60 proven ways to monetize and make money on a blog

How can I make money on a blog? What are the ways to make money from my blog? How do I monetize my site properly? I’m sure you have landed on this page looking for an answer to all these. Follow the 60 proven ways I have carefully explained in this post.

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Please note, making money on a blog is serious work and it takes time; if you invest time, quality content and follow the guidelines, you will soon start to make money….and lastly, you have to be patient

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Please note that to make money like the testimonials the bloggers above are making, you need to start your own blog; learn how to start your own blog

To make money from your blog, I have carefully segmented the ways into ten (10) headings:

  • Contextual Advertisement
  • Selling Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing – this is in four folds;
  • Blog and website design templates
  • Selling your product through E-Commerce
  • Starting and running a membership site
  • Online Courses
  • Job Board
  • Auctions
  • Host  and sell Premium content
  • Blog Consulting
  • Contextual Advertisement

Contextual advertisement is by far the most popular and most used form of monetizing and making money on a blog. It works by placing ads within the content of your posts and pages.

To start, I recommend you start with Google’s AdSense, which is the premier contextual advertising program for publishers and bloggers. Sign up for their free service

  • 2#    Kontera

Very good alternative to AdSense, used often by people whose account has been banned by Google.

MediaNet is the second largest contextual advertising network after Google AdSense, it combines Yahoo and Bing network services. Sign up for their services

This service works great as in-text ads, also very good alternative to AdSense.

  • Selling Advertisement 

Selling advertisement space on your blog or site is a wonderful way to make quality money, infact, the money you will make through this means is far better than the contextual means explained above.  There are two ways to get this done; The first option is by direct advertising, in which you contact advertisers directly and request for an advert ( you make good money here, but its the hard way unless you have fulfilled some major criteria). The second option is better and easy, simply sign up with some credible advertising network that will be explained below and once your application is accepted, that’s all.

BuySellAds is the most popular and widely used advertising network, simply sign up for their program.

The people who runs BuySellAds, acronym BSA also run some other programs which are custom-made for some select bloggers and publishers. The lists below are some of this known programs:

This service, owned by BSA is a professional high level form of advertisement. Check it out.

This is also owned by BSA, it is a professional service, and it works far better than the ordinary BuySellAds explained earlier above.

Yoggrt is a special custom made creative ad network, owned by BSA, and it is specifically targeted at developers and designers.

This is a premium invite-only ad network. it is also part of the great BSA advertising network. They connect high qualified audiences with highly relevant services, products and brands.

  • 10#    Smaato

A mobile advertising network, so try and make sure that your blog is highly responsive and mobile optimized.

It targets the web design and creative industry. So if you are into cooking, good blog, photography, this is not the right option. To join is only by contacting them through their webpage, but mostly, it is a invite-only ad network

 Now, with the above mentioned networks, what about direct advertisement and the ability to manage them on your blog?

I have listed out premium plugins that can help you display direct ads on your blog and at the same time manage them professionally.

With just $49, you can easily manage and serve direct advertisement on your blog. This premium plugin remains one of the most efficient ad management plugin.

OIO publisher plugin is a premium ad manager plugin, and for just $47, you can have the ability to maximise your revenue, and be in control of your ad space.

For $29, you can get this this plugin; its highly feature-rich

Very good premium plugin for just $35.  it has advanced management features and the dashboard is easy to use.

Very good plugin for selling banner ads on your blog. You can get it for just $18

  • Going the Affiliate  way

Making money through affiliate means is by far one of the best five methods of making quality money. it is by far one of the best ways to monetize a blog and make money. There are four ways to go about this:

  • Joining an Affiliate Network
  • Being an affiliate for any company or product/brand
  • Selling your own product and offering affiliate commissions to others
  • Being an affiliate with hosting companies

Now, allow me to explain them one by one:

Joining an Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate network is by far the best and highly recommended for a lot of reasons. Though, what you will be getting are commissions, however, you save yourself the stress of running affiliate campaign because everything is automated. Credible and global leading giant affiliate networks you can use to monetize your blog/site and make money are listed below:

Commission junction is first on the list; they are a huge network and you can sell and promote any products

Looking to sell downloadable digital products e.g. eBooks, music e.t.c; clickBank is the world’s largest affiliate network in this particular industry.

Amazon started it all; they are highly professional, you can buy and help sell virtually anything from Amazon on your blog.

For instance, I use ShareAsale network on my blog to serve affiliate ads from studiopress; they are also a credible giant affiliate network.

Using Linkshare is an added option, though, I will rather stick with the earlier ones mentioned above.

Another good option, though they basically offer CPA and CPC options.

  • 22#    Neverblue

This is the last affiliate network I’m mentioning here; they are also popular and very much in use.

