How To Become A Political Blogger, Start And Create Your Own Blog- 2018 Guideline

Wants to become a successful political blogger? Learn how to create the website in 20 minutes!! This article is written for two purposes; for those that wants to blog in this niche and those that wants to use the platform to launch their election campaign activities. Both of them entails 70% processes and set up guidelines with just 30% difference in the model of launching and managing it.

Want to create, build, make your own sphere on influence and to be heard? but you are at a crossroad on how to get it done, be successful and widely read?? Don’t worry, this tutorial is an extensive guidelines on how you can launch such , strategies to make it work and become successful.

If you are an analyst or even a Journalist in this niche, It will be interesting if you can own and run a blog in this interesting niche.

Becoming A Political blogger

Want to be a blogger in this niche? please read carefully and apply your heart to the due diligence of stages mentioned in this tutorial. Practically, there are three (3) main stages, which I will explain in clear terms.

They are Skills/Passion Requirements, the technical factors and of course promotional and/or marketing strategies.

  • Passion/Skill’s Factors

It is more than just being an entrepreneur to run a political blog. Only the passionate individuals, journalist, activist or deep knowledgeable individual in this niche will be able to run this sort of successful blog because the foundation success of this niche is ” Your Passion”.

The following are listed summaries of what you need to do, have, and/or factors that are essential to execute ro run this blog niche under the passion/skill’s factor.

  • Going local
  • Be controversial
  • Be dedicated and remain passionate
  • Publish thoughtful posts, curate or aggregate news ( See how to do that)
  • Leverage on the use of Videos
  • Embrace Interviews
  • Use Social Media

Now, a brief explanation:

  • 1#     Chose a Local niche

Remember, what you are trying to launch is a blog, and the major difference between a blog and a website is the personal touch inherent in a blog compared to a website.

The first rule is to go local. This means it makes more sense, economically viable, ease of achieving authority if you go local than attempting to be the CNN of the day.

So, if you are based in the United states of America, UK, India e.t.c; it is recommended to build, create and nurture your blog around your countries political trends, events and occurrence.

An easy way to get started is to chose a name that reflects the local settings i.e you can use the name of your city, country e.t.c. as your blog name and domain.

Example includes,,, e.t.c; you can use the below service to check for the availability of the name ( domain name)- though the aspect of domain name is explained down below.

Recommendation: Start locally

  • 2#     Be Controversial

As stated earlier, you might want your blog to be a news based online portal, or just publishing posts from yourself and from authors / collumnists with insights on political issues. The other option is having both publication of original/thoughtful/controversial posts with curated or aggregated news stories.

However, one of the things that will make your blog spread fast is to be controversial. Being controversial brings lots of comments, engagement, sharing of your posts and even mentions on other top blogs like the huffington posts, guardian e.t.c.

Recommendation: Be controversial, don’t be abusive, don’t post content that is not yours without permission

  • 3#     Be dedicated and remain passionate and stay safe.

An adage says ” the proof of passion is pursuit”; If you are strongly passionate about this project, then pursue it vigorously.

Distractions will come across your way, remain focused. You might not be making money at the moment, that should not distract you. Just keep moving ahead.

Again, I will never advise that you give your address out to the general public. Remember, your blog is interesting, controversial e.t.c, so play safe. In other words, don’t give it out.

Recommendation: Dedication and perseverance is the key to success

  • 4#     Be Professional, Publish thoughtful posts, curate or aggregate

Being professional with your publication confers on you some level of respect. If you are a politician, you will be using your blog to keep your followers updated about your plans, goals and the changes you desire both from the present government and what you envisage should be done right.

It is also a tool for you in promoting your upcoming election contest and to keep the public aware of what you plan to do.

Successful bloggers are conversant with the trends of things, they tend to get first hand information of events, they don’t use their platform as a form of vendetta against any personnel figure or party.

On the other end, if you want to start by aggregating or curating relevant news, it is also a welcomed development. I gave a detailed guideline on how you can use this particular WordPress plugin to import and publish articles from RSS feeds of related websites /blogs of interest to you.

To do this, just check out the feeds/RSS of relevant blogs/site you want to be getting the news from, then set the plugin in motion. ( just check the above source to learn how to achieve this)

Recommendation: Being professional in your approach has a big reward. Stick to it.

