30+ Google Adsense Ready WordPress Themes Optimized For High CTR

Adsense optimized WordPress themes are valuable, important and needed for high CTR in earnings. From experience, it is better to use these Adsense Ready themes if you are an online publisher or blogger with a strong desire to make good money from the program.

A Google Adsense Ready WordPress themes cuts off many bottlenecks and help in giving you a high click-through rate. These templates are built for good conversions and why roaming around when you can scale and leverage on what has been proven to work extremely well?

List of the best Ready Made Google Adsense WordPress themes

  • MyThemeShop Themes

Mythemeshop is a major framework, just like the Genesis framework; however, they are well known and respected for two major issues:

  • Inbuilt social media sharing buttons
  • Excellent and well integrated Google Adsense Ad slots

The image below shows the dashboard that is present on all themes from Mythemeshop; the dashboard shows where you can activate and adjust your Ad settings and placement.

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  •  1#     Ad-Sense From Mythemeshop

Aside from the all technical reasons why you are not making money from Google ( Low CTR, Poor region, Low traffic, wrong Ad placements e.t.c); one notable point not being mentioned are AdBlockers.

Have you discovered that with all your thousands of traffic, you are making peanut as Adsense earnings? One possible reason is because these users have AdBlockers enabled on their browsers.

However, Mythemeshop just broke the camel’s back with this new theme, Optimized to detect and inform anybody viewing your site of the presence of Adblockers. It works this way:

  • If there is an Adblocker on the visitor’s laptop, PC, or smartphones; the theme detects and lock up the screen informing the visitor or viewer to disable the Adblocker because he/she can continue reading the posts
  • This has proven to improve high CTR and increase earnings

No matter the niche you are, technology, Viral, news, fashion, recipes, Sports e.t.c; the Ad-Sense theme from Mythemeshop is a multipurpose template

I strongly recommend this theme for your use:

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: VIEW THE DEMO

  •  2#     TruePixel

TruePixel is a 2 column layout minimal design, made especially for content blogs and sites. Its attention to minimal layout, uncluttered design and the broad display of the leaderboard Ad size unit at the header makes it a remarkable theme.

As mentioned in the beginning of the write up on the issue of ViralNova. Scot De Jon actually made use of Truepixel to launch his viral website. This single design that cost just USD35 as at that time, really helped the guy to make USD100,000 per week.

So, what are the strong winning advantages this theme represents?

  • First, it is properly coded to display your Google Ads at prime locations without distractions.
  • The outlay is cleanly coded with a minimal approach and the homepage is a pure blogging platform displaying 120 words summary of each latest posts.
  • TruePixel is the best Google Adsense ready WordPress themes because of its unique mobile responsive attributes that make you make quality money both on your PC, laptop or any other Mobile gadgets.
  • Because of its minimal approach, it is very fast and loads with great speed. You can use Pingdom and Gtmetrix.com to confirm my statement.
  • It is SEO loaded, HTML5 ready with professional language translations.

I wrote a fantastic review about Truepixel, check it out:

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 3#      SociallyViral

SociallyViral WordPress is the hottest viral sensation of the moment. Interestingly, it is the most recommended template for anyone trying to run and build a Viral news based website.

I wrote a review about this high CTR design and I recommend you check it out:  Mythemeshop SociallyViral Theme Reviews

The picture above shows both the homepage and post page layout. Of most importance is the post layout. From the image above, it can be seen that there is provision to either insert your Ad codes at below the post title and at the right-hand side of the sidebar.

On the issue of making money with a Viral website, a very good example is Scott De Long, the former owner ( now the CEO) of Viralnova.com; he made use of a simple USD69 theme ( the Truepixel WordPress theme), created a viral website and was making approximately USD400,000 every single month. It has since been sold to Zealot media networks.

When running or trying to create an Adsense website, there are three options to placing your Ads codes on it;

  • First is to insert the codes manually at strategic positions that will give you high CTR; this involves editing and playing around with the code which is not advisable
  • The other option is to make use of WordPress plugins that will be of help; this is better and commendable
  • And the third option is to simply make use of WordPress themes that has been optimized and proven to convert very well.