Being an affiliate for any company or product/brand

The world of affiliate marketing is so easy and you can tap into this huge market. virtually all companies and brands has an affiliate program, all you have to do is search for this brands and companies offering affiliate partnership, and sign up with them. It is so easy, just go to the homepage of the product, brand or company and search whether they offer an affiliate program.

Selling your own product and offering affiliate commissions to others

Affiliate program has a great marketing advantage, most especially if you sell a product, brand or even an eBook of your own on your blog. First, it helps to increase your sales exponentially, secondly, it helps increase the popularity of your site and thirdly, you are helping bloggers and publishers to also make money through commission. To do that if you are considering doing this option, I recommend the following affiliate software’s for your use:

Offers everything you need to start an affiliate for your product. Sign up for their free trial

They’ve been operating for more than 15 years, and they are highly recommend. Sign up for their services
Very good, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. check out their demo
This software platform provides both referral and affiliate programs; they are highly recommended if you wish to grow your business and also increase your affiliate sales.

Aside the use of the above software’s for your affiliate marketing programs, for a wordpress user, the use of affiliate plugins can be used to achieve the same task; recommended affiliate plugins for this purpose are listed below:

WordPress Affiliate Plugins

  • 27#    WPMU DEV Affiliates

It cost just $19; sign up for the service

Sign up for their program, and enjoy the world of affiliate program

It has an easy to use intuitive interface dashboard; check it out

And lastly, as part of using affiliate program to monetize and make money on your blog; one of the most popular means is by joining and hosting the affiliate programs of web hosting companies. Virtually, all bloggers does this, no matter the niche they are.

Being an affiliate with hosting companies

  • 30#    Promoting Bluehost Webhost

Nearly 90% of active bloggers actually promote bluehost webhost on their blogs. Bluehost pays out close to $65 to its affiliates for the fact that they send people to sign up for their services. Bluehost makes it easy for people to easily start a blog with very cheap budget

Sign up for bluehost and become an affiliate

  • 31#    Promoting WPEngine

WPEngine is a super fast, highly recommended professionally managed wordpress hosting. It services are more superior to bluehost, however, it is expensive. While hosting on bluehost starts from 3-4dollars per month, theirs start from 29usd per month. Promote them and make quality money from referrals.

Sign up for WPEngine 

  • 32#    MediaTemple

MediaTemple offers a very good and mouth watering affiliate program, just like Bluehost and WPEngine. Sign up and promote them

  • Blog and website design templates

Offering and telling people about various blog and website designs is one way to also monetize and make money on your blog. This post is focused on wordpress; therefore, simply sign up with some leading blog designers of wordpress themes and help market their product and in turn you make money through commissions. for example, some people are looking for a law design that will fit their blog, a news theme, education theme e.t.c. Below are recommended wordpress theme designers you should sign up with and promote their product:

Studiopress is the world’s most popular and highly respected wordpress themes designers. Join their affiliate programs and make money.

Sign up now with studiopress

  • 34#    Themeforest

Themeforest contains huge collection of different wordpress themes, that offers various options. You can check it out and sign up for their program to start earning money by referring them to your readers and subscribers. Sign up now


The internet changed the landscape of doing business and making money. You can stay in one corner of your room and be making sustainable money from the net, and one of the ways to make quality money is by running an Ecommerce blog or site. To make things easy, simply start selling your own product, brands or even you do shoplifting i.e. market other people’s products and brands right on your blog and make money.

I will recommend just five credible ecommerce platforms for you to use because they have automated everything for you. All you  have to do is get the products and sell.

  • 35#    Shopify

Shopify is the world’s biggest hosted e-commerce platform; they have ready made templates for anyone willing to start an Ecommerce online business. So, if you are considering selling products or brands online through a shopping platform like Amazon or Ebay, you can start using Shopify. Sign up for a free trial now

  • 36#    BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another big hosted e-commerce platform, also very credible like Shopify. I recommend you check it out. Sign up for their free trial

  • 37#    Magento

Magento is an eBay Inc company, and remains, alongside Shopify and BigCommerce one of the most reliable hosted e-commerce platform. Sign up for free demo

  • 38#    OScommerce

A very simple and reliable hosted e-commerce platform. Give it a try

  • 39#   HighWire

HighWire allows you to build a store and sell Multi-channel. You can sell on your own blog, store, eBay, Facebook, Google and Mobile. Check it out

And, if you are running just an ordinary blog or site, the following recommended plugin can help you become a shopping blog/site:

  • 40#   WooCommerce Plugin

The woocommerce plugin toolkit helps you sell anything; the plugin remains the leading free e-commerce plugin. However, to add other advance features, you will need to buy them. Download and give it a try

  • 41#   WP e-Commerce Plugin

A free plugin from getshopped; and its a reliable plugin. Download the free plugin ( and later you can upgrade to the premium version).

