Top five highly recommended best keyword research tools

The following response was given to Joe, after he called and was complaining on Google’s search rankings!!

Please, you must understand that online success on Google is primarily a matter of upstaging your competitors and getting your online brand, product, blog and websites on Google’s first pages i.e. ranking above your competitors; and to achieve this, you must be vigilant to best keyword research tools and backlinks analysis!!

Joe was complaining on the following: how can this poorly designed site be ranking higher than mine? wait a minute, how come the keyword for my business is no longer on Google’s first page? There must be a reason and answer to ranking higher than my competitors, I mean, there should be a solution to getting people to easily search, locate and visit my blog or website directly from the search engines, especially Google.

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I quite understand that he is not happy with the way his competitors are doing better than him on Google search results, to this effect, I simply asked him whether he has read my blog to the fullest because there are more than just one reason for such development, his answer was not really affirmative; anyway, I told him I would be publishing a post that addresses this issue..and this is the post!!

The introduction of Google hummingbird and updated Google algorithmic development altered the entire landscape on practices to ranking higher on its search result pages. Chief among this is the issue of backlinks development and the upgraded dimension to the effectiveness of keywords.

As a business man, whose primary purpose should be to make profit, it is important to know the strategies to get the keywords of your clients and your business on Google’s first page, ranking more than your competitors.

  • Scribe

When it comes to business, it is always a good thing to learn from the people that are far ahead of you, study their model and then act; this was my strategy when I first started with this blogging consult business.

In other words, Copyblogger is a global, well respected online group of business spearheaded by Brian clark, and lots of people are gaining immense insight into the world of online business. This same company owns Studiopress, Synthesis webhost and of recent launched Scribe.

Scribe is the perfect binding element that a blogger, publisher, online businessman needs to rank higher than their competitors. Being from a credible, well known company ( and I personally used came free when I hosted my blog on Synthesis webhost). Talking about competitor keyword research to knowing how the search engines breath and work, especially Google interprets keywords; this tool is the dynamic resource you need

This tool is a perfect tool, engineered to bring you more traffic, more Leads and more sales; its content optimization and keyword research cannot be compared with any other tools.

I recommend that you sign up and take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive NOW!!

  • WordTracker

This a great keyword research tool, openly endorsed by SearchEngineJournal and leading authorities in the blogging world and by SEO professionals. WordTracker remains one of my favorite best keyword research tools out there.

I used WordTracker ( the free version) to carry out research for my blog contents, and must confess, its quite good. The tools offers you so many advantages which includes:

  • Instant keyword results you can trust, and in such case, you don’t have to toil day and night to get the desired target
  • It gives you an idea of Keyword results based on real searches by real people
  • Keywords that customers use when they are ready to buy
  • Their large database gives you unlimited resource to keyword ideas

Do you know that ‘ Keywords with a high search volume and a low level of competition can bring you a quick (and substantial) return on your investment? , this is an example of what WordTracker can help you with!!

Aside the above mentioned benefits, the following are summarized values you are to get by using WordTracker services:

It helps you simplify your SEO task, this is achieved from four points worthy of mention

  • In minutes, you can get lots of keywords that will be generated
  • The tool allows you to have a measure of how serious your keyword is from its target competitors

It helps you understand and target your long tail keywords

These is more specific; with WordTracker, you get ideas on tailored and targeted long tail keywords for your website and blog. From research and experience, it has been proven that people who gets to your blog, website through long tail keywords are much more likely to take action, either making purchase, subscribing e.t.c. than people or web surfers that comes to your blog through short keywords. All these ideas will be exposed to you through this tool.

Identify and target profitable niche markets

Helps you to keep tabs on your competitors

The tool, helps you to keep track of your competitor through two processes:

  • KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)
  • Competition- level of seriousness

I recommend you sign up for their free 7 days trial

  • KeyWordSpy

With KeyWordSpy tools, you have the freedom and advantage to track your competitors, know their location, the keywords they are ranking for and be able to determine localized Google country searches.

The tool offers the following benefits:

  • It helps you discover competitors and their keywords
  • It helps you get fresh data with daily updated database
  • It helps you discover profitable keywords and ad copy combinations
  • If you are an affiliate marketer, the tool helps to track and determine your competitors affiliate ranking keywords.

I tried the free version ( installed the wordpress plugin) and must say that its a tool worth checking out.

For instance, I carried out a research on a particular leading competitor for a client and the following results were displayed:

By just typing the domain name in the search box, I was able to get the following information:

  • The Daily Ad budget spent
  • Competitors the website is having
  • PPC keywords and competitors
  • its leading organic keywords e.t.c

However, since I am using the free version, I am a little bit limited, with an upgraded/paid version, the complete analysis will be shown. I highly recommend that you Sign up for the free trial Now

  • SEMRush

This tool is the father of all, honestly, I should have labeled it as number 1 instead of no4. SEMRush tool offers more benefits than just keyword research; as one of the best keyword research tools I recommend, it offers detailed analytical and research insight into:

  • Organic research
  • Advertising research
  • backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Level of ranks e.t.c.

With a free trial, you can just start making keyword research about yourself ( blog or site) or your competitor in the search box provided, chosen your preferred geographical location e.t.c.

For example, the screenshot below reveals information I got after making enquiry about one site.

In going further, I checked towards the right hand side ( see arrow above) and checked the keyword research analysis, the following can be deduced:

Infact, you can simply download the PDF report, as seen on the screen for easy understanding and at a later convenient time for your studies.

I highly recommend you sign up for the free trial NOW!!

  • Google Adword Keyword Planner

Google made it easy for SEO professional, bloggers and webmasters to have free access to keyword research. The major requirement to using their Keyword Planner is to have a Gmail account ( Google Adword’s Account).

This free tool is highly recommended since its coming from Google itself.

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Conclusion  and Recommendation

Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post, I hope you have found it useful and helpful? Please, kindly share your opinions and views through the comment section below, I’d be more than glad to read them.


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