How to rank your real estate website on Google first page

Two days ago, I received a mail from a respected and leading real estate company and they were inquiring on how they can build backlinks to their website. in summary, they want a solution on how they can increase organic traffic and rank their real estate website on Google first page search results for their business keywords. They even went as far as telling me their main competitors.

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This blog post is meant to teach you what you can do to be able to rank high on the search result pages if you are a realtor or basically into real estate business.

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Now, lets proceed; please note that ‘ link building will not guarantee your high ranking top post on the first page of Google; however, a combination of other factors and quality backlinks will get you the results ( I am explaining everything in this post).

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8 steps you need to do to make your Real estate business website be on Google first page

  • 1#        Invest in quality Real estate website design

The quality of standard of your website determines to a large extent the success that will be recorded over time.

I’m pretty sure that you will be surprised to see this as the number one factor as opposed to the general consensus of building backlinks (though still important). I have come to realize through my consulting business that this single factor is the main driver to rank high and be able to displace competitors.

A quality, Google friendly real estate website design will have the following features:

  • It should be mobile responsive

This means that your website should have the ability and capacity to be viewed on different mobile phones without problem in loading or being able to be seen clearly. A responsive real estate web design will show your pictures, details, videos crystal clear to mobile web visitors without missing any details. The design will adjust to any size and type of viewing width of such mobile platform.

This has become imperative, going by the research that more people are browsing more from their phones as opposed to what were obtainable 2, 3-5 years ago.

This declaration augurs well with Google, and they made this important decision part of their huge ranking metrics.

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  • It should be retina ready, have and have HTML 5 mark up

This might sound a little bit technical, now let me explain. A retina ready website design means that the design will be slick and light to load on web browsers. Having a schema structure means it is going to be easy for the search engines to crawl it, and having an HTML5 mark up means that it corresponds to the latest html trends and that the design supports video, picture integration with no problem in relation to its being mobile responsive.

  • The design should follow Google’s best practice on quality guidelines

For a full understanding, please read: Google’s webmaster Guidelines

  • The design should have a clear structure, arrangement and hierarchy

Full details on this is explain below in points 7; in order words, the structure of the homepage should allow for easy navigation for both search engines bots and human visitors.

  • 2#        Invest in quality web host

How will you feel if you try accessing a website and it takes forever before it loads? This simple means that you will be angry, frustrated and probably close the address to go to another website. This action means your website is not people and visitor friendly, thereby increasing your bounce rate.

It might interest you to note that Google tracks and note all these things down and as such, they will never rank your real estate website above the ones that loads fast, pleases visitor’s satisfaction.

As a businessman, I always believe in quality; people will appreciate your business model, products and services once they see the professionalism and quality of your business model.

If you truly want to have your website loading fast on mobile phones, web browsers and please Google, then invest in quality web host.

Cheap web hostings (i.e. the 3usd, 4usd,6-7 usd per month) is bad for your business; invest in quality, reliable ( no downtime of servers) web host. On this blog, I invested on quality web host (I am paying 27 USD per month, can you imagine? And you know what; I’m getting quality results in terms of client’s patronage and being able to be on Google’s first page for competitive keywords).

I recommend WPEngine, it cost just 27USD per month. You can sign up for their free one month trial through this discounted link.

  • 3#        Create a blog for your website with quality content

Google loves fresh content, and from experience/research, they tend to give more credence to a site with a consistent blog posts publication. Don’t just create a static website, make sure your site has a blog where you can post weekly post contents related to your business and the real estate business in general. This is important, and this factor also affirms my campaign for a rock solid, Google friendly real estate agent website design with a suitable wordpress theme that has a blog configured on it.

To increase organic traffic and rank your real estate website on Google first page search results, then implement this advice.

  •  4#        Use a wise and related domain name for your website

I’m sure you are skeptical about this point. From research, it has been proven that blogs/website that has the main keyword as part of their domain name tends to rank on first page of Google for that particular chosen work.


Google the word ‘passive income’, you will see Pat Flynn’s website, on the top first page.

So, in other words, if you are just starting out, try using your keyword as part of your domain name.

And here comes the clause!!

Most SEO experts calls this approach EMD ( Exact Match Domain), and that Google penalized such blogs!!, I beg to disagree.

Google will only down rank and penalize an EMD site that does not add value, or one that does not follow its Google quality webmaster guidelines

Using this technique, coupled with other points that are explained on this blog will give you a faster sustainable result

To start searching for a domain name, I recommended: Godaddy

  •  5#        Get listed in Google Places

Getting your business listed on Google places is an important business decision that is highly paramount to implement. Lots of advantages does exist if your real estate agency business website is listed on Google places. The advantages includes:

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  • Your online business blog and website will show up on Google Maps, Google+ and on mobile devices
  • It is free to create a listing
  • People will be able to search and locate your business on Google easily and faster
  • It serves as your second website and if you don’t have a website yet, it is a great way to get started.

To get started, go to:

  •  6#        Entice bloggers and webmasters with Affiliate Marketing

Highly successful online business owners knows the power behind influencing other people to promote  their products and services. The web is a global marketplace and you cant be everywhere, reach everybody within a specific period of time.

Infact, well known brands ( clothing industries) for example have some select popular bloggers that they reach out to for them to help promote their products. These bloggers are authority shakers and movers in that industry/niche with huge monthly readers, tens of thousands of subscribers and huge social media followers.

However, the big secret is this: entice them with monetary rewards and you will be surprised with the way they will write viral content marketing articles, white papers e.t.c. about your business, spread it all around. The multiplier effect of this is that it will impact positively well on your Google organic rankings, thereby shooting it up to the top of the search result pages.

All you have to do is to pay sales commissions to those bloggers, online publishers that drives traffic to your website, and you know what, you don’t have to do it yourself or stress yourself out!!

Now, how do you do this?

Simply register with Sharesale ( I am recommending them, because they are the most reliable affiliate marketplace with proven and experienced bloggers, publishers that will sign up for your affiliate program)

With Sharesale, they will handle every technical issues required for you to get started.

Final verdict: You want to dominate, rank high, have high organic traffic and be on Google first page for your real estate agency website business, then try to entice influential bloggers, online website owners, high social media account holders ( with lots of followers) with affiliate program.

Sign up with Shareasale NOW!!

  • 7#        Lets go practical- carry out a thorough website architecture

As the name implies, we need to go practical; I discovered that lots of people are running their online business with a website design/structure that will not deliver the desired result. I am simply going to state practical examples on what you need to do to make your website structure and architecture becomes the right one.

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  • 8#        Build quality, Google friendly niche related backlinks

Please note the above statement, you  need to build Google friendly niche related backlinks to your website. for example, don’t go and get backlinks from a fashion blog to a real estate blog ( it is wrong). There are best practices that should be carried out. As such, I recommend you read the following links i published:

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In addition, I wrote and authored a 38 page eBook containing high PR(3-10) dofollow backlink sources that you can use to build backlinks to your site. The eBook contains more than 250 thoroughly researched blogs and websites of high repute. I recommend you get the eBook for a fee of 9.95USD.

Get the eBook here

  • 9#        Learn to promote your real estate the Google way

The eBook earlier mentioned contains not just list of dofollow backlink sources, it also contains a 12 page guidelines on how you can promote your website and blog posts. I highly recommend you get the EBook Now!!

Feedback and Conclusion

Thank you for taking your time to read this piece on how you can  increase organic traffic and rank your real estate website on Google first page search result. Please do share your views, insight through the comment section below.


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