  • 5#     Leverage on the use of Videos

The world is gradually moving away from just having contents in the form of text. The use of Video has been proven to convert very well. On a personal note, try as much as possible to start uploading relevant videos on your blog.

  • 6#     Interview Politicians/Office Holders

One of the rare things you will not see on most blogs is the interview of either politicians or public office holders.

You can add this new dimension to your own site, thereby making it unique and authoritative. People will bookmark, get engaged and naturally be visiting your blog once they know that you usually invite and interview rare personalities on your blog.

Recommendation: Do this and be different!!

  • 7#     Use Social Media

I need not to buttress so much about this aspect. All successful online business owners, bloggers have presence on social media.

Social media is your first starting point to get connected with your audience and the outside world.

My number one rule for online business success is to ‘ Invest 1 dollar out of 10 dollars you make on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. In other words, you need to invest money on having a thriving and engaging FB and twitter accounts.


  • Open a free Facebook and twitter accounts page

Use the name of your blog ( domain name) to open the FB and twitter pages. E.g if your blog is; then your free Facebook page should be and your twitter account should be

  • Spend money to create free FB ads to get fans and likes for your blog

There are various options available when you intend to create a FB Ad. For your own purpose, you are going to create an Ad for ‘Page Likes”. Page likes translates to page followers. From experience, you should try to get nothing less than 100,000 page likes. With this figure, any posts, opinion you publish and is being shared on your FB page gets seen immediately by approximately 9,000-10,000 people.

When creating the Ad, the following features/steps are important:

  • Focus on your locality; since you are creating a blog for either local or international audience, concentrate the Ad to your area .e.g Ad for New York ( this means only New York people and residents will see the Ad and be a follower)
  • Use captivating image ( dont use the default image FB will show you)
  • You can start with as low as USD5

You will get maximum engagement if you can start the Ad simultaneously with shared published posts on FB.

  • Technical Factors

This is the stage that is a bit technical ( Don’t worry, it is easy if you follow the guidelines). At this stage, you need to set up the blog, configure it and make it go live so that people can search for it on the internet and when they type the name of the blog on the browsers, it will be able to come up live.

You need to get this right, before the above stated stage and the next stage ( promotion/marketing) can be achieved. You need just three things before your political website can be created.

  • You will need a domain name
  • Host the domain with good webhosting company
  • Install WordPress, install WordPress plugins and Themes ( website templates)
  • Configure the site and set everything in motion
  • Put up important pages ( e.g. contact, about e.t.c)
  • Publish your first posts

Now, a brief explanation on each and how to implement them:

  • 7#     You will need a domain name

This is the starting point of your project. The domain name acquisition is the first step you need to take. The domain name is the name of your blog, it is the identity and it is what the browsers / search engine understands.

A very short example of a domain name is what I explained earlier. Examples of domain names are,,, e.t.c; So, in your own case, you need to come up with a domain name that will fit the purpose of this your niche site.


You need to search for the name first, and if you are lucky to get the name that has not been taken, the common sense approach is to buy it immediately before other people buys it.

You can use the domain name checker below;

Recommendation: buy and secure the domain name immediately.

  • 8#    Host the domain with a good webhosting company

There is no point having a domain name without hosting it. The second step is for you to host the domain name you just secured.

It is not expensive ( about 3.95USD per month) on Bluehost Webhosting Comapny ( this is the company I use and also recommend them to my clients).

You can also get a huge discount, plus a free domain name ( you save USD19 per year) if you get the hosting at Bluehost NOW. ( Click on my link below to get this amazing offer with my free offer to help you set up your website or blog: See link towards the end of the post))

  • 9#     Install WordPress, install WordPress plugins and Themes ( website templates)

Bluehost is a respected company and they have made everything so easy. By the time you buy the domain and hosting, you will be guided on how to install everything.

The best software to use is WordPress; they will ask you the software you prefer to power your blog, just select WordPress and follow the online instructions.

Within 2 minutes, your blog will be and running ( but this is just the beginning, you need to fine tune the site and make some adjustments.

For this step on the installation of WordPress, plugins e.t.c. and the following steps stated below that you need to do:

  • Configure the site and set everything in motion
  • Put up important pages ( e.g. contact, about e.t.c)
  • Publish your first posts

I recommend you read the post below ( its a 3000 pictorial /Video guidelines) where I explained everything with detailed information. just take your time to read it.

