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Updated: March 03, 2015: On January 4th, 2014, I published an inspiring as well as argumentative content titled “Social Bookmarking is dead”.  As at today , January 15th, 2015, the content has received more than 40 comments from both supportive and non-supportive reader of the post ( though, I’ve closed my comment section due to spammers)

Most bloggers are of the opinion that social bookmarking is one of the sure ways to get links to your blog and website, I’m inclined to state here categorically that social bookmarking  is dying and as such, its better to jump off  a sinking boat, before it starts affecting your rankings negatively and contributing to waste of your precious time.

I believe that the dying (80% death figure) of the social bookmarking influence has to do a lot with Google penguin update 25 and 26 and also that of the Hummingbird update.   It should no longer be argued that the leading social media site like Google+, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn helped in the assassination process.

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However, some new and Google friendly social bookmarking sites are on the rampage and as such, I find it interesting and compelling to show my readers why you should have an active presence of them.

“These new social bookmarking sites redefined the overall concept of bookmarking and tagging initiatives.  They infused SEO, social media concepts, user engagement and also manually moderate submitted content; in essence, they have become a ‘social bookmarking engaging community”.

New bookmarking sites that are rocking the stage

  • Storify

Storify is a PR8 leading and new social bookmarking site, with an Alexa rank of 2,477 ( as at March 20th, 2014). The site has an extraordinary unique design, and I must tell you that its worth checking out.

I’m using the site for my backlinking project, and so must you; however, the following should be known before you start:

  • They are very strict
  • They usually favor educational, academic and brands niches
  • Your outgoing links are dofollow

Give it a try now at:

  • BizSugar was founded by DBH Communications, acquired in 2009 by Anita Campbell , who is the CEO and founder of Small Business trends ( now the parent company of BizSugar). The domain age is 7 years ( registered in 2007), has Alexa rank of 5,343, and a PageRank of 5 ( as at January 16th 2014).

BizSugar is much focused, they tend to accept bookmarks that relate much more to business marketing and entrepreneurship.

Two factors made me recommend this social bookmarking website

  • All submissions undergoes manual and strict moderation; they have dedicated and professional moderators
  • They don’t syndicate your content, you have the option to write an original 140 word description of your blog or content post.

Check out BizSugar at:

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  • Triberr

When Dino Dogan created created Triberr, he had a vision; since he was and is still a blogger, he thought of coming up with something that will enable bloggers to share related blog posts with each other, create an engaging community etc.. He wanted something different from twitter and Facebook. His ideas led to the creation of a powerful social bookmarking sites founded on the principle of twitter.

Tribber is more than a bookmarking site, my experience on the site made me to understand that you need to work hard and smart to get a following. Tribber does not work with the old general concept of tagging initiatives, however, it works only in you joining relevant and niche tribes. This site is good for both referral traffic and blog engagement.

Triberr is a PR5 social bookmarking site, has Alexa rank of 3,511, and as such stands as credible source to get good backlinks: Check out triberr at:

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  •  Scoopit is not relatively new to the busy content marketers as a social bookmarking site. is a PR7 online bookmarking sites, with an Alexa rank of 626. Its approach to bookmarking is quite different from the old styles of folkd, stumbleupon, dig e.t.c.

It works in three stages; you find something awesome, make it yours ( scoop it), and then share!!

I really recommend this site for your use; check it out:

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  • Faviki

Faviki is a PR5 social bookmarking tool that allows you use Wikipedia concepts as tags; it offers a semantic tagging approach, which other social bookmarking sites do not offer.

Faviki is relatively not so popular like the two earlier mentioned sites, however, it works very well but you have to go slow with the use of their tagging features.

Check it out:

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  • Pinterest

Pinterest remains the fastest growing social bookmarking websites in the world at the moment. With a PR9 status and Global Alexa rank of 27 (12th in US); the site is a strong and credible place to have your bookmarks. However, it works great for pinning of your pictures and images.

A lot has been said about Pinterest, and I would not love to go into details at this time. check it out:

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  • Hacker News

Hacker News is a strong PR7 online social bookmarking site, but not so popular . The reason for this is because it works better if you are a coder, programmer, web designer and even an hacker.

Being a niche focused social bookmarking site, it has an active, highly engaging community. if your niche is technology, a start up tech company, entrepreneur; then this site is a recommended place to be.

Check it out:

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  •  Slashdot

Slashdot is not a new bookmarking site, however, it remains as one of the best social bookmarking sites out there. It is PR7 technology bookmarking sites, and a fairly good Alexa rank of 1,635.

If your niche, business or website is in technology, open source applications, IT; then this site is a good place to consider for your bookmarking strategies. Check it out at:

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  • BlogEngage

I know that a lot of people, most especially the founder of BlogEngage ( Brian Belfitt)  may want to disagree with me on the fact that BlogEngage is truly a leading social bookmarking websites, but with a difference.

As a blogger who has spent considerable years in the blogosphere, Brian Belfitt, want something spectacular, something that can bring together leading, thoughtful, professional bloggers under one engaging community. Going by the brand definition of BlogEngage ‘ Blogging Community and Social Network’, the founder was able to achieve this; redefining the old conceptual meaning of social bookmarking into a successful model of a viral, quality, and engaging community network. He built the site to become a PR4 with Alexa rank of 8,088.

If you want the best of social bookmarking experience, give BlogEngage a try now!!  Check it out:

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  • Socialmediatoday

Permit me to say that socialmediatoday is an advanced and one of the best social bookmarking sites. Though, it can be argued that it is not a bookmarking site, however, it is a source of getting free PR6 dofollow backlinks to your blog and website. According to the site’s description, it houses the world’s ‘ best thinkers on social media, content marketing, social business, social media marketing, social customer service and blogging’.

So, its clear, the site is highly focused on social media, social business and social marketing. Infact 80% of content submitted for publishing is rejected, so before submitting your content, make sure its top notch, unique, qualitative with detailed analysis, infographics and even case studies.

I highly recommend that you use this site if you are into guest posting for clients and your blog. Check it out:

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  • Inbound is a great bookmarking place to be, you can sign up through the use of your Twitter account.  I came to know about this site through Ileane Smith, she actually submitted one of my post on the site ( thanks Ileane).

One thing is important to succeed on this site, your content must be exceptional and damn good. Why waste time, check out the site immediately,

  • Blog Post and Website Promotion

I want to recommend a well detailed eBook written by me. I got the inspiration from a respected blogger ( Kristi Hines). This Ebook contains proven techniques and guidelines that can be used to promote your blog posts and website. It is loaded with about 350 dofollow high quality Page Rank backlink sources from reputable sources.

I used this product, and within a space of 5 months, my new blog ( this one in particular) achieved an incredible Alexa rank less than 55,000 and I’m ranking on Google’s first page for various competitive keywords.

I recommend you get this eBook

Feedback and Suggestions

Please, kindly share your experience on the use of bookmarking sites below. And if you know of a new site, kindly share it in the comment section below.


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