How to get links to your website the Google way


It is worthy of note to state emphatically that post Google algorithm update changed and caused a paradigm shift on how to build links to a blog and website. With Modern SEO practices in place at the moment, it is important to do things the way Google recommends; i.e  acts that will not violate and thereby trigger Google penalties e.g. penguin, panda, hummingbird e.t.c. should be embraced.

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These detailed guidelines on proven strategies to build and create links to your blog combined techniques obtained from respected SEO professionals and also from personal experiences.

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7 proven strategies on how to get links to your website

The following points are the Modern SEO recommended ways to build backlinks to your website and blog:

  • Write and publish exceptional quality content

Content is king! This singular phrase is the proverbial statement that Google and well respected SEO professionals will keep telling you. Infact, Matt Cutts declared in one of his YouTube seminars, he said, publishers should focus on creating quality content and forget about trying to understand how Google search engine works.

I have to be honest with you, if you have a compelling, well researched, highly detailed, original and well analytical content; readers, people and other webmasters/bloggers will naturally link to you.

how to build backlinks

Have a quality, evergreen content; readers and bloggers are like the cow’s of the field

A quality content is not written within 30 minutes, you need to include helpful information, with case studies, proven facts, good pictures ( use of infographics is highly recommended). Without having a good and quality content, all the other 6 strategies on how to get links will not work very well for you. So, deal with this first, and then you can move to the next level.

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  •  Be selfless, recognise others and Link out

Please, understand that the web is an interlocking and interconnecting world of related interests; this is the foundational building principle of PageRank. At first, I thought that by linking out to others, my page will leak and too much outbound link might hurt, but I was wrong.

build backlinks to your blog by linking out

Give and it shall be given back to you!!

If you publish content, link to other expert on that particular niche for more references, it tells the search engines and even people that you are a credible source of information and that you even know your limitations by reaching out to others.

The only clause here is to genuinely link to related high PR blogs that will be of resource to what you are discussing.

This practise of recognising others and linking out to them remains one of the most effective, long lasting and highly sustainable backlinking strategy. How can you do this? I will explain two credible instances:

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  1. E.g if you look at this post, you will see that I linked out to some respected bloggers. Don’t be naive and selfish, and do not think they don’t know you linked to them. Most of them does, and will sure link back so far your content is rich.
  2. Offer free services to most webmasters and bloggers e.g. you can use broken link checker to check if their blog has broken links, do this, and after send them a mail and notify them of this development. by doing this, you can reference a particular blog post of yours and then humbly tell them that you think the blog post will complement a particular content on their own blog. Be sure of one thing, at least, one out of ten people will accept and love what you have done and reciprocate the gesture
  • Embrace Social Media Optimization

Most social sites are PR8 or PR9, get active on them and you are sure of getting dofollow links. Lots of social media experts have stress the need of having an active presence on select social media sites e.g. twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook e.t.c. If you don’t know, we are now in an era with social media optimization leading the way more than social engine optimization.

how to get links using social media

The leading social media sites you should focus on

Whether you are starting a new website or blog and want to get quality links to it, learn to have an account on these sites, have good followers and then share your contents on them.

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  • Practice Blog Commenting

Blog commenting help build and nurture relationships

Blog Commenting, to me is the most preferred modern SEO of building and getting credible backlinks to your website.  Not just getting inbound links to your site, it also helps nurture and foster relationships.  Infact, Carolyn Nicander paid visit to Adrienne smith; they actually met and foster this relationship through blog commenting. Look out for related blog posts, read the content, and drop helpful, related comment!! To get the best out of blog commenting, I highly recommend two tools that will help make the job easy for you:

  • Install CommentLuv Plugin

With the use of commentluv plugin, your website and blog will become active and highly engaging. Just look towards the comment section of my blog, you will something like Commentluv box, whereby you can chose to insert your twitter link and the last 10 posts of your blog. If you do this, niche related webmasters and bloggers will create a relationship with you, and you can also go to their own blog and drop comment linking back to your last post. The plugin offers a win-win situation. I highly recommend you get the plugin NOW!!

use dropmylink to get links to your website

DropMyLinks is a powerful free search engine that you can use to drop comment on related blogs

  • Use DropMyLink

DropMyLink helps you find blogs, sites in either .edu, .org, .com niches that you can create backlinks from. It is a free tool and I recommend you start using it. To get started, check out:  DropMyLink Homepage

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  • Guest Posting:

While the use of blog commenting gives you approximately 80% nofollow backlinks, the use of Guest Posting is a powerful and proven strategy to actually get dofollow backlinks.

Creating substantive, well researched, detailed analytical, helpful and highly resourceful content on someone else’s blog will send torrents of dofollow links back to your website.

how to build backlinks- simply guest post

Guest post on other blogs to get links back to yours

Infact, the use of Guest posting is the main strategy that lots of content marketers are embracing. Simply look out for a high PR blog whose quality content relates to what you are doing, write a quality content and send to the owner asking for it to be published. Once the blogger or owner accepts and publish your guest post, a link will be given in the author section that links back to your blog/website. Guest posting offers a win-win situation to both you and the owner of the blog. Give it a try, and if you are busy, you can outsource the task to me, It’s one of my expertise.

