10 proven steps to get pr9 backlinks to rank high in Google


On December13th, 2013, a week after Google updated its PageRank  metrics i.e on Dec 6th,2013; I published a post on steps to get a PR9 dofollow backlinks from Google plus. I must say that the response on the content was overwhelming and this content is a continuation of tips and strategies on how to build and get links to your website the Google way; as its important to rank high in Google.

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how to get pr9 backlinks

PR9 backlinks gives you blazing spped to rank high in Google

After the December 6th, 2013 PR update from Google, there was global drastic reduction of some known blog’s PR from PR8 to 5 and 3 e.t.c. This post contains updated PR 9 and PR8 blogs and is far rich and resourceful for your use.

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How do you check for the PR of a site or blog? simply use http://www.prchecker.info/

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list of PR9 blogs and websites

Getting credible backlinks from a high pagerank 9 website and blog is a serious boost to get traffic to your blog, most especially if you are really looking for ways to rank high in Google. The following are proven and recommended PR9 dofollow blogs:

  • Linkedin

LinkedIn is a PR9 dofollow web2.0 website; at the moment, it stands much more credible than Facebook . On Linkedin, you can create a profile for yourself and also for your business page, and the only way to get the backlinks from it is by sharing your contents from your blog on Linkedin. For it to become effective, it is best you have at least 20 connections and above ( just like followers on Facebook and twitter)

pr9 backlinks from linkedin

Share your posts on Linkedin Homepage


  • Sign up for the account at https://www.linkedin.com/
  • Follow the necessary registration details, and navigate to the section that says share your post. Any link you drop here becomes a PR9 dofollow backlinks

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  • Google+ (Plus)

I wrote and publish a fantastic piece on how to get a PR9 dofollow link from Google+; and not just that, I also discuss about the importance of Google+, its relevance to a higher Gogle rankings, and explained its importance among the 200 Google ranking factors ( according to searchmetrics), please check it out

  • WordPress.org

WordPress platform is the most popular blogging platform globally , far ahead the likes of drupal, Joomla e.t.c. The latest PR update by Google gave wordpress.org a PR9 status, and as such getting a dofollow backlinks from it is a big bang!!   Follow the following guidelines to get your desired PR9 backlinks:

  • Register on the support forum on wordpress at: http://wordpress.org/support/
  • Create a profile and in the profile, insert your website URL: e.g. www.bloggingconsult.org
you can get pr9 dofollow backlinks from wordpress.org

Simply register on the support forum

And for a much more advance techniques, be a supporter and offer technical advice on the support forum for clients having problem with a link to your blog for related solution for that particular troubleshooting problem

  • WordPress.com

Ironically, wordpress.com is a PR9 free blogging platform that you can use to get free backlinks; though, it’s quite different from wordpress.org. While they are built by the same team (Matt Mullenweg). The only difference is that while wordpress.org is premium, which means it is not free and you can adapt and change the design based on the use of different themes, the other version is free to use, just like BlogSpot. So, getting backlinks from such is an important step to take.

wordpress.com is a pr9 blog- grab your free backlinks

get a free account here and publish original content just like blogspot

My advice is this; simply set up a free wordpress.com account, publish original content (about 300 words) on it and link it to your main blog. E.g. wikihubs.wordpress.com ( I publish here) and then link some of the contents back to my main blog which is bloggingconsult. To get started, go to www.wordpress.com and create a free account.

  • Vk.com

VK.com is a PR9 dofollow social media website, and it is the largest social network in Europe. Its mode of operation looks nearly exactly like Facebook; however, it does not have all those pay to boost post limitations present on Facebook.

vk is a pr9 dofollow backlink site

VK is europe’s largest social networking site, and its a PR9 website

The same model, of sharing your blog posts on Facebook to get a backlink is the same way it also works on VK. So, to get a PR9 backlinks, consider using this site.

To get started, go to: http://vk.com/ and sign up for a free account

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  • Wikipedia

Wikipedia.org is now a PR9 website; the following are the strategies you can use to get a PR9 nofollow backlinks from the world’s largest encyclopedia ( backlinks from Wikipedia are nofollow and not dofollow). I believe that getting a nofollow backlinks from Wikipedia is worth much more than all those blog commenting strategies you are doing, so go for it, and forget the nofollow rules, Google sees it and respect such link from Wikipedia.

pr9 backlinks from wikipedia are nofollow

A nofollow link from Wikipedia is worth more than 10 pr6 dofollow links

I believe that getting a nofollow backlinks from Wikipedia is worth much more than all those blog commenting strategies you are doing, so go for it, and forget the nofollow rules, Google sees it and respect such link from Wikipedia.

