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Looking for the right and affordable SEO services that will help to increase your website and blog post traffic at a cheap rate, then you are at the right place. Search Engines Optimization development and constant algorithm changes is not static, but a dynamic ever changing unpredictable development.

I offer a one-step solution to all your technical problems; helping online business owners grow their business portfolio and increase their ROI with the right application!!

I use and lay strong emphasis on at proven techniques that guarantees result.

Please note, that if your budget is low (I mean lean), then we can work together. I do not charge big fees ( I mean thousands of dollars) to help solve your website problems, but you can be rest assured that with little fee for my consulting business, you will be satisfied.

Why do you need an SEO Consultant Specialist?

  • Are you having low blog traffic?
  • You don’t understand On-Page and Off-Page optimization?
  • You don’t know how to rank your business on Google?
  • You don’t know how to configure and do proper SEO settings for your blog and site?
  • Is your website not in the first 3 pages of Google search result pages;
  • Basically, do you require good website ranking?

If your answer is yes, then you need my help!!

Two (2) things I will not offer

  • I will not charge you thousands of dollars; my consulting service is affordable and considerate
  • I do not guarantee a specific rank improvement e.g. being in No 1 or 2 spot on Google.

My Goals and what to expect from me

Please note, I’m not promising you heaven and earth; the following are my objectives

  • To help you increase your website ranking
  • To carry out comprehensive SEO settings for your website and blog posts (if not more than 30, but if its more than, then I will give simply advice you what to do).
  • Help you increase number of sites linking to you
  • Give you advice on what you should do and implement
  • Increase and help boost your organic  rankings

Duration of Service:Max- 2 months

Mode of communication:Email

Payment Method: PayPal

Payment Circle: Full payment before commencement!!

Cost: Use contact from below for Quotation

Important Notes

  • For excellent services, it is limited to [2] customers per month
  • Before committing to the project, thorough discussion will be made through Email and I will give you detailed explanation on what you should expect
  • I DO NOT guarantee automatic confirmed No 1 or 2 spot on Google first page.

On any other details, contact me through the form below.

Still not convinced, I’d suggest you read the following articles I published, I’m pretty sure you will be glad.

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 Testimonial / Portfolio

  • I consulted James on realizing that my first site ( is not gaining organic traffic. He gave me sound advice on the website templates, SEO problem and solutions and I’m currently rebranding the site. On launching my second site; again his expert advice and guidelines were implemented and the site is doing extremely well in both organic traffic from Google and an increase in SERP ranking.

Babatunde ,

  • With a little budget and absolutely zero knowledge , James advised, and guided me to a sourceful website launch. Today my site is doing great in SERPs; I recommend his services to anyone that needs help on how to increase their organic traffic.


  • I contacted James to help solve the reasons why we were not doing well with our main business keywords on Google, and to also help on how we can rank higher than our competitors. He sent us detailed guidelines on what we should do and to implement. We hired him and today, we are happy that he helped us. His skill and due diligence in helping us is one of the reasons I’m recommending his service.

Barry White,

  • Good and excellent services, I hired James to build a Google AdSense focused blog and he did an excellent job. He infused his skills into the project. Not only that, he also taught me the basics of on-page SEO all the way for me to be self sufficient in solving future problems |

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