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  • Press Release

While the use of Press Release is more inclined to a news writing content, or rather a new innovation or product.  However, for a super quality blog content, making use of press release for such is a good option.  I will not subscribe to the use of free PR, if you want the best of PR, its always good to make use of premium PR services.  Credible among this is: PRWeb and Vocus

  • Practise Internal Backlinking
links above the fold is good for getting credible links

links above the fold is good for getting credible links

People hardly knows that internal linking of your blog posts to one another is a sure way of giving your content backlinks.  Harsh Aggrawal of Shoutmeloud, Jeffbulas, Daren Rowse of Problogger, the Copyblogger team all uses and embrace these techniques (check out all their blog posts).  Example is seen also in this post ( I love using phrases such as recommend to read, must read) etc. Internal linking to each other is a credible way of reviving old posts and Google even recommends that your content be linked together, it makes the work of the Google bots easy. Before going outside to other websites and blogs seeking for links, do this first for all your content posts.

I discovered a secret, and I got the nod from Yeremy Akpan .  I quite agree with him, taking relevance from Google’s perception of ‘above the fold ‘ concept. it helps pass good link juice, and Google respect this positioning. Infact, Big G recommend that we place Google Ads at the top of the post because there is something I am yet to understand about it.  So, whenever you are doing linking services, endeavor to have your link at the beginning of a content.


Feedback and Suggestions

Do you have or know of any other proven strategy to build and get links to a website? I and my readers will love to hear from you through the comment section.


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  • web designer delhi

    Hi James
    I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities and also with the format in your blog. Anyway stay up to the excellent high quality writing, it’s rare to find a nice weblog like this one these days.

    • James


      I’m flattered with that eulogy, I think its just my natural way of expressing myself through writing.

      Thanks for the visit and I hope you’ve benefited from the post.


  • Enstine Muki

    Definitely an awesome post James

    Every thing starts with point #1 “Write and publish exceptional quality content” and this is the best way to attract and get natural links.

    Linking out is one thing I do encourage bloggers to do. No only does that help in traffic. It also help in building a stronger relationship. I hope we hold to this in a stronger way this 2014

    Thanks for cooking a nice post bro and do have a great weekend

    • James

      Hi Enstine,

      The point 1 is the backbone and fundamental framework to build success. If a grass is richly green, cows will naturally graze and stay on it to feed; the same thing goes for a quality evergreen content, readers will bookmark, refer and naturally link to it.

      Thanks for using the phrase ‘cook’, it’s a great synonym!!

  • Donna Merrill


    This post is awesome! You have giving the answers to many questions people have now, especially with all the SEO changes.

    Linking to other’s in our post is a great! Guest posting is another wonderful technique I love to use. And of course, being a guest always brings in new people.

    Each and every thing you mentioned is spot on! The one I like the best is commenting. People sometimes don’t realize how powerful a good comment is. I have had many people come to my blog because they read a comment I have made.

    And going that extra mile….when commenting, I also like to connect with the blogger on all the social sites. This way I can share their posts and we can connect further.

    Many blessings,


    • James

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the contribution. its good to hear good report from respected bloggers, which you are one.

      do have a nice weekend.

  • Adrienne

    What a great post James and what a pleasant surprise to see that not only did you mention mine and Carolyn’s visit but included our photo! I’ll be darn.

    You know how I feel about building relationships and this is the perfect example of what three years of communicating back and forth can bring. We also support each other online and promote each other’s posts because we’ve built up that relationship. I highly recommend others do the same.

    You are so right that people should really stop worrying about how the search engines work and just provide the best content you can. Stop being selfish and link to those that provide excellent information because our jobs should be helping our readers learn and grow. By sharing information that we’re not that knowledgeable on or if someone else has written about that topic already then share it. Be generous and that will come back to you and as you stated here, Google will be happy about it.

    I would like to do more case studies myself as well as I’ve been thinking about expanding to more guest blogging. It’s been on my mind and can help me get in front of more people but all in all, that linking is definitely not going to hurt me in the least.

    Really great resource here James, thanks for sharing and again for the mention.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


    • James

      Great Adrienne,

      I’m inspired by the visit of Carolyn to your place, it shows the power of networking obtained through blog commenting.

      Yes, you are right, people should just forget about trying to understand how Google search engine works.

      Do have a pleasant weekend.

  • William Butler

    Hi James,
    Thank you for a very informative post. Nice picture of the ladies too :) I’ve never heard of Drop Link before, so I appreciate learning about it. You’ve offered so many great tips here. I agree with focusing on creating quality content and not concerning myself with how Google search engine works.

    Kind Regards,

    • James

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the visit, it will be better off if we can simply focus on creating quality content rather than expending our energy and time trying to understand the working mechanisms of Google; Matt cuts was right!!

      I learnt a lot from your post on personal development, absolute and total commitment is the key.