  • Read this important tutorial on “Steps to build , Set up and configure your blog”

And to the last stage, which in my opinion, is the most important of all. Many bloggers and online publishers fail with their online business venture because they do not really invest , work or even bother to promote and market their blogs.

Set Up

The set up and configuration of the blog/website ( as it applies to either being a blogger or for a campaign website) is well explained in the link below ( including video tutorial).

  • This Tutorial
  • These videos

Success Tips

Why do you think companies and business owners set aside special budget for advertising? The secret and answer is that they realize that advertising is part of their business and without it, they will not succeed!!

You want to run a successful political blog? the answer is to build the site on WordPress ( explained above), write wonderful, interesting piece , use social media ( Facebook, twitter) to spread /promote the posts/blog and then use other sources to spread it.


But before you start on the promotion/marketing, you should have implemented the following:

  • Have a well detailed, articulated opinions with your post. Your post should not be trash because you are building your blog to be an authority in the nearest future.
  • In the case of publishing relevant news stories, you need to be careful not to post derogatory, insulting contents. If you require auto syndication or aggregating news post on this niche, I recommend you read this post where I explained how to use an interesting plugin to achieve it. ( I mentioned the source link above, scroll up)
  • Your pages ( i.e contact, about, dmca, disclosure, privacy policy pages) should be live; ( So take time out to craft professional pages for this niche)

Back to the main discussion, I will be discussing both non-advertising and advertising method you can use to promote your new blog.

  • 9#     Get started On Facebook And Twitter

The USA election of Barack Obama ( in November 2008 and November 2012), and that of Donald Trump triumph in 2016 shed light on the importance social media ( especially Twitter and Facebook; their overwhelming influence on nations, events, election campaign trends and updates).

If you want to be an authority, make sure you have an account on Facebook and twitter. For Facebook, I explained how you can get it done. ( See above). You will need to follow the same pattern for twitter, but on a slight different approach. Though, twitter is tough, but it is the most powerful, latent tool you will need to succeed. To grow and increase your followers, check out my posts on how I got 60.8k followers in 4 months.

Recommendations: Get at least 100,000 FB Likes and 60,000 Twitter followers.

  • 10#     Network, Network!!

Why do you think powerful nations tends to have Allies?

Successful people all over the world understands the power of networking and mentorship. Blogging is community driven, and for you to succeed, you need to get involved.


  1. Make friends with fellow bloggers

This is the first rule of engagement. Make friends with fellow bloggers in your niche. Go to their blog, write for them, send them guest posts, share their posts/articles on your Facebook page and twitter accounts e.t.c.

  • Install commentluv plugin to drive engagement on your blog

There is power in making and dropping comment (s). However, you need to take it further.


Go and install Commentluv plugin ( It is free), install and get it activated. This plugin help drives conversation and engagement with your readers and yourself as they drop comments on your blog. It has also been proven to boost SEO and organix rankings in Google and Bing search engine rankings

  • Learn and Implement SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. You need the top three search engines ( Google, Bing ang Yahoo search) if you want people to search for and know more about your blog.

I recommend you read: My SEO Guidelines ( Its a category page with more than 5 posts covering everything you need to know about SEO)

Creating A Political Campaign Websites

Building and creating a website exists for different purposes. If you are thinking of running an election campaign, or probably you are a current office holder e.g senator, house of representatives and need a professional looking website, the this guideline is also good to go.

First step is the same step explained above for the technical aspect; the major difference is in the use and installation on the type of website templates ( WordPress themes) you might be considering.

A brief summary of some notable and respected website templates or WP themes are listed below

ou can check out the below places where you can get these premium templates:

Check out: (

  • Themeforest ( just search for the WordPress themes of this niche or using the names mentioned in the above images)
  • Mythemeshop

Some of the themes contained ready made format on how you can even raise funds for your campaigns or political advertisements with various payment/acceptance options such as PayPal, Credit card and even Payoneer ( If you do not know about Payoneer, you can read about it here)


Follow the above steps and guideline ;If you need my help on setting up your blog and the installation, please, do not hesitate to contact me; I will be more than glad to be of help.

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