Top 10 recommended best seo tools for 2015 and beyond

Being an SEO consultant, I’ve had the priviledge to have met and come across well respected and leading specialist in this niche. The secret to their success and their client success is largely due to proven best SEO tools used for various campaigns, analysis, project execution e.t.c.

From dominating Google’s first page to social media successes; it all boils down to timely use of these best SEO tools.

The world of SEO ( Search engine optimization) is a constantly changing world and as such, its important to follow the trend and keep up with the momentum. In 2015 and beyond, it is imperative to know and make use of these tools, as they are basically modern in approaches to SEO concepts. I will simply explain, describe and recommend 10 of these tools for your online success, and they fall into five categories.

  • Blog and website Audit
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Link building and backlinking models
  • Social media optimization
  • Email marketing and subscription optimization

Lets proceed!!

  • 1#            Keyword and competitor research

Understanding the basics of your choice keyword ( Geographical, popularity, demographic factors, no of monthly searches), its comparison to your closest competitor is important. Recommended SEO tools for this includes:

Please, see the below link where I gave a full explanation, guidelines with reviews on tools:

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  • 2#           Link building and backlinking models

I am a firm believer in the fact that getting quality backlinks is the single most important SEO strategies you need to dominate Google first page, and beat your competitors. SEO is not complete without backlinks ( called inbound links e.t.c.), infact, the major factor Google takes into consideration for its search rankings is quality backlinks, quality content and social media signals ( they are modern SEO models).

In as much as importance should be given to the quality and source of your backlinks, the same attention should be given to links and backlinks that are coming out from your blog or site to others.

For your link building campaign, the following SEO tools are highly recommended:

Credible link building is the soul of winning and ranking high on Google; there are so many SEO tools out there who claim to help you be on the first page of Google, but they are lying and will eventually land you in Google’s penalty net.

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With SEMrush, you have complete knowledge and overview of your competitors, their backlinking strategies, what links are pointing to their blogs e.t.c.. I highly recommend that you visit the site and sign up for their free trial. For instance, the following are images of a competitor that I checked on:

This tool is important for your online campaign for the following reasons:

  • You will be able to get first hand information on who is linking to them ( your competitors) and from which source
  • You will also be able to see the complete picture of backlinks pointing to your own site or blog
  • By this, you will have a full understanding of your competitors strategies and measure the overall impact
  • With this knowledge, you can know the keyword and adjust your own campaign to a particular keyword that will give you result.

Try SEMrush now for the free trial!!

  • 3#            Social media optimization

On July 27th, 2013, SearchMetrics analytical data release shook the entire SEO community, and that is due to the fact that they released the supposedly ranking factor for Google USA. Check here to see the blog post: .

In the report, it was analyzed that search engine ( especially Google), takes social media signals as their leading ranking factor for blog and website. I  believe this is true going by my own experience, and the release of Google Hummingbird.

From personal experience, for you to succeed online in 2015 and beyond, and also your blog posts to maintain Google first page, pay special attention to social media signals, especially:

 The truth must be said, and that is ; there is no successful blogger, publisher, website owner that doesn’t uses social media automation services to their gain’. Check out blogs and site that are doing pretty well, they pay closer attention to their social networks, and you can’t do this by going manual.

Two recommended tools to get the most out of social media optimization are:

Hootsuite offers a comprehensive automation guideline and scheduling for you to send and share your blog posts. it was recently upgraded to include superb features and unique abilities.

Some notable features with the use of HootSuite includes:

  • It helps in the automation of your blog posts on select leading social media sites e.g. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook
  • This web program allows you to schedule the posting of your blog contents to twitter as you desire
  • The program allows you to manage more than one social media account

Sign in with either your twitter, Facebook or Google+ Account for the free trial. Try it now!!

This is my favourite, you can schedule your blog posts on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I tried the free version of this program and must tell you that its quite good for your social media automation services.

I personally recommend that you try it out.

  • 4#            Email marketing and subscription optimization

You can’t be a successful online marketer, blogger or publisher without embracing email marketing techniques and strategies. While we have so many email marketing companies out there, I recommend just one for your use.

Sign up with GetResponse for their free trial and see how it works now!!. 

  • 5#            Blog and website Audit

The overall health of your site and blog matters to how successful you will be; the architecture, navigation, Google penalty, load speed, duplication e.t.c. are part of the factors and features to consider when doing a site audit.

Recommended tools you need to audit your website and blog includes:

A free tool from Google, please, verify your site on it and study the dashboard details by the right

I recommend this tool, try it out

Conclusion and Recommendation

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post, I hope  this details will be helpful.


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