Just like the above templates, all the WP themes I’m recommending all have the following features:

  • Mobile Responsive Advantages ( they are well adapted to both PC, mobile phones, tablets, laptop viewing options). This ensures your revenue increases and you are not missing out.
  • Google Friendly SEO Settings: Let no one deceives you, making quality money requires that 80% of your traffic ( especially organic) should come from search engines ( especially Google search results). These themes are coded with the highest standard of search engine optimization guidelines, and some of this includes:
    1. Schema integration: A site with the right schema architecture, framework and navigation is a delight to search engine spiders. They are easily crawled
    2. Latest HTML5 technology; this makes video and picture uploads easy, high-resolution quality and well streamlined.
    3. Inbuilt Ad placement at the top header, below title post and at the end of each post. This is beside the Ad placement in the right sidebar.
    4. Specially inbuilt social media sharing buttons that can make your content go viral.
  •  Security ( this is important, though much people doesn’t pay much attention to it) and high CTR.

Cost: $45USD for SociallyViral

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 4#      Magazine Pro

A very good example of a client that makes use of this theme and making good money from Google Adsense is madailygist.com; others include naijatwitter.com, floorwaves.co.uk e.t.c.

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Magazine Pro is a Genesis child themes from Studiopress; globally respected for their security, high SEO intelligence and fast loading experience.

By default, its a two layer or 2 column design with optional settings for 3 menus. It is mobile responsive and they are built with HTML5 latest technology.

Magazine pro is no doubt one of the best Google Adsense optimized WordPress theme out there in the market. Go for it.

Cost: 99USD ( Genesis Framework inclusive)
Recommendation: BUY AND DOWNLOAD NOW

  • 5#      Flickr

Flickr is a highly minimal design outlay. It is a basic two column layout with a Facebook touch. I, for one recommends this design because of its slick and clean details to content publication.

Looking for a Facebook look-alike WordPress theme that will give you good earnings in terms of Adsense, then check out Flickr.

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 6#      BloggingTheme from Mythemeshop

The only pure blogging theme from Mythemeshop is this particular theme. Though its homepage might look cluttered, the emphasis here is on the post pages.

From each post, you have the option to display your Ad units in three prime locations in the header, below title post and at then end of the post.

The original design features a 2 column layout with ready made social media sharing buttons and a review button. The fascinating aspect is the homepage because it features a sliding featured image and up to 8 display post summaries.

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 7#      News

I recently used the News Theme to launch one of the fastest growing news site in South Africa. I chose this theme due to the following advantages:

  • It is clean coded and highly minimal in design
  • It is a very fast loading theme because the coding is light and not bloated
  • The homepage ( front page) has about four (4) different layouts you can choose from
  • In terms of security, News theme is part of the Genesis child themes, so going for it definitely gave me respite from security breaches
  • And finally, Most Genesis themes, including this particular one has lots of unrivaled SEO advantages. This is due to many factors, which includes but not limited to schema structure that’s inbuilt, Google friendly crawling coding, excellent navigational structures and easy to use search engine optimization settings directly from the dashboard

News Pro WordPress theme is mostly recommended for those looking to start an online newspaper and monetize with Google Adsense advertisement.

Cost: 99USD ( Genesis Framework inclusive)


  • 8#      NewsOnline

NewsOnline is purely a news centered WordPress theme design. It is classy because of the traditional flavor and scent associated with the traditional newspaper design outlay.

Its stark difference lies in it sharp emphasis on the monetization benefit that can be obtained by placing any Google Adsense Ad code at the top header, primarily for the 728 by 90 Ad unit size.

It has been published that mobile searches are currently higher than searches made on desktop/ laptop computers; to this end, the NewsOnline WordPress theme is a mobile responsive design that still allows the visitors from any sources ( mobile phones, desktop PC) e.t.c. to still access your contents perfectly and also without you losing any money.

The theme is SEO optimized, it was built on latest HTML5, insanely fast with inbuilt social media sharing buttons; NewsOnline is one of the most recommended mobile responsive Adsense ready WordPress themes.

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 9#      Entrepreneurship

The guys at Mythemeshop built this uncommon and unique design. Entrepreneurship WordPress theme is a three (3) column layout with the presence of a large featured image in sliding format.

Its core feature is the presence of the mega menu support ( which comes bundled with the package instead of buying the mega menu plugin at a cost of USD32).

It is purely a design feature built for online Entrepreneurs who value class, fast loading speed, optimized Adsense layout and a full language translation theme.

