How to make a fashion blog, build and start a successful website

Learn how to make a fashion blog, build and start a successful website; there are secrets and strategies to online business success!!

Anybody can make fashion blog, build and start a beauty website but not many will make sustainable income from it and become successful. That’s the honest truth, however, I’m fully explaining all the intricate details in this blog post, Get ready!!

From my years of SEO Consulting and from practical knowledge (based on some blogs and websites I own and operate), the success of any website or blog is TRULY dependent on

  • Adequate planning
  • Step by step, but progressive call to action activities
  • Serious work, Practical commitment, Thorough/Focused Marketing
  • And lastly monetary investment (this calls for argument, but I will explain).
Blair Eadie, Bryan Grey Yambao, Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni

In the context of being able to create, make a successful fashion blog and make money, you need to bitterly swallow the hard truth, which is “Its not easy and you need to work very, very hard”.

This tutorial is aimed to show and teach you proven guidelines on how to achieve success with your new passion of a fashion site. But before proceeding, I have listed here brief lists of successful bloggers ( the list will inspire and you can also learn from them)

List of Successful fashion bloggers

They include the following people from USA, to Europe, Middle East and Asia ( this is just a brief list)

  • Chiara Ferragni,of the The Blonde Salad (
  • Gizele Oliveira of Gizele a Go-Go (
  • Aimee Song, Song of Style (
  • Wendy Nguyen, Wendy’s Lookbook (
  • Kristina Bazan, Kayture (
  • Julie Sariñana, Sincerely Jules (
  • Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast (
  • Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl (
  • Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific (
  • India Rose of India Rose, (
  • Shea Marie: Peace, Love Shea (

Steps on how to build a fashion website and make a successful blog

  • 1# Step

First, you need a website or blog; allow me to call this first step the technical aspect. I call it the technical aspect because you will learn how to do it yourself without paying tens of thousands of dollars to design your website. The secret is you are leveraging on the use of WordPress platform to launch it.

What you need/Requirement

  • Domain Name – Think of a name people can use to identify and search for you, examples of domain names are, Song of Style, fashiontoast, kayture e.t.c. It is important to choose a name that will become a brand for now and ever. Don’t choose a name that will be too dull, uninteresting or the name with a long word character.

Successful bloggers understand the power of branding and the lists mentioned above are very good starting examples of what I mean e.g.,,, kayture, fashiontoast e.t.c

You need to check for the availability of the name and if its available, buy immediately ( its actually free if you use my link and host it together at BLUEHOST).

  • Web Hosting – This is practically the most important factor under the technical stage. A reliable webhost or server is essential to your short and long term success. To this end, I recommend BLUEHOST. Bluehost is recommended because it is economically friendly, you get free domain name, gets free SEO/Google Adwords USD50 voucher, they have excellent support/customer care services, and they have various levels of hosting packages ( according to how your site grows in traffic).
I recommend Bluehost, preferably their VPS or Managed WordPress Package
  • WordPress Themes / Templates– These are essentially premium designs that can be used. Using these potential fashion templates saves you time, stress and you are guaranteed to get 24hours support.

Part of the advantage is that you can get demo contents to get started ( but you will edit/remove the contents later and add yours)


Must Read: Top 20 Mobile Responsive Best fashion WordPress themes/Templates 2016

Recommended Places to buy premium fashion website templates/themes are:

  • Elegant Themes
  • Bluchic ( very important)
  • Mythemeshop Premium Templates
  • Studiopress- Makers of Genesis Themes

For you to fully understand how to get everything sorted, including the installation, upload of the theme ZIP, setting up your SEO features and getting your new blog/website live ( doing it all by yourself), I highly recommend you read my below guidelines and tutorials:

How to set up a website And Blog Using WordPress

I recommend BLUEHOST WEBHOST; You will get free domain name and a discount monthly price of USD3.45. This is a good deal, why not grab it NOW!!

  • 2# Step- Leveraging on proven model

Majority of successful fashion and beauty bloggers that I know /read about tends to either offer services or are into sales of physical products through their blog and website.

I’m of the very firm opinion that there should a sound ROI ( return on investment) from any business you are doing ( which includes your precious time you are using online to blog, your precious contents e.t.c and even the money you’ve paid to buy the domain name and hosting).

