5 ways to make money with Google Adsense

What used to work perfectly well for publishers and people running Google Adsense as a form of monetization and making money from their online business, website and blog will not work and is not working again.

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Google is a company whose global aspirations has made it become a dynamic, ever growing, every changing, ever improving, continously evolving with innovations, ideas and quality control with absolute aim to satisfy search engine visitors and its shareholders.

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I personally knew of 3 great Google Adsense Publishers that were comfortably earning thousand of dollars every month, but of course, they are no longer making such money. This tutorial is meant for people that are struggling to make a meaningful online income from Google Adsense from their blog and websites; it will show them proven steps on how to increase their Google AdSense earnings. This guideline will also help people that are currently making big money with the programme because I’m of the opinion that you are still probably leaving some money on the table, this tips will open your eyes to things and tweets you need to do.

So what changed?

It all happened when Larry Page (one of the cofounders of Google) changed his role and succeeded Eric Schmidt as the chief executive officer of Google in April 4, 2011. He ushered in tremendous algorithm changes and Google Bot ranking systems that shook the global online community; and you know what, his revolutions aligns very well with changes being witnessed in the mobile industry.

I am going to share with you proven steps you need to take and do to start making quality and sustainable online income from Google Adsense.

  •  1#           Is your website and blog mobile responsive to make money with Google AdSense?

The Google mobile team carried out a detailed survey and some stunning truths were revealed. e.g.

  • 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, 74% of smartphone shoppers make purchase
  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

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I would also want you to see a detailed infographic analysis on mobile internet usage from digitalBuzz;

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What is the meaning of a mobile responsive site and what relevance does it have to do with Google AdSense?

This is an example of a responsive theme. It shows perfectly well on Desktop as well as any mobile phone

This is a good question, in short, a mobile responsive site or blog is one that will open on any mobile device/phone with full details and they are fast to load on all mobile phones. A mobile responsive site renders showing the full information of your site, and it adjusts itself to the dimension and size of such mobile phones without you having to scroll left and right before viewing the entire page or post of the blog.

Now, in terms to make money with Google AdSense, a responsive site will show your Ads perfectly and rightly on any mobile device ( try it, try to access this blog on any mobile phone, you will notice that my ads both on top of the page and those at the sidebar renders and shows perfectly well). This is what is called a responsive blog and it matters if you don’t want to lose or leave any money on the table. According to Google research, almost 80% of internet users does so from their phones!!

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what about the use of plugins to convert your site or blog to a mobile site?

The honest truth here is that Google does not like it!! why? two different types of websites are being presented to the search engine i.e. the normal site e.g. ‘bloggingconsult.org’ and the mobile version with the use of plugin or services i.e. ‘m.bloggingconsult.org’; Google does not like this and they preferred that you simply adjust your blog or site to be responsive.

Recommendations: For you to make good and quality money with Google AdSense, I recommend that you adjust and chose a mobile responsive wordpress theme for your website, site or blog. The following companies offers responsive themes.

Try Studiopress Genesis themes

Try ThemeForest vast selections

  • 2#           Do you have high CTR? Try AdSense Ready WordPress Theme

An important, mostly neglected concept is the issue of Clickthrough rate known as CTR. CTR, according to Google is ‘ the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions, page views, or queries you received’. In simple sentence, it means:

the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by number of time advertisement is viewed e.g. 8 clicks out of 1000 page views means your page CTR would be 0.8%

Now, what is mostly important to an AdSense publisher is to get high CTR, because a high CTR simply means a high clickthrough rate which automatically converts to more earnings. Do you notice that some sites just received 1000 visits per day and earns 10USD, while some other blogs/website receives the same 1000 visits per day, but just earns 2-3 USD; this is where the issue of CTR comes in.

A high converting CTR is determined by the placement of your Google Ads on blog pages, and this is also determined by the placement of the type of Google Ad unit.

To get a high CTR, try and make use of proven and well converting Google Ad units e.g. the 728 by 90 leaderboard sizes, the 336 by 228 and the 300 by 250 Ad units at strategic places.

From experience and from seasoned AdSense publishers, Ads below the title, Ads beside the post format ( i.e. the 336 by 228 or 300 by 250 unit at the top right or left hand corner) and Ads at the end of post usually have a high ClickThrough rate.

As a consultant that has helped lots of people earn quality money through AdSense, I usually recommend ready made Google AdSense wordpress themes to them; with a simple guideline on achieving the best out of Google AdSense monetization.

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  •  3#           What’s your traffic status?

Please understand, that making quality money from AdSense is a numbers game, unlike affiliate marketing. As a general consensus, it is estimated that if you receive 1000 unique visits, you will make an approximate 10USD; 10,000 unique visitors will give you 100USD.

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However, the question that really matters now is how many traffic are you receiving monthly and what is the uniqueness and quality of the traffic? You are simply not making enough money because bulk of your traffic are not from organic sources. By being organic means they are from search engines ( Google, Bing and Yahoo). Please, you need to also understand that organic traffic from Google is the most secured and reliable converting traffic that is meant to make you earn good money.

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So, what should you do? The answer simply lies in posting more content, building quality backlinks and making sure you have bulk of your organic traffic from Google. Review your strategies;

It is not just enough to get traffic from social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Google plus..; the type of traffic that you  need to make money from Google is from Google themselves.

  •  4#           Which region are you targeting?

If you really want to make quality money with AdSense, you need to go global, which means your website or blog should focus on addressing and solving problems, dishing out information to the entire world. Your information should be useful to somebody from Russia, Asia, Europe, USA e.t.c.

The second point I would love to mention ( and actually, this is the most important point) is that you should focus your articles and posts to some select countries e.g. USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France e.t.c. because they are regions that pays large amount of money as an advertiser to Google Adwords.

A high CTR from India and Nigeria cannot be compared to the same high CTR from USA, UK and Canada; and the same goes for money that will be earned!!

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  • 5#           What type of content are you publishing and what is the length of your post?

News centered or focused blog or site rarely makes much money compared to a site that offers useful suggestions and information to its visitors. It is important to understand that Google AdSense with a call to action model of monetization.

Is your blog or website offering detailed information and suggestions to people? are you contents resourceful and helpful? If you are having a long term plan with your AdSense monetization strategy,

  • you need to invest in quality content that has 500-1000 words
  • Be informative and resourceful
  • Your content should be original
  • Your article should offer suggestions or solutions to a particular problem

From experience, you need to focus on low competition and high search volume keywords and blog post ( this is important if you really want to make easy earnings)

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In summary, I recommend and suggest:

  • You have a mobile responsive, fast loading website; check out Studiopress Genesis themes and Try ThemeForest website designs
  • Increase your organic traffic from big GTarget USA, UK, Canada, France, Paris e.t.c ( mostly western countries)
  • Publish quality content

Feedback and Suggestions

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post on why you are not making money with Google AdSense, I hope these information will be helpful. Do you have or know of any other proven strategy ? I and my readers will love to hear from you through the comment section.

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