5 Modern SEO tools to rank high and be on Google first page

There are secrets to success and the few that knows such secrets never wishes to share it with anyone else; the same thing goes for being successful with an online business or the desire to make money with your blog or website. Successful bloggers, problogers, and successful website owners all have some winning arsenal of tools at their disposal.

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This guidelines contains SEO tools to rank high in Google; and if you used them diligently and effectively, it will make your blog, website, online store dominate Google’s first page, make you rank high and beat your competitors. Most of the tools that will be shared are free ( and for me to recommend these free tools shows that they are good and you need them to succeed online). However, the remaining modern SEO tools are premium, which means you will pay for them. Paying for something offers more value than getting it free, this is my personal opinion, based on experiences and what has worked and still working well for me.


This covers website auditing, involving both technical and mobile responsive status of your website. Why not take a minute or an hour to really carry out a research to know the overall health of your blog and site. I recommend the below free tools for your use:

This is the single most important aspect, do it first before moving to the next stage, and you will be surprised at the amazing traffic growth.

Woorank is a free website review tool; honestly, this tool is damn good, as it show you what is lacking and how to improve it from six basic points which are listed below:

  • Visitors: It will show your traffic estimations, traffic rank and visitors localization
  • Social:   Your social media status, including Facebook likes, Google+, twitter backlinks; a comprehensive details will be displayed
  • Mobile:  Your mobile load time, mobile optimization and responsive status will be highlighted
  • SEO: Is your site SEO rightly? Everything you need to know will be shown with a passmark status.
  • Usability: Usability status of your pages will be shown, including presence of 404 pages e.t.c.
  • Technologies: Technologies used in building your blog/site will be displayed and not just that, but also the location of your webhost.

For example, I carried out a particular site review using woorank, and the following suggestions were recommended:

Write more content, Build more backlinks pointing to your site, Promote your website on Social Media, Write additional content with more keywords and to fix the errors in the code syntax

I highly recommend you use this free tool

This is a free tool powered by Google, and to be honest with you, its a must have tool. Google webmaster tool gives you right information and guidelines on the following points right from your dashboard:

  • Structure Date
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements – this is very important on the issue of duplicate content
  • Sitelinks
  • Search queries- even with estimated position on Google search
  • Links to your site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Penalty–very important
  • Ability to remove unwanted indexed URLs
  • Blocked URLS
  • Crawl Errors
  • Fetch as Google- This helps you determine whether Google can crawl and index your content, pages and posts e.t.c

If your blog or site is not on Google webmaster, you are missing out a lot:

Google analytics is a free tool, which if used optimally will get you incredible results for your search ranking endeavors. While lots of people and companies have come up with lots of Google analytics alternatives e.g. kissmetrics, crazyeggs e.t.c.; believe me for telling you that Google Analytics is the best out there. Google Analytics will show and tell you important analytical features about your site which includes:

  • Real time report and situation of activities on your website and blog
  • Demographics: age of people visiting your site, sex ( i.e male or female) e.t.c
  • Interest
  • Geo: This includes the language and location of source of people on your site
  • Behavior: either returning or new visitors
  • Mobil: percentage of people using mobile phones to access your site, and the type of device being used
  • Acquisition: This is most important, it shows you your detailed traffic situation
  • Adwords
  • Social impact and traffic from social media sites e.t.c.

Please, the above points on the health of your site should be determined and fixed  first before moving to the next points; you cannot pour a new wine into a old jar and expect a quality result of taste.


As an online business owner, blogger, publisher e.t.c; your primary objective is to make profit and to outrank your competitors. With competition growing strong everyday, it is important you know the secret of your competitors and then apply proven techniques to beat and outrank them. For example, maybe you want to rank for ‘best real estate agency in new york’, and this same keyword is ranking on Google’s first page for one of your competitors; and as such, you are losing money. I will recommend just one proven modern SEO tool that can help you spy on your competitors, and then offer suggestions on what you need to do:

Major SEO professionals make use of this tool to spy on their competitors. The tool allows you to analysed the backlinks and strength of your competitors; you can also locate and know the number of dofollow vs nofollow links he/she has and also the sources. In addition, you get to have a clear visit of traffic to the blog or site , know the target keywords that your competitor is ranking for e.t.c.