So, if your aim and final commitment is to offer services and sell products, then I honestly recommend you embrace the proven model that is known to be working very well for lots of people from all over the world.

This proven model takes care of all technical problems/jargon’s; they are expert in search engine optimization, billing e.t.c.; The only thing you have to do is to sign up and test if the platform is okay for you.

I’m talking about shopify; its an Ecommerce fashion platform that handles virtually everything for you, involving receiving and processing payments, delivery of items e.t.c. and above all, they handle every hosting developments that comes your way.

So, thinking of running and opening a successful beauty and fashion website/blog with focus on sales and services, I recommend shopify.

You can sign up for their 14 day free trial and test the results for your self ( no credit card commitment at all)

  • 3#       Step- Invest and Leverage on the Use of Social Media

It is important to state here that any online business you sincerely believe in, any online business that is presently thriving; the secret is this; they invested seriously in social media marketing, automation and they built a huge social media follower base.

This second step highlights the importance and process on how you should have an active social media presense on Facebook, twitter and instagram.

If you check the lists of successful fashion bloggers, you will discover that they have massive follower base on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

I’m a strong advocate of the fact that you need an audience to break through if you are running or launching an online business.

How to go about this:

  • From the domain name you have chosen e.g, Go to and open a free account with that name. if you get it right, your twitter address/profile should now be
  • Go to and open a Facebook page using the same domain name, abcde. If successful, your Facebook page should now be or

“However, in some cases, the domain name might not be available for either the twitter or Facebook, what you need to do is choose a relative name e.g abcde1 or better still; make research about the availability of that name both on bluehost, twitter and Facebook before buying the domain and hosting.”

  • Follow the same process for Pinterest and Instagram ( Infact, as a fashion blogger, focus much more attention on instagram).

If you are not ready for serious work and commitment to upfront investment on this, then I don’t think you are ready to own and run a successful fashion blog and website.

Grow your Audience


For a start, I advocate you run a Facebook ad to get likes ( meaning followers); invite your friends to like your new page, insert your new FB page as a signature in your email(s), send out invitations to your friends on your email lists e.t.c.

Case studies of how successful fashion bloggers ( including ordinary bloggers) made use of Facebook is listed below:

*Please note, its good to focus on a geographic location when running an FB Ad e.g USA, South Africa, UK etc. Don’t spend more than 2-5 USD per day for your campaign ( at least for now). Along the way, just study your campaign and you can make adjustments when needed.


What I have personally discovered is that twitter has more SERP (search engine ranking page) influence in Google than Facebook. This means it has more impact and influence than Facebook in helping your website/blog or posts to rank higher on Google.

The only problem with twitter is that it is more difficult to grow your followers unlike Facebook. However, I will guide you on how you can honestly grow your followers.

  • Read:- Manageflitter Review- See how I got 50,000 twitter followers in 3 months (This is my own experience for a client’s account).
  • If you can’t be patient, disciplined and follow strict guideline, then I recommend this other program ( tweet dominator ( Though its black hat method, but if you are careful not to follow more than 100 people for a new account and you set your timing between 30secs – 2 mins), then you are safe.

Don’t spend money on Twitter Ads, its too much expensive. Don’t!!!


Since a fashion blog involves lots of pictures and images, then I recommend the use of Pinterest. Just open a free account, follow some people in your niche, then share your images/pictures with a link back to your blog/site.


Instagram is by far the most important social media for a fashion blogger because of its huge influence on advertisement and ability to entice intending advertisers.

Just open a free account on Instagram  following the basic guidelines above; then you need to invest money to place Instagram Ads on Facebook to get started. Its a must and highly recommended.

  • 4#       Step- How to make it successful

To be successful in terms of the purpose of this write up means two things to me:

  • To be well known and popular
  • To rank very well on search engines, especially Google
  • To make money ( This point will be treated lastly)

Now, lets take it one by one;

  • 1.          To be well known and popular

The following steps should be taken for it to be well known, become popular and eventually become an Authority

  • Invest in quality contents

This is the first rule for any successful blog or website out there because of two things:

Content is king and secondly, the search engines only understands and respects your blog by the quality contents and the backlinks to it.

Nobody wants to visit an empty site, so commit yourself to writing and publishing exceptional helpful contents that will naturally be shared on social media sites and recommended to friends, readers and family members.