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  • Youtube

getting backlinks from youtubeYouTube is the third most popular and visited website in the world and remains the undisputed leading Video site. With an Alexa rank of 3, and a PR9 status, the Video site is an important avenue to get backlinks for your blog.

However, getting credible backlinks from Youtube is tough, and there are two types that can be obtained:

  • NoFollow backlinks
  • DoFollow backlinks

To get started, read: How to get PR9 backlinks from YouTube

  • Mozilla.org

The guys at Mozilla have really worked hard to place Mozilla browser as the number 2 and sometimes fluctuating No 3 most popular web browser in the world.

In cause you don’t know, Mozilla.org, is a PR9 website, where you can easily obtain a free dofollow backlinks. The strategy here is to create a free account and update your profile.

Mozilla.org registration to get pr9 dofollow backlinks

Register on the mozilla.org site and create a profile


  • Make sure you are using Mozilla browser to get this tutorial working
  • Register your details, to do that, go to : https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/users/register
  • Register your information, and on the homepage box, type your blog or website address there
  • Click register and make sure you go to your Inbox to verify the authenticity of your Email address through confirmation
  • Click on sign in or simply login and navigate to your profile

Thats all!!

  • Pinterest

Pinterest remains one of the fastest growing social media website. Its statistical growth is amazing and it is growing at a faster rate as compared to the growth experienced by Facebook when it just started.

Pinterest is a PR9 website, and as a global Alexa rank of 27. Marketing, internet and SEO experts have all explained in depth reasons and advantages why your blog and website should have a presence on Pinterest.

you can also get pr9 backlinks from pinterest

Pinterest is not just a social media, It is a powerful PR9 website

To get a PR9 backlinks from Pinterest, all you have to do is open a free account by signing up with your Facebook account or your email address at https://www.pinterest.com/,and upload interesting pictures on your boards.

Just verify your website or blog by inserting the code they will give into the header of your site; by doing this, any click on your blog/website address on your profile automatically makes it become a dofollow pr9 backlinks from Pinterest

get your pr9 links from operaOpera is mostly known as a very good browser because of most features it has which other browsers does not have. Though, over the years, it has fallen in the rank of popular browsers behind the likes of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and mozilla.

However, the opera website is a Pr9 website, and getting a link from it will help boost your rankings and help you climb up higher in Google rank. However, backlinks from Opera is basically a nofollow link.

To get such link, you  have to sign up, create a profile ( and then insert your website address in the profile) and get involved in their forum section:

Get started right now: https://link.opera.com/loginfront/

  • Get Dofollow backlinks and learn how to promote your website and blog posts

I want to recommend the below eBook for your link building campaign, most especially if you are keen on how to promote your website and/or blog posts with the ultimate aim of dominating Google’s first page.

This Ebook contains proven strategies and researched lists of about 350 blogs and sites where you can get dofollow backlinks from, ranging from PR3-PR10 link sources.


Feedback and Suggestions

I’m glad to have been able to publish this helpful content. I hope you will find it beneficial and resourceful to your quest of growing your blog and website.  Do you have more ideas, criticisms? kindly share in the comment section below.


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  • http://inspiretothrive.com Lisa

    Thanks James for this informative post, I always wondered what Opera was :) Now I know. I haven’t done much on the WordPress front but after reading this it looks like something I could really do. I sign up for Moz a while back.I have a WordPress.com account but only use it for a resume and other type of blogs. So you are saying a sub blog for our main one? Interesting concept. I’m not sure if I’ve seen many people with this one. You really got me thinking James.

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Lisa,

      Opera is a browser, but not so popular any longer; the likes of Google chrome, Firefox and IE have eclipse its popularity.

      Yes, having a sub for the main one is a good idea; however, the content should be original as well.

      Thanks for the visit, and welcome back from the new year break.

  • Peter Kanayo

    James, wow have heard of wikipedia. But its quite a work getting a link from-not impossible though. As for moxilla I would apply your strategy to see what it brings. Just want to ask, can you use wordpress as a bookmark site where you highlight what is on your main sight or would Google penalize you if you adopt this strategy. Thanks as I await your response. Foot note: Lisa it’s a pleasure meeting you on James site

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the visit. I would not advise you to use wordpress.com as a bookmarking website. Infact, bookmarking strategies of attracting traffic is not advisable, its a glorified means of attracting duplicate content penalty.

      Just create a sub, create unique content of about 200-300 words, then use it to link to your blog or website.

      That’s my 2cents.

  • devender

    hi JAMES.

