10 Best Google AdSense Ready WordPress Themes That Are Optimized for 2015

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Its imperative and highly important to have a Google Adsense optimized WordPress theme ( for those using WP of course) if you are looking to rank high, get good click through rate (CTR) and easily make quality money with the program.

I know for sure that many bloggers, webmasters and publishers are not making enough money from this program because their blogs/website are not Google friendly and not well optimized for.

  • High CTR
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Mobile Responsible Advantage

This tutorial lists out recommend themes and designs/layout that can be used for your blog and site design. Please note that your site should be powered by wordpress; and in addition, these themes are the best in terms of great SEO advantage, faster loading times;  One important point to note is that these themes are designed to align and comply with Google’s set of Adsense policies and rules ( going against them will either get your account suspended or banned and if you are still applying, the application will not be successful).

List of AdSense Ready WordPress Themes

I run 3 blogs and I mainly monetized them with Google Adsense, I have come to discover the power of using ready mades, and all what I do is to focus on quality content and leverage on the use of twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to share and promote my contents.

Recommended to read: List of Best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense

  • MyThemeShop Themes

mythemeshopOne of the core hallmark of all Mythemeshop themes are;

MyThemeshop is a well known wordpress theme developers and designers. When it comes to having a highly scalable, neatly coded designs with no need of using third party Adsense plugins, then go for MyThemshop.

One of the main advantage is  because on your dashboard ( after making the purchase, there is a page to set up and configure all your Ad codes without using plugins. On this dashboard settings, you can have your Advertisement appear on:

Ad-Managaement settings

You can activate the Ad settings and locations on all MyThemeshop themes

  • The header – i.e towards the right hand side
  • Below your title post
  • After your content post

Whether you are thinking of a business, corporate, magazine, news, entertainment, blogging e.t.c. type of theme and want to monetize it with big G, this framework is the best way to go. The following are examples.

  •  1#      SociallyViral


SociallyViral is the modern day epic form of beautifully scented design; its a beautiful, professionally looking theme that is built solely for the following purpose:

  • To bring about viral effect ( traffic) to your site and blog
  • Help you get the best in terms of excellent review and ratings from your users/visitors

Its built with social media presence in mind, that’s why it has the sharing buttons at strategic locations. One question that people ask is ‘ where will I put my code on? The answer is simple; being a MyThemeshop products, you can easily go to the Ad settings on the dashboard and either chose the option listed above i.e. header, below title post ad/or end of blog posts. Try it out, refresh and check the demo and then you decide on the appropriate location.

sociallyviral post pages to insert adsense code

This is the post pages. Can you see the arrows? You can also insert the ads at the end of the posts

I recommend you read my review on sociallyviral WordPress Theme

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 2#      NewsOnline

newsonline wp

NewsOnline WordPress theme, if used on a news blog will really help you in increasing your Adsense earnings. Any visitor, either from mobile phones or any desktop computers that lands on your blog or site will definitely see the large 728 by 90 Ad unit sizes. This is the best position to increase earnings because of its high CTR ( Click Thru Rate).

NewsOnline is recommended because its one of the few Adsense ready WordPress themes out there ( and it can be used for any niche, aside being a news/magazine design)

Tips: Always make use of responsive Ad unit from your Dashboard, instead of the leaderboard . The responsive Ad units automatically adjusts itself to any unit based on where and what is being used to view your page!!

As always, Newsonline is:

  • SEO optimized
  • Built on HTML5 and it loads absolutely fast
  • It has an already inbuilt social media sharing buttons

newsonline pages

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 3#      Entrepreneurship

entreneurship wp theme

Entrepreneurship WordPress theme is one of my favorite design. It is a premium theme, and with 45USD, you can quickly build and launch a blog or site that is sure to deliver fast loading experience and professionalism.

Entrepreneurship has an uncommon design and its extremely recommended for a content focused blog or site that wants to make money using Google Adsense.

