Sociallyviral WordPress Theme review 2016- Best Viral Website Template

This is a complete and thorough Sociallyviral WordPress Theme Review, written for bloggers, webmasters, social media influences and serious website designers. Sociallyviral is from the developers/designers at Mythemeshop.

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For those people that are looking for ways to create and start a viral website like viralnova, Buzzfeed, upworthy e.t.c.; this review will be of great help in the choice of selecting the right and best website template using WordPress.

Have you noticed that Google created a special link in your Google analytic account to track social media signals hitting your website!!

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The answer to this is because big G is placing and actually using social media signals in its organic ranking indices. Do you know that twitter is a PR9 site? Facebook and Linkedin are PR9 while Google plus is also a PR9 site.

Google made it clear that a great user experience is the core ranking factor, and one of the metrics used is determining the number of times and engagement your posts or website does on a particular social media sites.

Today, I will be writing on an important achievement aimed to help bloggers get the best out of social media without the use of plugins. MyThemeshop recently released Sociallyviral WordPress theme, and the main purpose of this theme is to help bloggers, webmasters and probloggers leverage on the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePLus and Pinterest in sharing their important posts.

This sociallyViral theme review is unbiased, the knit-gritty and full reason why you might need to get this theme for your use is equally explained.

SociallyViral Wordpress Theme Review- 10 important Facts

Find below a thorough explanation on this review:

  • 1#     Inbuilt Mega Menu

The presence of the mega menu will help to seriously reduce bounce rate. A look at the design shows a mega menu link features at the header. The developers at Mythemeshop created and inbuilt this plugin into the whole theme. With the mega menu, it is easy for you to simply create drop-down menus showing featured images, alongside reviews of each. This feature will help you increase your user engagement and experience.

This is a welcome development and it is rare on most website design templates.

  • 2#     Excellent Inbuilt Review System

For instance, I had to use a third party review plugin for the purpose of this write-up. However using SociallyViral, a formidable, Google friendly review plugin is already pre-installed as part of the total package.

Having this features increases your user engagement and at the same time, it helps in good CTR conversion.

  • 3#     Optimized for social shares

This is the main purpose and focus of using this theme. Without the use of third party social sharing plugins that consume your bandwidth and adds weight to the overall database, Mythemeshop prebuilt important sharing icons at strategic locations for your posts.

The social icons ( Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, GooglePlus) are placed both at the top and bottom of each blog posts; thereby giving you the maximum advantage and exposure to viral traffic boosts.

  • 4#     Free inbuilt Subscription Box

To a new blogger or even the probloggers, the importance of having a functional subscription box cannot be over-emphasized.

On so many free and premium WordPress themes, they don’t usually contain an inbuilt subscription box; the only option is for you to buy a subscription form, or use Google’s Feedburner form or better still resort to the use of plugins made for such purpose.

But with Sociallyviral WordPress theme, all these hurdles are no longer there.

This inbuilt subscription box will help to increase new user signups and help your long term online business, based on solid leads generation.

  • 5#     Built for Speed and mobile responsive

It has an incredibly faster loading speed; this is a brand attribute of most Mythemeshop themes. Sociallyviral is light, clean coded and its blazing load time helps to reduce bounce rate, increases customer’s retention on your site and it leads to a simultaneous effect of a great boost in your search engine rankings.

However, aside from its notable and incredible load speed; it is also mobile responsive. Being mobile friendly means it can be viewed on any mobile phone with convenience and with the same dimension as noticed even on laptops, PC, and other internet enabled viewing device. It is built to fit into the aerial view and also adapt itself as the device is turned or rotated.

  • 6#     AdSense Optimized – Excellent Monetization

In fact, this theme is one of the best converting and most purchased themes from the list of AdSense ready WordPress themes that I published some few months ago.

The above image shows an example of one of AdSense ready made Ad units ( located on the right sidebar) for each blog posts and pages. It is specifically made for the 300 by 250 Ad units ( which, like the 336 by 280) is known to be highly converting.