      Do have a pleasant day.

  • Nate Leung

    Hi James,

    The world of SEO has definitely changed. We’re no longer relying on Google to help us get traffic. We’ve evolved into a different world. That includes, social media, guest blog posting and commenting and engaging on other blogger’s sites. I believe that with the combination of all of the things I’ve mentioned is what makes a blog successful. On the same token, it should be that way because no one wants to cross paths with junk you see out there on the Internet. People want to know that you’re real. Great all around post!

    • James


      The world of SEO has absolutely changed, I can’t agree less with you on this; gone are the days of using link wheel, content farms, article directories e.t.c.

      We should rather focus on other credible sources, and chief among this is trying to build an engaging community.

      Thanks for the visit.

  • Sherryl Perry

    This is a really thorough post James. You’ve covered a lot of SEO tips here. I remember the YouTube seminar where Matt Cutts said that publishers should focus on quality content. That’s key as well as commenting, relationship building, internal links and your other tips as well. I’m a huge fan of CommentLuv and I recognize bot Adrienne and Carolyn. We frequent each other’s blogs.

    You asked if we had any other backlinking tips but I honestly can’t think of anything to add.

    • James

      Hi Sherryl,

      Your content post on ‘ do we need a flat design’ is so interesting, and I must say that should be the goal of any serious blogger to have and use as his/her website design.

      CommentLuv is absolutely fantastic and its working incredibly well, helping in building an engaging community on one’s blog.

      Thanks for the visit.

  • Jeric

    You nailed it bro! Those are really the things that we should practice in order to get links.
    By the way, I just want to ask this, what is your point of view about getting links from forums and community sites?
    Do you also recommend it? :)

    • James

      Hi Jeric,

      Using forums is good, however, it should be within your niche. I am not too comfortable using forums, I’d rather network with people of like minds and passion in the blogosphere.

      Thanks for airing your views and the visit.

  • Lesly Federici

    Hi James,
    Wonderful to meet you! I like your blog theme – is it the new Studio Press? Very smart looking. Great discussion here on SEO and how it’s changed. Truthfully I welcome the internet as building a community of great bloggers and connecting with them rather than focusing on link wheels, link building tricks, and all that stuff which does nothing to captivate the eyeballs of potential visitors. So you reaching out to me through Sherman Smith’s blog is an excellent strategy.

    • James

      Hi Lesly,

      Thanks for the complement on my theme. Yes, it’s the new studiopress sixteen Nine pro theme; though expensive, but I love it.

      You are right, our focus as bloggers should be on quality content, building relationships and engaging with each other should be our aim.

      Thanks for the visit, and do have a nice day.

  • Lesly Federici

    PS – sorry about the Sherman’s link! Went to the wrong place. My apologies. Delete my post if you like. Thanks…

    • James

      Hi Lesly,

      No probs, I’ve edited it.


  • Chadrack

    Your post is right on point. In these days when Google has decided to stand up against all the nonsense in the SEO field, you just have be careful how you build links to your sites. Thanks for that mention of drop my link. Just hearing of it for the first time!

    • James

      You are right on point Chadrack, I’m glad you found it useful, especially with the discovery of dropmylink.

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey James,

    You really said it all in this post of how to get links the Google way! It all stems from the first point you made about creating value packed, quality content.

    If you want to start getting any type of readership, the best way to start this momentum is to have quality content. Like the cliche goes “Content is king” and is the focus of 2014. As you mentioned from what Matt Cutts said, it’s best to focus on creating good quality content then to focus on SEO. So from my understanding, Google is looking at the viewpoint of the reader and social proof over the SEO practices.

    This definitely makes it easier for us as bloggers but also makes us work a little harder to improve our content. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • James

      Hi Sherman,

      You are right, Google simply wants us to work harder, and that’s where the challenge lies.

      Thanks for the contribution. and do have a blissful experience today

  • Rupali Gupta


    I agree with all the tips you shared here for strong back linking. And for my blog i am following these tips. I always try to provide good and epic content to my readers. Do minimum 5 comments per day and social media sharing too.

    Anyway thanks for the tips.

    • James

      Hi Rupali,

      Quality and good content are the main factors; just try and say focused on the commenting strategy.

  • Beth Hewitt

    Hi James,

    What a great article, I think you covered everything. :)

    I have used drop my link in the past, but had completely forgot about it duh!

    First time on your blog and I look forward to reading more of your great posts,

    Beth :)

    • James

      Hi Beth,

      You are welcome to my blog, am glad you found the content post useful.

      Do have a nice weekend.

  • Barbara

    I enjoy reading blogs because they always give me something new to consider or remind of a tool I forgot along the way. I have to check out Drop My Link, it used it awhile ago and then just let it slide for awhile. Everyone is a bit tense about guest blogging since the recent comments from Cutts. It can be tough to get an opportunity to write for a really good blog.

  • Classified

    Best seo article I ever read thanks

  • Clark Smith

    Hi friends How to get links to your website the Google way, any idea please share..!