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 4#      Schema

Schema wp theme

A  lot  has been written and said  about Schema, notably for the fact that its being termed the fastest loading theme in MythemeShop directory. Aside these claims, there are two versions of this design:

  • The minimal layout
  • The main /Default layout ( and that’s the sample image above)

It is good if you are a blogger, with utmost attention of running your blog on a shared hosting ( cheap) e.g Bluehost and at the same time craves for a fast loading times on the browser. Schema is SEO ready, fully responsive and recommended for a blogger that wants to go low on a small budget ( for hosting) and at the same time makes money from Advertisement.

schema posts

inside the posts

I suggest you read my review about Schema WordPress Theme

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  5#      SteadyIncome


Steadyincome brings your personality into limelight. One of the things I have discovered in blogging and about internet business is the fact that people/clients wants to see/talk to live person. I noticed that having a picture of yourself can dramatically improve your conversions on all sides. Steadyincome WordPress theme does just that. You might not notice the Adsense spot on the homepage, but you can enable the Ad codes on all your blog posts, pages and archives ( remember its a theme from the Mythemeshop framework, so just move over to the Ad management platform on te dashboard and enable it).


  • 100% mobile responsive and friendy
  • Adsense optimized
  • Unusual design with social sharing  buttons at the footer
  • Inbuilt mailing lists and subscription form at the footer and right sidebar

I recommend this theme if you are a coach, blogger, motivational speaker e.t.c. with an aim of making money from Google Adsense with decency.

steadyincome posts

The post pages

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 6#      Video

According to Cisco research, Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic; that brings us to an important subject and hence the introduction of this video theme from Mythemeshop.

video theme from mythemeshop

Video is a WordPress theme that is built for blogs that have media such as videos. With a like/dislike feature, watch later feature, playlist, low bounce rate, integration with YouTube for view counts, and all the features you expect from MyThemeShop ( developed by theme) such as search engine optimization, you need Video for your site.

It is Google Adsense enabled for Adsense for YouTube and Adsense for content; I highly recommend you get this theme


inside the post pages. Can you see the Ads location?

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 7#      TruePixel


TruePixel is best used and recommended for those that wants to run a pure viral traffic site. This is what I mean; the design, minimal layouts and structural arrangement of this theme makes it easy to run a site that is full of jokes, viral topics, curated news and blog posts e.t.c.

For example, a particular fellow made use of this theme and he made a 4 figure earnings per week ( though he has rebranded the whole design and he’s no longer using this particular theme). Read about it here: High CTR ready-made Adsense Website Templates)

TruePixel has the following interesting features:

  • best adsense theme
  • Using latest technology in HTML5 and its retina ready
  • It is fully in compliance with mobile responsive requirements ( as seen on the image towards the left)
  • Because it is a minimal theme; its optimized for a faster loading speed on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • One of the core hallmarks of this design is its full Google Adsense integration; The Ad locations gives you higher CPCs and RPMs ( your earnings will increase dramatically)
  • It has a prebuilt social media widget for your Facebook and G+ profile
  • One major metrics about the theme is its detailed attention to reducing bounce rate. It has inbuilt professional widget that shows your latest post, recent, most commented and your tags ( all in just one sidebar).

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

8#      Magazine Theme from Mythemeshop

One of the fastest loading magazine theme with an unusual minimal approach is the magazine theme. It is a 3 column WordPress theme with large carousel at the homepage and on each individual post pages. ( though the carousel can be disabled based on your options from the dashboard).

magazine theme from mythemeshop

Cost: 45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 9#      Digitalis

Digitalis is a premium responsive theme that is custom ready made for photographers, bloggers, tumblr like style design to earn more money. This is possible because of the right placement of the Ads, both at the header top and the 336 by 278 by the side.

Both of this locations are above the fold, and this factor gives you a high click through rate, and with high click through rate, your AdSense earning revenues will naturally go up. For further pictorial details, please, see below:


Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 10#      CickRight

clickright wordpress theme

This is a simple, yet effective, mobile responsive Google AdSense wordpress themes with ready made Ad units at important locations:

Cost: $39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 11#      ProStore

prostore-adsense optimized wordpress theme

Looking for the simplest, a focussed blogging niche theme with an easy means to make money with your Google Adsense accounts?

Prostore,  being a 3-column elegant and professional news theme is your answer.


  • its fully responsive
  • Translation ready
  • 100% retina ready
  • WooCommerce integrated
  • Free demo XML
  • Third level dropdown
  • SEO optimized

Cost: $48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 12#      NewsMag

Newsmag-fast wp themes

NewsMag is the latest addition to these premium lists. This theme is mostly recommended for online newspaper blogs and website that wants to make Google Adsense their major and primary means of income.

Aside from the Ad ready recommendation advantage, it loads incredibly fast on web and mobile browsers ( infact that is one distinct advantage it has over others).