If you are not a good writer, simply outsource this task to someone like me or you can visit, or check professional writers at job board.

  • Apply some SEO skills to your published contents

I know this sounds too technical, however, it is easy to achieve. It is always a good thing to have a focus keyword for any published article. For easy understanding, I recommending the below tutorials:

And the below point is very much important

  • Network Aggressively

No man makes it alone; successful people knows the importance and power behind networking!!

In this niche, how do you network? the following points will be helpful

  • Practise Comment backlinking

What this means is that you should start commenting on blogs related to fashion, general blogs e.t.c.; the more you place comments on these blogs, the more backlinks you get, the more exposure you have and the more the community gets to know you.

To get started, I recommend you install the commentluv plugin on you site ( but be careful of spammers); it helps drive engagements!!

  • Join related Facebook groups on fashion

Search for related fashion groups on Facebook, introduce yourself to the Admin and request to be a member. Once you are accepted, start contributing your views and opinions first before you ever think of sharing your website/blog links.

  • Join related groups on Instagram and Google+

Instagram is important, please take it seriously. For Google+, search for related circles and be a member.

  • Make friends with successful bloggers

Search for successful fashion and style bloggers, become their friends and be their protege; with this approach, they will easily help you to the top of the ladder faster

To the second point:

  • 2.          To rank very well on search engines, especially Google

To rank very well on Google entails lots of factors, but from my personal experience, the following points if diligently adhered to, then you dont need to worry about this:

  • Make your website/blog content friendly

Did you notice how I segmented this post with bullets and numbers? Just publish good contents!!

  • Use SEO WordPress themes and templates

Thats the more reason I recommended: Genesis studiopress Themes and Elegant Themes; on using these templates, make sure you read and implement the suggestions mentioned in the article above on ‘ Apply some SEO skills to your published contents’

  • Optimize your images and lets your website be exceptionally fast

For instance, if you use the following metrics to check the speed of my blog ( what you are presently reading), you will see the following:

I recommend you read: Top 20 Fastest Loading Themes for WordPress Blogs And Website in 2016

To optimize your images, I recommend picresize and the installation of Smush WP plugin.

  • Interlink Your Blog Posts/Articles

Just study my blog posts very well ( using this particular post as a case study); you will see how I carry out interlinking of the posts together. this is very important.

  • Create backlinks

Create backlinks, first from dropping comments on related websites and then going for advanced links from reputable sites using guest posting techniques.

  • Create sitemaps and avoid Google penalty triggers

Create sitemaps for your sites ( you can do this through the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin earlier mentioned) and submit them on Google search console.

Another point worthy of mention is to avoid Google penalty ( just everything to avoid the penalty) and one way to avoid it is to stay within Google’s quality webmaster principles.


  • 5#       Step- How to make a fashion website, make money and be successful

Follow the following steps:

  • Create and Email Subscription and Marketing service

You need to have a professional email sign up copntact form on your site. Professional and successful bloggers understands this. I recommend Getresponse: Sign up for a free trial at GetResponse Email Marketing Services

  • Be passionate and have a clear mission statement

A well written vision statement and purpose has the tendency to be achieved than one that is not written down. Be passionate about this venture and write down your plans and goals.

Allow me to help you FREE OF CHARGE!!

I have helped close to 30 people in setting up their website and blog. If you are serious about owning a site or blog based on the power of WordPress, the good news is that I will help you set it up FREE. But to get this free service,

  • Make sure you have registered the domain and obtain the hosting through my Link
  • Make sure you have purchased a premium website or blog template from either Mythemeshop, Genesis ( Studiopress) and or Elegant Themes

After this, send me a mail through my contact page, mentioning the domain name and hosting you’ve registered. I will set up your site/blog with the best SEO practises including:

  • Installing all necessary plugins
  • Fine-tunning and setting up the entire permalinks and /Menu settings
  • Getting up to date ( original) Privacy policy, DMCA, Disclosure and terms of use pages for you
  • Setting up the Search Engine optimization settings ( very important)


Its important you learn how to make a fashion blog, build and start a successful website before you ever venture into this particular niche. I hope the above tutorials will be helpful.

Please share your views and ask your questions through the comment section below. Thanks

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