee shop

Features include:

  • Presence of sweet and drinks  menu
  • Presence of Picture Gallery
  • Search engine optimized
  • mobile responsive

Check out the demo or Download it Now

Conclusion and Recommendation

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post on best wordpress food themes and recipe design template, I hope the information presented will be helpful in the selection of your choice.

If there is any theme that you feel should be included, kindly let us know through the comment section. Thank you

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