NewsMag is picture focussed, mobile responsive, glossy and its overall appeal looks professional and catching. I suggest you simply check it out:

Cost: 48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 13#      Fortune

Fortune is a custom ready made template, made explicitly for bloggers who focuses  more on earning much money from big G and general advertisement niche.


In terms of CTR, it will give the highest; below are the features and recommendations:

  • To get the best monetary earnings, just activate three of the units ( this is going to be specifically meant for big G Ads).  The company instructed that you should not have more than 3 Ad units on a page ( Plus, you should not have more than three ad units for the search box).
  • Now, if you want to mix both the AdSense units and general Advertisement ( probably from third parties), I recommend you only activate 2 units for big G Ad and one for direct advertisement. This model will make your blog or site looks clean, professional and more mature. But most importantly, your blog will fall within the search engine’s best practices on giving the best to your audience. Big G does not want your adverts to overshadow the contents of your blog
  •  2 & 3 Column Layout Options: This depends on your choice, you can switch based on your preference
  • This theme is powerfully built for optimal monetization
  • Inbuilt integrated social media buttons, icons and widgets
  • t is SEO ready and highly mobile friendly.

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 14#      WebJournal

adsense wordpress themes

This theme, webjournal is a professional premium from magazine3. It is a WordPress magazine theme for Newspaper websites and General News sites.

The homepage offers and shows the leaderboard Ad size unit, and towards the right sidebar, the 300 by 250 or the 336 by 280 Ad units can be used. This positions is one of the 7 different advertisement placement areas pre-built into the design.

Webjournal is recommended if your aim is to monetize your news website using Google Adsense.

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 15#      Splash

Splash is the most comprehensive, innovative, affordable ready made adsense optimized wordpress themes at $35USD. This theme is catchy to the eyes, and its designs fits so many purposes; from just starting and running a personal/business blog, to a having a magazine style layered concepts; this theme fits all purposes, and can also be used for a fashion blog.


Splash is a premium responsive, retina, highly SEO with full monetization box inbuilt, both for just running Ad units for Google to running and offering direct advertisement; it is basically a killer theme that will help bring some dollars to your pocket.

Captivating features includes:

  • Inbuilt review rating system that allow you to offer unbiased reviews of products and services
  • Presence of slider image homepage
  • Inbuilt subscription ( this is important for lead, email and list building)
  • Inbuilt social media sharing network buttons at the footer
  • It is mobile responsive
  • Loads very fast on web browsers and mobile phones

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 16#      TechSavvy


TechSavvy is made for tech bloggers. As seen on the screen above, this Adsense theme does not have a header Ad space, however, its Ad units is placed towards the right hand side of the sidebar.

Facts from the developer of TechSavvy shows that it is Adsense ready and its core superior advantage compared to other themes is:

  • The speed ( has 614ms avg Loading Time via Pingdom)
  • Its OpenGraph & Twitter Cards Integrated
  • Its mobile responsive and Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Superior SEO settings compared to others
  • Minimal blog posts pages as seen below


Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  17#      Sensational

sensationalThe sensational pro theme is much ideal for a magazine and news centered niche. This theme is from the stables of mythemeshop, and its fully SEO optimized and fully responsive. As can be seen from the homepage, you have the option to insert the big 300 by 250 Ad unit on it. This position will help give you high CTR.

A look at the post template of this theme also shows that it has an already inbuilt Ad slot , both at the top and middle right sidebar . No doubt, it remains as one of the most popular theme, and I highly recommend it as a premium wordpress adsense theme for your use and general blogging purpose.

The following are essential features that makes it a good option for bloggers:

  • It has a multiple layout structure:  This theme has optional 4 layouts to chose from. Its structure and layout marks it out as an outstanding blogger template to use
  • it is fluid responsive: Viewing it on mobile phones does not give any problem
  • Sensational theme is mostly good for bloggers with strong focus on earning money from big G, as it is configured and optimized for more clicks on Ad units.
  • it has unlimited color options and also unlimited color background to select from
  • It is SEO optimized to give you the best organic result

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 18#      Nominal


Nominal is minimal, loads with blazing speed and its one of the most popular products from mythemeshop. Nominal has unique features which includes widget-based ad support and it also has various ad-placement locations.

Principally, is great advantage compared to other wordpress adsense themes is the ability and advantage to display large and bigger Adsense Ad sizes at important spots ( mainly the header).

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 19#      NewsPaper

newspaper Adsense ready wordpress theme

Newspaper is the perfect theme for any publisher wishing to have a Newspaper website design theme. One of the fascinating attribute of this design is the glossy and magazine styled format which makes it appealing to users and readers.