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 10#      Schema

There’s no doubt about the fact that Schema WordPress theme is one of the fastest theme out there in the market at the moment. You can read my full tutorial and listings about the fastest loading WordPress themes here.

Schema is recommended for:

  • Bloggers who value a fast loading experience
  • Bloggers who are running or who wants to run their blog on shared hosting ( considering the cheap cost): its speed offset the slow issues encounters on any server

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By checking on the demo, you will discover that there are two versions of this layout:

  • The minimal layout
  • The Default layout

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  11#      SteadyIncome

If you are looking for a website design that resembles or very much look like the website of Pat Flynn, Derek Halper e.t.c; then I recommend SteadyIncome WordPress Theme.

If you are a coach, motivational speaker or you want to run a professional personal blog with an emphasis on making money via Adsense or through third party services, then this is your best bet.

SteadyIncome is a professional business style blog that brings your personality into prime focus. The homepage allows you to display a full picture of yourself and from experience, this act gives you a good conversion ratio because online clients/visitors loves dealing with real people. They are much more comfortable dealing with someone they can see his picture.

However, the Adsense codes are not on the homepage but present on the post pages ( see image below)

Interesting features include:

  • ts mobile responsive
  • Fully Google Adsense optimized
  • It has Inbuilt mailing lists and subscription form which is present at the footer and right sidebar.

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 12#      Video

Interestingly, the only video theme from the Mythemeshop office is this particular one. It’s a slick, well crafted and beautifully made design concept.

Some of its essential and eye-popping features includes:

  • A large featured video at the homepage and gallery/segmented outlay of relative videos towards the right-hand side. These are all present on the homepage
  • Despite the presence of videos, this theme surpassed my expectation due to its fast loading time when observed using Pingdom tools and Google page speed insight checker
  • The theme accepts video upload from major sites, including YouTube, Vimeo e.t.c.
  • Aside from making money from the videos ( if you are a YouTube partner); it has provisions for making money with your written content. The image below shows where to insert the Ads below the post titles.

I recommend you check out the demo for full clarity and understanding.

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 13#      Magazine Theme from Mythemeshop

Most Magazine themes I’ve seen are usually heavy because of their bloated design. However, this magazine theme from Mythemeshop is light coded and remains one of the fastest themes in the magazine niche.

It is basically a 3 column WP layout and a big carousel, both on each individual posts and at the homepage.

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 14#      Digitalis

Digitalis WordPress theme was designed with a magazine concept; much emphasis focuses on the use of images and pictures. One added advantage of Digitalis in relation to helping you with high CTR is how the images are blended together with the Ad codes.

To get a good result with the use of Digitalis, it is hugely recommended to make use of Image Ad type instead of text type of Ad unit.

When looking for a tumblr theme for Adsense, Digitalis is the answer!!

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 15#      CickRight

ClickRight is a minimal design; Aside ClickRight, the developer created two other models and all three are optimized for high CTR.

The beauty of this theme and the other two is that you can buy all three premium themes for just USD69, instead of just one.

ClickRight WordPress theme has three distinct location for Google Ads; one at the top header, right sidebar and at the end of each post.

I recommend you check out the demo

Cost: $39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 16#      ProStore

ProStore WordPress theme is very simple. It is beautiful design with light blue widget color and it is purely minimal. Features present in ProStore includes the following:

  • A 3 column layout structure
  • Mobile responsive ( 100%)
  • It is bootstrap compatible
  • It is BuddyPress ready ( excellent advantage if you want to add forum or social media angle e.g. mini Facebook to your site)
  • It is super easy to customize
  • It is WooCommerce ready and of course, the SEO readiness is superb.

Cost: $48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 17#      NewsMag

I built two websites for two separate clients using this theme; there’s no doubt about the beauty and glossy feel about this NewsMag, however, my only negative review on it is because of it bloated size.

One of the clients was hosting his site on InmotionHosting ( the 3000s package) at a cost of USD84 per month; the package entails an SSD hard disk, a raid 160 enabled SSD drive, 4 terabyte e.t.c. But the irony of everything is that the load speed of the whole site was hovering around 2-5s.

To me, this is slow, as my own blog ( where you are presently loads under 1s i.e. 690-700ms, even with my https features).