However, this is not just all, as provisions are even made for the 728 by 90 leaderboard Ad units, either in the header, below post title and at the end of a post and page. This is a general setting made for all Mythemeshop templates.

The below image shows the general Ad monetization unit for sociallyviral and for all themes from the developer.

You can basically use the ready made settings to set the location of your Google AdSense code
  •  7#     Search Engine Optimized ( SEO) and perfect Parallax Scrolling Effect

A WordPress theme that lacks basic SEO structure and settings will not rank very well in organic rankings. When it comes to SEO, this theme is well optimized for increased Google rankings and other search engines.

The available SEO options from the dashboard is a great advantage ( if you know the knobs to turn off and on). Besides these, the dashboard settings give you the unlimited option to set things according to your creative imaginations.

In this sociallyviral theme review, another important metrics to consider is the parallax scrolling effect. Though this does not have an effect on SEO, it does create a creative and professional look to the overall layout of the home page and individual pages.

  • 8#    Schema Integrated and Retina Ready Icons

Aside from an effective and Google-friendly search engine optimization ( SEO), especially on-page put in place; another vital area that most people do not know or probably don’t pay attention to is in the schema structure and arrangement. Having a schema enabled blog or website helps the job of the search engine to better crawl and understand your site better.

Sociallyviral WordPress theme is schema enabled and this gives a double advantage in terms of more organic rankings. The other advantage is the retina ready icons/pictures.

A vivid look at the demo shows and illustrates the use of high-resolution pictures and videos. This is a feature inbuilt into this theme; it has the ability to make sure that any uploaded pictures come out sharp and glossy.

  • 9#    Sociallyviral Support and Documentation

A business without a solid customer care or even after sales service will not last the test of time. The developers of this template understand this concept, and I must tell you excellent support is already there for you. Part of the support you will get if you buy this theme includes:

  1. A complete downloadable ZIP file that contains the demo contents. The essence of this is that with the demo content, it becomes easy for you to easily launch your blog without the help of any programmer or SEO specialist. The demo contains pictures being used and other vital information
  2. In addition to above, you get adequate support, guidelines and installation tutorials directly from your dashboard.
  3. In case of any problem or issues, just contact them directly from their main customer contact form, or even through their support email at

In all honestly, they have a very good support system in place!!

  • 10#    How to install Sociallyviral Theme and Configure It

I’m of the opinion that video tutorials are far better than written guidelines. Please watch the below video tutorial on how you can install this wonderful theme.

  • 11#    Pros and Cons

Majorly, the below points summarize the pros and cons of using the sociallyviral WordPress theme;


  • Fast and loads easily
  • Affordable to buy and use ( it is a cheap premium package at 45USD)
  • Language ready translation
  • Adsense optimized and ready made
  • Neatly coded and schema ready
  • Inbuilt rating and review system
  • Rich mega menu feature
  • Excellent SEO structure
  • Professional Parallax scrolling effect
  • WPML compatible
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Subscription form inbuilt
  • Optimized for optimal social media sharing experience

Cons/Negative view

  • I still think that the price will be fairer if it stays at the initial 35USD instead of the USD69 it is right now
  • You will still need to configure the SEO settings properly using WordPress SEO Yoast
  • If you are a newbie ( fairly new to WordPress, it is advisable you download and upload the demo, and from the demo you can start editing and start publishing your own content. It is pretty much an easy guide because if you are not conversant/familiar with WordPress settings, you might be confused at the initial stage.

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Examples of Live Blogs and Websites using SociallyViral!!

The following blogs and sites are built and created using SociallyViral WP template:


More details will be added on a continuous basis as I keep on with their discoveries!!

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  • Conclusion

Want to run and launch a viral blog or social viral website? Want to monetize the site with Google Adsense and make money with ease? This is the right template for you.

This is the main and only theme I have seen so far that is mainly built and optimized for more social shares. Most other themes require that you install a third party plugin before you can enjoy sharing your favorable posts on Facebook, twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Linkedin e.t.c.

Secondly, at a price of 69USD, I think it is worth the price and experience. I recommend and advise you get this theme:


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