    I made profile on the links suggested by you and I think opera link is also do-follow


  • http://adriennesmith.net/ Adrienne

    Hi James,

    Sorry that I’m so late in getting by here but I wanted to be sure and comment on your post although I did see it much earlier.

    I know that with Google changing everything all the time that some high ranking sites have lost their rankings with this last update. It really surprised me that this happened to them of all people but just goes to show that it’s not just one thing they’re looking at.

    Thank you though for including all of this information and some of it I really didn’t know but will definitely take into consideration as I move forward with this year.

    Hope yours got off to a great start and happy blogging.


  • http://homemakingwithstyle.com Brittnei

    Hi James!

    This is the first time that I’m visiting your site and let me just say, I’m so excited that I did. I did recently get on Linkedin so I’m hoping that will increase some of my traffic and I’ve been building on some of your other suggestions too! I have noticed that even though I’m not ranked yet, if I google something I wrote (where the title is typically searchable) before I see my blog which is a wordpress.org site, I typically see what was shared by me or someone else of the post on the 1st page of Google which makes me happy. I know I have a long way to go because I just started this blog in August and I just transferred it to wordpress.org in the beginning of December but I’m excited about the journey! Thank you for sharing all of this awesome information! :)

  • Makro Web

    Great sharing.Thank you.

  • Udhayakumar G K

    Thanks for the great info.

    Udhayakumar G K

  • Stewart Harding

    Very interesting blog. I will definitely keep the advice given here in mind when I’m trying to improve the Google ranking of my website in future. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Manohar

    @James, I have a question since many days so i want to clarify it anyway. So that’s why i am asking you. As a SEO expert and consultant can you please give me proper answer for it. My question is that what is rel=”smarterwiki-linkify” tag? i saw this type of tag in various popular websites like Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Answers and in many others sites if i leave a link. So is there is any use of it or its just for do not passing page rank juice. Can you please explain about it clearly if you know.


  • Dermot Gilley

    Sorry to have ton report back that while indeed you are asked to provide a website when registering in wordpress.org/support (it’s not required), it does not show up later in you official profile. So you can knock that idea off your list unfortunately. I think they plugged that “hole” not to lose too much PageRank.

  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi Dermot,

    I appreciate your feedback on this matter. They recently upgraded their system to strip off any link away from the official profile page.
    However, this is the trick I use, go to their forum, post a problem or offer a suggestion to problems already posted.
    Explain and narrate what your suggestions are, and then inside the explanation, drop a link back to your site or blog.
    Take a look at my example below:

  • Wayan Adika

    Nice share information
    Opera did give the dofollow backlink
    but now the opera blog was discontinued
    do you know any high PR blog to get dofollow backlink such as Opera

  • Digbijay Das

    Google+ is no longer giving Do Follow Linkback, its nofollow now.

  • Sagor

    Thank you very much for this list and tutorial.

  • seo uzmani

    Very good PR9 backlink information. Amazing seo article. Thank you very much.

  • http://www.oodlestechnologies.com/ Savita Thakran

    Really Informative Post.. Thanks for share,, I have account on most of them for dofollow backlinks but seriously i always thought Pinterest gives u a nofollow link .,.never knew this way of gaining a dofollow from it… Heartiest thanks to you :)

  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for dropping by, even with your tight schedule, you still created the time to visit my blog.

    Your the best!!

  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi Britnnei,

    Thanks for the visit.

    I must say perseverance, patience and lots of hardwork are the initial sacrifices to make to become successful online.

    Do, keep at it, you will get there.

  • Monika Verma

    This is really a informative post about PR-9 back-links. I will surely apply to my website. Can you suggest me hot to build more links to my website?

  • ListsMania

    Thanks for the nice list but google is not just counting on number of links now days .. they heavily count on the actual content , its quality and reliability as well to what the people are looking for but still links worth their place..

  • Madni Nadeem

    Congrats on writing this nice article. Wanted to ask if one can get a backlink from Wikipedia.org without writing a full fledged article there?

  • http://www.edudrama.in Edu Drama

    Firstly thank you very much James for this informative post, I always wondered what Opera was :) Now I know. I haven’t done much on the WordPress front but after reading this it looks like something I could really do. I sign up for Moz a while back.I have a WordPress.com account but only use it for a resume and other type of blogs. So you are saying a sub blog for our main one? Interesting concept. I’m not sure if I’ve seen many people with this one. You really got me thinking James.

  • دانلود فیلم

    thanks for this artice help a lot

  • Peter

    Nice one..
    Although i just started blogging about 2wks ago , buh i knw with your above step, i will be successful