NewsMag is good, its one of the best Adsense ready WordPress themes, SEO optimized, built with the latest technology and recommended if you want to run a classy magazine or news website; I recommend it based on this features.

To get the best out of the loading speed, I think you need to work on lots of issues.

Cost: 48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 18#      Fortune

Fortune was the first flagship design from Mythemeshop that was originally built for an Adsense ready experience. A visit to the demo of the entire theme reveals great features it offers to you:

  • Presence of the 728 by 90 Leaderboard Ad units at the header ( just copy and paste your code there)
  • The entire design is totally mobile friendly
  • It is minimal in design with focus on accepting good contents
  • Inbuilt social media follow buttons; including the follow feed button

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 19#      Nominal

Nominal WordPress theme is a blogging theme. It is built for people that mean business with their articles and content publications. If you want to run a content blog and monetize with Google Adsense, I advise you go for Nominal.

It is beautiful and easy to use crafted design outlay, 2 column layouts and it is one of the fast loading WP themes. One of the key advantage Nominal has over others is the inbuilt related blog posts ( this is important because there is no need to install a third party that will make your site become slow).

To me, Nominal is the best wordpress themes with a lot of greater advantages!!

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 20#      NewsPaper

Its glossy with high definition (HD) image quality; it is beautifully designed; It has the best social media sharing button placement at the right sidebar and also for each post ( below post titles); the Google Adsense placement at the header can be visibly seen ( and it is also mobile responsive)..the lists f features continues..

NewsPaper WP theme is currently the fastest growing design on ThemeForest ( the world’s largest e-marketplace) and at the moment, it has more than 2087 ratings with more than 18,000 in sales volume.

Newspaper has one unique advantage compared to others; its a multipurpose theme that you can use to convert your website to anything i.e. from fashion blog to technology blog, personal or a pure content farm site!!

Features includes:

  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • It is compatible with bb press, BuddyPress, woo-commerce and of course, its mobile responsive
  • It is glossy and high-resolution pages are inbuilt with retina ready ( for pictures and video) advantages
  • You can insert your Ad-cod at the top of the header and post, sidebars and end of each blog posts

Cost: $58USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 21#      DesignBlog

DesignBlog is one of the top performing themes in terms of ROI for clients/customers. This is according to testimonials received by the developer ( Magazine3).

DesignBlog is a two layer design with a professional looking design; in particular, one is bound to stay hooked to the beautiful outlay as you browse around. It is a perfect and well-constructed themes with due diligence given to the technology and gadgets publishers.

It is recommended and one advantage it has is the presence of its clean design, optional presence of seven different placement locations for the Adverts e.t.c

I recommend this theme if you are into the tech, gadget, and general tutorial niche!!

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 22#      GoMedia

GoMedia was built for the technology and gadget-focused publishers. It is a clean design with high CTR placement of your Ad units.  It is a 2 column design with a beautiful design outlay.

Cost: $49

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 23#      WebJournal

WebJournal is a professional and premium WordPress theme for online journals. Built with an uncommon design layout and the presence of a large featured image at the homepage makes it trend towards becoming much more of an online magazine theme.

It has an approximate 7 different advertisement placement areas; this is more than enough for you to start increasing your earnings.

By time you check on the demo, you will agree with me that WebJournal is a classic design!!.

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 24#      Splash

Splash is a beautifully, well-crafted theme. I made use of Splash for the design of a client’s website far back in 2014 and the strong reason why the client loves the constructed website was because of the highly noticeable Adsense Ad at the top of each page.

Splash is from Mythemeshop, has 2 layouts, has featured images ( with responsive slider). However, the most important factor about splash is the inbuilt rating and review system. The rating and review system helps boost your CTR and its an added advantage.

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 25#      TechSavvy

TechSavvy is for the technology-dependent blog owners. As seen above and below, the theme is professionally built with strong SEO settings and mobile responsive features.

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  26#      Sensational

I decided to display the mobile responsive demo of this theme towards the left-hand side. This is a proof that if you use Sensational, your website automatically becomes mobile friendly.

Sensational is a three column layout design with an inbuilt rating system. It is uniquely designed, not bloated and clean coded. I encourage you to check the demo to see more features before making the purchase.

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD


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Conclusion and feedback

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post on the best optimized Adsense WordPress theme, Please, share your views and input through the comment section.

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