7 Proven tips on how to get dofollow backlinks from youtube

Every known successful blogger that I have come across all have a heavy presence on YouTube; either creating and dishing out videos to thousands of their fans or simply using it as a means of getting credible backlinks, It’s important you follow suit.

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YouTube is a PR9 website, and not just that, it is the world’s leading video website with an Alexa rank of 3; this content describes how to get backlinks from YouTube, and not just that, but dofollow backlinks.

As a I earlier said in my content post on getting high PR9 backlinks, getting backlinks from YouTube can be of two choices:

  • Nofollow backlinks
  • Dofollow backlinks

Pr9 nofollow backlinks from YouTube

Virtually, all backlinks that most bloggers obtains from YouTube are nofollow, which means that no link juice is passed across and the search engines wont credit the intended destination with any link point. However, I am an advocate of getting an even number of both nofollow and dofollow backlinks; this has proven to be one of the modern SEO of attracting Google friendly backlinks.

All links you obtained from the about me section, description or in the share box are all of nofollow status;

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To confirm my point, you can use the below tools:

  • For Mozilla web browser: use the NoDoFollow Extension at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nodofollow/
  • For Chrome web browser: Use the Google chrome extension app at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nofollow-simple/apkcjkicpemmmakhhpbglcdlgphcjpae?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

Getting PR9 dofollow links from YouTube

I am quite sure that this is what brought you to this blog, the only requirement is to have a verified YouTube account; without wasting time, lets dig into the full details on how you can get your desired PR9 dofollow backlinks

  •  Sign up for a YouTube account, and if you have one already, that’s good news!! however, if you have just a Gmail account, simply use the same to have your YouTube account since Gmail has now sync all Google products under one umbrella
  • The blog or website that you want to get link from YouTube must be verified in Google webmaster already ( with the same Gmail account you are using or will use for this process), because if its not, you will get to a stage that you will be asked to verify the site
  • So, with that done, go to: http://www.youtube.com/verify
  • Login with your details and navigate to the Advanced Channel Settings

  • Go to the associated website section and add your website/blog
  • if your blog is already verified with Google webmaster, it will automatically tell you its successful, but if not, it will take you to the Google webmaster verification page to get it done
  • Now, your blog in the associated website section has an automatic DOFOLLOW backlink status

With the above illustration on how to get backlinks from YouTube ( dofollow backlinks), I hope that you will find it helpful!!

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