  • 42#   E-Junkie

E-junkie plugin is a popular plugin that allows you to sell anything digital on your blog or site. I recommend this service to you. Check it out

  • 43#   Easy Digital Download

A leading free plugin to sell digital downloads on your blog, highly recommended. Check it out

  • Starting and running a membership site

One advantage of running a membership blog or website is that you will be getting recurring revenue from active members who have subscribed. Just look at udemy and some other leading membership blog/sites, they are really making money.

So, if you are a fitness coach, lecturer e.t.c., and you want to teach people some stuffs on your blog; why not just set up a membership blog where people can subscribe and be paying a monthly or yearly fee.

The following are recommended software’s, premium plugins and membership templates you can use to get started.

  • 44#   aMember

This is a premium software, and it cost just $179.95; very good and highly recommended for managing membership websites. Sign up for the free demo

  • 45#   MemberMouse

A very good plugin to manage membership websites, cost just $19.95 per month. Sign up for the 14 days free trial

  • 46#   Restrict Content Pro Membership plugin

This plugin help restrict some certain areas or part of your site in exchange for membership subscription to have full access. You can get it for just $42, check it out

  • 47#   MemberWing Plugin

Highly recommended, and with just $199.95, you are good to start a membership website. Check it out

  • Running online Courses

The guys at udemy are simply doing this and are making serious money every month, and you know what, the money being made is both recurring and sustainable. So, if you are skilled at something, or you are a teacher in a particular niche, why not set up a blog solely for the purpose of educating, run online courses and charge your students. Online education is a massive and there is enormous amount of money to be made doing this.

Resources that can help you  get started easily are summarized below:

  • 48#   Udemy

Udemy is the number one world leading online tutorial platform. Simply sign up as an instructor and start making money. Sign up now

  • 49#   Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk is a world leading online tutorial platform. Check it out and sign up for their sell courses section

  • 50#   OpenSesame

Dubbed as’ What Amazon is to books…OpenSesame is to elearning.”; the platform is also very credible. check it out and sign up and sell your courses

  • Blog Consulting

  • 51#   Operate an online consulting business

What I do on this blog is to consult for business minded people on how to grow their blog, website. My consulting services is anchored on SEO, content marketing and traffic generating services. You can do the same if you are thinking on starting or running your blog.

So, if you are skilled in AutoCAD, Legal services, engineering, business development e.t.c.; you can just set up on online consulting business

Consulting is a big profession and its one avenue to make quality four figure money. To get started, read my resource post on starting a blog

 Recommend to read: Starting a consulting business- Start your blog first

  • Run a Job Board

Darren Rowse, Corina Ramos e.t.c. are all making passive income by running a job board on their blog. This will, in addition fetch you more money. Recommend programs and plugins to get you started are explained below:

  • 52#   Jobify Wordpress Themes

Thinking of running a complete blog dedicated to job offers for people looking for employment, job opportunities; this wordpress theme is highly recommended: Sign up and get the theme now

  • 53#   9to5 wordpress theme

9to5 wordpress theme is another wonderful, recommended job board wordpress theme that can be used for your blog. It is essentially a design that fits a job search blog. Check it out and download now

  •  54#   webJobs

With webjobs, you can easily create a job board for your blog under 5 minutes. Check out their free demo:

  • 55#   WPJobBoard WordPress Plugin

WPJobBoard is a professional premium plugin that will fits perfectly into your blog, if you are considering running a job board. Check out their demo

  • Host  and sell Premium content

Some websites and blogs does this kind of stuff; you sell only premium contents to some select people while giving access to the general audience on not so important content. Tools and resources that can help get and make sustainable money from this model are explained below:

Cleeng is one of the most advanced digital content e-commerce platform; their software allows you to easily protect any content, pay-per view wall subscription e.t.c. Check it out and sign up for the free trial

  • 57#   PivotShare

Want to sell premium videos on your blog, check out this resource software

  • 58#   TinyPass

Tinypass is the most popular resource that can help you sell premium content on your blog. It allows you make sustainable streams of income. Sign up with Tinypass.

  • Make money through sponsored post

Though, this is old school, but its still valid and works wonderfully well in making and generating money. Sponsored reviews are not over yet; and I have detailed just two resources that can help you make money

  • 59#  PostJoint

Helps you to accept paid content for your site. Check them out

  • 60#  SponsoredReviews

This is a platform that helps you get connected with advertisers that are looking to pay for blog reviews. Check them out:


Thank you for reading through this massive and long post; I’m of the opinion that its been helpful to you. Please, kindly share your views, opinions, additional information on this subject matter through the comment section below. Thank you


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