Increase your organic Google traffic with the use of revive old post plugin

I have always been a keen and aggressive SEO campaign addict on the use of social media signal, most especially on the use of Twitter and Google Plus. Why?

It’s simply because social media signals (Twitter and Google+ in particular), if obtained properly produces remarkable Google SERP rankings!! It naturally boosts your chances on ranking high on Google!! Need proof, I will explain

  • #1   Case Study

Reginald Chan of invested heavily on the use of social media tools, and after a keen and systemic study of his approaches, I came to understand the impact that social media signals are having on his blog’s SERP.

This young man, from Malaysia, ranks comfortably on Google first page for lucrative and money making keywords such as ‘Google AdSense services’ e.t.c.

His blog recently clocked 1year and he shared some detailed insights into his approaches; he has more than 3000 twitter followers, more than 5000 Google + circles e.t.c. On top of this, he is specifically active on the use of twitter to share with influencers and his thousands of followers.

A careful study of the backlinks leading to the URL of the earlier mentioned keyword, shows virtually no bcklinks, and its because Google seems not to appropriate links coming from social media authority sites as backlinks (however, they are).

His approach is this; he makes sure his blog contents are unique, original and thoroughly written. Secondly, he shares the blog post on twitter heavily using buffer and hootsuite..and corresponding result is an explosive growth plus quick ranking on Google first page

  • #2   Case Study

I am an SEO consultant with proven results, and I have come to understand the power behind the use of twitter. Links from twitter is extremely important for quick and easy increase in organic traffic due to the following points:

  • Twitter is a PR10 website
  • Twitter is the most active, and less spammy social media network in this present time
  • Using the authority of twitter and the power of influencers ( people with thousands of specific niche followers), your blog posts/website can receive an explosive viral traffic numbering in thousands.
  • Imagine receiving an approximate 20-100 PR10 dofollow links on a consistent basis to your blog/ website!!! Think about it.

I have come to realize that if you use twitter efficiently and maximally, you will get lots of organic traffic in exchange

It is not the number of times you share an article, content or blog post on twitter that guarantees result!! But it’s the number of links coming from twitter to that blog posts, content or website that matters. So focus on this and get result!!

How to use revive old post plugin on twitter?

As an active blogger, one of the most terrible challenges is coping with times and dealing with direct involvement in the daily running of your blog. In the context of my argument, which is explaining and teaching you on how to get organic traffic for your present and old post? I want to introduce you to a plugin which will simplify and automate your blog post scheduling on twitter. Why? Its because, the professional and successful bloggers, including myself makes use of this tool and its related means!!

It has been proven that Google loves fresh content, and that is why most blogs/websites that publishes content on a consistent basis tends to do fairly well on its rankings. In other words, Google bots crawls such site at a constant rate and this attitude connotes to big G that the site is an authority, serious minded online business.

The objective here is trying to make sure that Google bots constantly visits your old posts; this has multiplier effect on the freshness matrix factor used by Google.

This plugin, ‘revive old post’ has both free and premium version; with this plugin, you can simply schedule an old post to be published on your twitter profile at a particular date and time (Infact it works somehow related to buffer ( sometimes, I refer to it as buffer alternative).

  • Introducing buffer alternative

The use of ‘ Revive Old Post plugin’ is a better alternative to the use buffer ( most especially for the folks and internet marketers with keen interest on the use of twitter). As earlier explained, the free version of the plugin is limited and it can be used for the following duties:

  • Share new and old posts
  • Choose the time between posts.
  • Choose the number of posts to share.
  • Use hashtags to focus on topics.
  • Include links back to your site.
  • Exclude categories
  • Exclude specific posts

Recommendation: Get the free plugin at repository:

Unlocking the potential using the revive old post plugin premium version

Of course, any free product has its limitations, the same principle applies to this plugin; the following briefly highlights the many advantages you will get when you buy the premium version:

Revive old post plugin review- Advantages of its pro version

  • Custom post schedule
  • Category exclusion
  • Hashtags from tags/categories
  • Integrated URL Shorteners
  • Custom post content
  • Link/title from custom field
  • Post to multiple accounts
  • Share with image
  • Everything is automated, No more manual work and no more wasted traffic.

Disadvantage of the free version

  • You can share your posts with images
  • You are limited in the number of tweets or shares you can make in a day
  • You cannot post to multiple accounts ( e.g. you can post to two different twitter or Facebook accounts)

The advantage of being able to apply custom share with both your new and old post serves as a great winning ways. This means that you can easily customize a tweet template for all your tweets and add a common hashtag or a text after/before the tweet.

In addition, the use of  link shortener or not is even included.

Features of this Revive Old Post Pro Plugin

  • Clean and Validated Code

Presence of clean, editable code; a great feature for any with even the slightest knowledge of HTML/PHP

  • Custom Tweet Content

This feature turns you to a professional tweeter user; with this feature, you have the unlimited ability to add images and custom hashtags based on categories or a custom text

  • Presence of 5 link shortener to choose from

Most other developers limits themselves to just the use of as a link or URL shortener; however, with this plugin, you have unlimited options to chose from either or or tinyurl or or as your URL shortener.

  • Plugin Options Panel

With the presence of the inbuilt options panel, you can easily edit and update your website settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout

  • Compatibility

It is compatible with WP 2.8.x – 3.9.x; Its development allows for it to update itself to the latest wordpress versions.

Licence Types

Why I am recommending this tool:

If you are a blogger, probloggers or a webmaster that really care about getting a continuous inflow of more organic traffic from Google, then I recommend that you use this plugin. It will revive and bring back organic traffic to your website. Trust me, it will keep your blog alive

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