10 proven steps to get pr9 backlinks to rank high in Google

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Please, we must understand that the greatest and most important factor that greatly influences rankings and organic growth on Google SERP is quality and high PageRank (PR backlinks).

This is the utmost reason why its heaviest /most brutal penalty  is Google penguin ( built purposely to penalize websites that have engaged in black hat link building tactics).

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This tutorial is a follow up on my published list of PR8 backlinks sources, and I’m sure that the below summary will be of great help in your quest to rank high on Google search engine using the power of quality links.

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NB: How do you check for the PR of a site or blog? simply use http://www.prchecker.info/

List of PR9 blogs and websites that matters to your campaign

A single dofollow backlinks from a high PR9 website and blogs might be all you need to rank high and dominate your niche. Please, find below the following recommended sources.

  • LinkedIn

Funny enough, bloggers, probloggers and most internet marketers/webmasters hardly uses this wonderful site. It might interest you to note that LinkedIn is PR9 dofollow web2.0 website.

From a professional SEO experience of mine, I can tell you that LinkedIn is much more powerful and credible than Facebook.

Just create a profile for yourself and also for your business page, and the only way to get the backlinks from it is by sharing your contents from your blog on LinkedIn.

To  become effective, I highly recommended you have more than 50 connections.

How to get started!!

  • Sign up for the account at https://www.linkedin.com/
  • Follow the necessary registration details, and navigate to the section that says share your post. Any link you drop there automatically turns to a PR9 dofollow backlinks

To the next source!!

  • Google+ (Plus)

The truth is this: backlinks from Google+ is no longer dofollow; but what about getting a PR9 nofollow link from a respected brand as Google? ( think about it!!).

You can check my guideline on how to go about this (check it out)

  • WordPress.org

Presently, getting a dofollow link from WordPress.org is tough. Mind, you, its a PR9 website and they equally double as the most popular blogging platform. But here is the trick to bypass their strict protocols:

  • Go to the support forum and register as a user/customer at https://wordpress.org/support/
  • Create a profile and insert your website URL: e.g. www.bloggingconsult.org
  • Not only this, go through the forum discussion and contribute to issues being discussed, offer technical and blogging tips on the forum for people and other uses; also, you can create a thread if you are experiencing a problem and try to insert the link to your site.
  • The bottom line is that you have to be creative and think out of the box.

And also!!

  • WordPress.com

Both WordPress.com and wordpress.org are owned by the same company ( founded by Matt Mullenweg). The difference is just that wordpress.com is a free service while wordpress.org is a premium service ( self hosted).

To get your PR9 links ( both of them are high PageRank 9 sites), follow my advice below:

  • Create and set up a wordpress account ( its free to use just like blogspot); the address is www.wordpress.com
  • Publish quality short content ( 200-300 words) and link the contents to your main blog/website and/or the main content.

And considering social media networks, the following are recommended!!

  • Vk.com

If you are currently on Facebook and using it, then you have no problem using VK.com. This site looks similar to FB, its the most popular and largest social network website in Europe.

Simply open an account with them, get verified, post your stories and articles there and link back to your blog/website.

Note: For optimal performance, make sure you follow and like more people at the initial stage ( doing this help you build a community for yourself)

Address is: http://vk.com/

  • Wikipedia

Wikipedia.org is now a PR9 website; I publish a fantastic and informative tutorial on how you can get backlinks from Wikipedia.

Recommended: How to get PR9 backlinks from Wikipedia

  • Youtube

Two types of backlinks can be obtained from YouTube:

  • NoFollow backlinks
  • DoFollow backlinks

The statistics for YouTube makes it an important backlinks source; first, its a PR9 website, its the most popular and visited video site in the world and its the third most visited website in the world likewise.

To get started, read: How to get PR9 backlinks from YouTube

  • Mozilla.org

I’m sure that the only thing you know about Mozilla is that its just a browser; anyway, its true but you can get lots of SEO resources from this browser if you know how to use it maximally.

Follow the guideline below to get the desired links:


  • Make sure you are using Mozilla browser to get this tutorial working
  • Register your details, to do that, go to : https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/users/register
  • Register your information, and on the homepage box, type your blog or website address there
  • Click register and make sure you go to your Inbox to verify the authenticity of your Email address through confirmation
  • Click on sign in or simply login and navigate to your profile

And Also:

  • Pinterest

Having a verified Pinterest account automatically gives you a dofollow backlink status back to your website. But, how do you do that?

If your website and blog is image focussed, I strongly advise that you have a presence on Pinterest. To get started, follow the below guidelines:

  • Open a free account by signing up with your Facebook account or your email address at https://www.pinterest.com/,and upload interesting pictures on your boards.
  • Verify your website or blog by inserting the code they will give into the header of your site; by doing this, any click on your blog/website address on your profile automatically makes it become a dofollow pr9 backlinks from Pinterest

In addition, the use of opera is also explained below:

  • Opera

Backlinks from the Opera website is basically a PR9 link; to get the link, just follow the below guidelines:

  • Go to https://link.opera.com/loginfront/
  • Create a profile ( and then insert your website address in the profile)
  • Become active in the forum section:

In addition also::

  • Facebook

This is not a news any longer. Just get involved.

  • MySQL.com

This is basically a website for only programmers. it is recommended to only use it to get backlinks if you are into pure blogging. Do not use it to get backlinks if you run a fashion, food and/business website.

The bottom line is this, do not use it if you niche is totally unrelated!!

To get started, go to: http://www.mysql.com/


The following is a brief summary of where to get the link sources:

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