Any publisher that buys and install this theme can easily insert their Ad codes ( the 728 by 90) at the header top, beside the name of their website/blog.

Aside this great monetization advantage it has, its also

  • Mobile responsive
  • HTML5 mark up technology inbuilt
  • Retina ready with glossy look
  • The Ad unit ( for the leaderboard unit) is pre-built both at the top and end of each post ( including the homepage). In addition, it also has a ready made Ad unit at the sidebar ( just check out the demo below for more information)

Cost: $58USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 20#      News

Looking to launch and start a news website or blog with an easy way to make money; check out the below template from Genesis.


Cost: 99USD ( Genesis Framework inclusive)


  • 21#      Glamour

glamour-adsense-wordpress themeGlamour is basically a magazine focused theme; however it is optimized for earning money both for direct and indirect monetization. A careful look and study of this theme shows that it is ideal mostly for a news focused blog/site. It is also good for a review site, however, the major purpose is in the ability to help publishers and bloggers maximize their earnings in the program, and this ready made wp theme makes that just easy.

The header contains the 728 by 90 Ads, and you know what? you don’t have to start inserting or creating the Ad yourself. All that is required for you to do is simply copy your leaderboard code ( the 728 by 90 Ad unit) and paste it in the header section of the theme. It will automatically come up.

The location of this Ad will give you a high Click through rate, thereby making your revenue to increase.

This theme has the following features that makes it attractive:

  • Presence of audio and video features
  • Presence of featured images
  • Presence of HTML5 mark up
  • Fully mobile responsive and retina ready
  • Excellent inbuilt SEO features
  • Very light, easy to load and faster load times
  • This custom made AdSense Themes has the 728 by 90 Ad slot at the top of both the homepage and each individual post pages

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 22#      WildFire


Wildlife Theme is the bloggers choice. It is built on the conceptual background knowledge  of a magazine layout, highly optimized to help your blogging effort yield positive conversion in SERP. This theme has ample white space background, it looks clean ( or call it crisp) and most importantly is its sleek and minimalist outlook design.

The use of this theme has so many advantages, which includes:

  • A configured and fixed header which is placed towards the top of the blog; this position is fantastic for putting the 728 by 90 Ad unit.
  • The theme is highly mobile friendly, you can try viewing it using your mobile phone; and the beauty is that your Ads responds ( responsive) to any view format on any mobile platform.
  • Its SEO optimized and retina ready
  • Towards the right sidebar, simply make use of widgets, use the text version and paste your 300 by 250 or 250 by 250 Ads on it and the Advert will be displayed.
  • It has inbuilt optional panel: this makes it easy for you to configure and customize Wildfire and also allows you to save and backup your configuration before changes

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 23#      Saturation


Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 24#      Magazine Pro

Magazine pro is the leading magazine theme design template from Genesis; its a Google Adsense optimized WordPress themes and having ready made Ad slot at the header. Check it out below:

wordpress adsense theme

Cost: 99USD ( Genesis Framework inclusive)
Recommendation: BUY AND DOWNLOAD NOW

  • 25#      Flickr


Flickr has a Facebook look alike design and design. Its a minimalist template from mythemeshop and i encourage you to check out the demo.

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 26#      BloggingTheme from Mythemeshop

blogging adsense theme

Mythemeshop created this design for probloggers who loves class and creativity; its crafted out of a magazine centric design and it offers an excellent Ad monetization options ( shown through the image below).

In all honestly, I love the sliding featured image on the homepage, it gives you a splendid magazine experience. A check through the demo below shows much more intricate and interesting features.

Ad Managaement

You can adjust and make use of the Ad management features here. All mythemeshop has these settings!!

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 27#      DesignBlog


DesignBlog from magazine3 is a simple, well arranged, uncluttered blog layout theme design. it is a premium, professionally looking theme recommended for use in photography and general tutorial blogs.

One great features it has is the presence of seven different optional ad placement areas; and not just this, the optional areas also includes the sidebar ( as seen in the image above).

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 28#      GoMedia


GoMedia is essentially a tehcnology/Gadget focussed niche theme. However, the availability of ready made Ad units at the header, sidebar and at the end of each blog posts makes it recommended.

I recommend you check out the demo

Cost: $49

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

Conclusion and feedback

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post, Please, share your views and input though the comment section.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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