For example, if your competitor is ranking on Google’s first page for a particular keyword; all you have to do is to know the landing page of such keyword e.g. if I rank on Google first page for ‘top seo specialist’ on search result, and if people click on it, and they are brought to this page (https://bloggingconsult.org/), all I have to do is to copy this address, use the SEMrush tool and all details will become naked to me.

I recommend this tool for you; sign up for the free trial now


This is one of the most crucial part of the task required that is important to do. To dominate Google’s first page and rank high, it is important to do the following:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Keyword research

No hunter goes to the forest unprepared; and because his aim is to catch an animal either for sale or consumption, the hunter carries out a due diligent on his weapons, type of animal he’s targeting, time of operation and the terrain ( area) he intends to execute the task. The same thing is required if you want to be on Google’s first page, dominate the position rank above your competitors.

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For your keyword research, just one tool is needed ( believe me, it is a good tool to use); to this end I highly recommend that you use wordtracker. Wordtracker program has so many features for your keyword research which includes:

I highly recommend this tool to you; sign up for their free trial now

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is important for a lot of reasons and chief among this is the ability to structure your posts to fit into what search engine loves. Infact, to rank high in Google search, a thorough on-page optimization should be carried out.

If your on-page SEO is done rightly and correctly, it helps you to dominate Google first page and rank high.

When talking about on-page SEO ( search engine optimization), the following features and technical details are noted:

  • Keyword density
  • Does the article look spammy?
  • Is the Title tag correct?
  • Is the Meta description in the normal range? Does it contain the focus keyword?
  • What is your overall Page and site score?
  • What is the percentage of your keyword in relation to the entire post?
  • Does your keyword contain stop words?
  • Are you using the H1, H2 rightly e.t.c.

To make things easier, for you, I highly recommend that you use Scribe for your thorough on-page SEO analysis. Scribe shows you what is missing, with suggestions on what to add, remove and edit. Sign up for the free trial with Scribe NOW

Off-page SEO

Off- Page SEO simply means all what you need to do after publishing your website or blog post to make it become much more visible in search engine rankings. In other words, the ordinary language to use is simply promotional tips and strategies you  need to do to make it dominate and rank high in the search engines.

Off-page Search engine optimization strategies includes:

  • Blog promotions
  • Getting and building backlinks
  • Sharing it on social media sites e.t.c.

Recommended Off-page SEO tools include:

  • GetResponse – For Email Marketing

Many people, who for the sake of the little commissions they are looking to make recommends Aweber, I’m not saying Aweber is not good, but GetReponse is far superior to Aweber when it comes to Email marketing services. 

Wants more subscribers, easy email automation, creative email templates e.t.c, GetResponse is the best and ideal email marketing solution I recommend for your use.

Sign up for their 30 days free trial

When it comes to social media marketing i.e. managing your Google+, Facebook, twitter accounts with optimal efficiency, increased followers, positive conversions e.t.c., I highly recommend the use of Hootsuite

Sign up for the free trial now


Being able to track and monitor the rankings of your keywords and that of your competitor is very important to fully compliment your SEO strategies. Seasoned probloggers and successful webmasters are always alert to know the ranking status of both their competitors keyword and theirs.

Proven recommend tools that can help you in this regard includes:

  • SEMRush

Apart from the functions that this tools offers ( explain above), the tool does the following services likewise:

  • It helps in Organic research
  • Helps you to check backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Position tracking
  • Domain vs domain
  • Rankings

This tool is mostly and effectively used to track related keywords on your blog. Simply sign up for a free SEMrush account here.

  • LinkBuilding

For Linkbuilding resources, please check my earlier content post on: 19 Proven SEO and Link building tools

  • #5       CHECK FOR SPAM

I got hold of the secret I’m about sharing with you and it really helped me dominate Google and to rank high. After publishing your blog post, it is always good to use this proven tool to check for the naturalness of the post. The tool checks whether the post does not look spammy in nature with repetive keywords, too much of technical terms e.t.c

Check this free tool now: http://tool.motoricerca.info/spam-detector/

Conclusion  and Recommendation

This blog post on SEO tools to rank high in Google first page is more than enough for you to be able to rank high in Google. Simply follow and implement the stated guidelines and you will start seeing positive results. But note, it will work out very well if your website or blog is not under Google penalty, and secondly, make sure that your blog post is highly original, informative and deeply helpful.

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