Best WordPress School Themes For Education And Colleges 2016

This guideline is a collection of the Best WordPress School Theme For Education And Colleges; they are high-resolution premium web templates and they are of course good value for money.

It is no longer debatable that having a professional and highly corporate education website for your college, University or elementary school has a huge impact on your branding both for the short term and longer term objectives.

Gone are the days that building or having a college website is so expensive; however, with WordPress, all you have to do is get the premium WordPress themes from reputable companies ( listed below) and your site is up and running ( with as low USD100)

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I have complied exceptional lists of mobile responsive, neatly coded, Google friendly and SEO optimized selection of premium WordPress education themes for your university, school, and colleges blog or website project.

  • 1#   Baby Kids

Baby Kids is one of the best school WordPress themes for crèche and kindergartens

Baby Kids is a premium kindergarten website template built and designed by one of ThemeForest’s leading elite author ( Nick). To me, it is not wrong if I want to label this design template as a complete package because of its numerous and unique features.

Baby Kids is both multipurpose, built out of creativity with unique features such as:

  • Inbuilt visual composer
  • Custom Metabox
  • Custom Search forms
  • Presence of Events- Courses ( CPT)

These features complement the responsive, retina ready and SEO ready capabilities of the theme. I highly recommend you check it out:

Cost: $48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 2#   Kindergarten

In search and in need of a perfect WordPress theme suitable for a kindergarten, crèche, or kids website; look no further, as this website design template fits perfectly into what you desire. Kindergarten is a premium, slick and fast loading design template best used for a school website primarily for kids and young children.

The design structure allows for optimal search engine optimization ( SEO) advantages, it is mobile responsive and it is beautifully crafted to meet the basic requirement of the ideal website for a crèche center. The following are interesting features that will help your decision making to purchase this theme

  • It is built with creativity, ingenuity, and its design is purely unique compared to others.
  • It is fast and loads pretty on both web browsers and on smartphones
  • It comes with prebuilt call to action button at the homepage, with the caption ‘ purchase it now’
  • The design has four menu layout that allows you to add the ‘ about us’, ‘Rooms’, ‘Activities’, ‘Events’, ‘Contact us’ pages
  • It is mobile friendly and retina ready
  • It comes prebuilt with HTML 5 Animated Slider ( latest technology in HTML5)

Cost: $58USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 3#       Education Academy

The education academy WordPress theme is the best and most ideal website design template for an education institute. It is a WordPress school theme built on the simple concept of teacher and students awareness, interaction, collaboration, and understanding. This college website template is premium fits perfectly well for any university institution and is highly optimized for your ranking advantage.

This following are encouraging features present in this template:

  • Presence of inbuilt 1-click auto-install features
  • Inbuilt multiple post types for individual courses, staff members, facilities and galleries
  • Optional color changes and variations ( you can easily customize how the skin or color of the whole web page looks like)
  • Widgetized homepage
  • Various layout options
  • Advanced custom fields functionality
  • Dedicated blog posts
  • Built-in Ad Monetization
  • Built in Page Templates
  • It is user mobile friendly on smartphones and all types of mobile device i.e. responsive
  • Search engine optimized ( already inbuilt)
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Has custom page templates

Cost: $49USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 4#   Education

With the presence of 6 color styles and 6 layout options, a mobile responsive theme status, highly SEO optimized and excellent navigation links; this premium education WordPress theme from world renowned studiopress ( makers of all Genesis themes) might be all what you need to create and set up a college website.

This school WordPress theme for a college website design is ideal to easily showcase direct links from the homepage to the faculties, the location of departments, student activities, and above all the presence of sidebar widgets to the right allows you to customize and place videos, extra details on it.

This theme, as seen in the image above has excellent navigation to Admission page, Student life page, Sports/Athletics, and the location of the school. Included with this numerous features is also the ability to change the default deep blue color to a color of your choice.

This school WordPress theme for your university website design template is highly recommended for the below reasons:

  • In terms of safety of data, it is safe and highly secure from hackers and security breaches ( at least to about 90%) because it is built on solid genesis framework
  • Genesis website templates, of which this design belongs to are highly SEO optimized for Google and other search engines; this gives good ranking advantage and leverage by being on the first page of Google without much SEO skills
  • This college template is retina ready and mobile responsive as seen above
  • It loads very fast on any browser
  • It is compatible with all types of browsers

Cost: $99USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 5#       Elementary

Elementary is a highly customized two-columns school website layout design. The theme is responsive ( mobile friendly), clean and fits really well with an education theme for a university institution.

The following are features that make it attractive:

  • Highly displayed at the header are navigation page links e.g. there is a course page, with a scroll icon showing the short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the university
  • Staff directory page with full and summary details on each staff of the school
  • Events and Photo gallery page; this is important for people and young kids seeking to enter a particular school in order to have first-hand knowledge of the school’s activities e.t.c
  • Blog archives pages and a comprehensive about us pages

All this details and features are prebuilt with this template, so as a designer, your job is made easy

The full package SEO features includes but not limited to:

  • Optimized for perfect search engine crawling, indexing, and ranking
  • Responsive and mobile responsive
  • Retina, HTML 5 ready ( your videos, audios, and pictures) will be accommodated, and come out perfectly well
  • It is light and loads fast

Cost: $199USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 6#       Foundation

Foundation is a retina ready, focused well layer out three columns college website theme design. One thing about this design is that it is straightforward, with accurate details on what is needed by the left-hand sidebar, upcoming events, and application  by the right-hand side and recent blog posts at the center.

The presence of featured images ( in 4 slideshow number), inbuilt video integration makes it a tempting and must get education WordPress theme. All what is required for you to do is to buy the package, and upload the zip file on your WordPress dashboard.


  • Easy to maintain, since it is built on WordPress ( even a novice can be the system administrator)
  • It is localized for easy translations ( you can change the default English language settings to Hindu, Chinese, Indian or your preferred language). This theme is extremely good for non-English speaking country
  • It is WPML compatible
  • It has automatic image resizing ability
  • Google and search engine friendly ( its SEO is per global standard)
  • It is mobile friendly

Cost: $199USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 7#       Lectura

Looking for a WordPress theme or design template for your university website? Look no further as lectura is the most recommended website design you need. Lectura ( an abbreviation for the word ‘lecturer’) is a premium, beautiful and professional looking educational theme with a two-columns responsive layout.
The following are the configuration and technical features that make this template design the preferred choice:

  • It has Video support
  • It has unlimited color variations
  • It has easy customization options
  • It is search engine friendly, mobile responsive and retina ready
  • It has an automatic image resizing features

Cost: $199USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 8#       Principal

The principal is a modern WordPress theme with a classic two-columns, responsive layout best suited if you are thinking of starting an online course website.  It has an eight built-in color styles and unlimited color variations ( optional for customization).

This theme has the following attractive SEO, technical and general features:

  • Presence of color changes options
  • Presence of social media pages that links to major social media networks for interaction amongst students
  • Presence of core curriculum page, mission and profile, Press office and photo gallery pages ( all at the header top)
  • It is SEO ready
  • It is mobile responsive
  • It is built on WordPress and loads very fast on mobile phones and PCs

Cost: $199USD

Recommendation: Download I View the Demo

Feedback and Suggestions

Do you know of any other school WordPress theme or recommended the best school WordPress theme?; or you have some suggestions to make? Please, kindly do through the comment section below. Thank you

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