Five proven tips on how to get backlinks from wikipedia

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Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website in the world, and it is a tough nut to crack if you are looking to get a backlink from it. It might interest you to know that wikipedia is a PR9 website ( according to the recent Dec 6th 2013, Google update on PageRank) and its backlinks has a nofollow status.

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I recently published an article on getting PR9 dofollow backlinks and Wikipedia as a credible source of such backlinks was mentioned.


Wikipedia works like an encyclopedia, with detailed entries of information from respected sources, authors and books. In the old days of building backlinks, it was quite easy to get inside the worlds biggest encyclopedia, edit an entry and insert your links, however, it does not work again that way. The site has professional moderators and established editors who works 24 hours to ensure that no spammy link exist on the site.

Five things you have to do before thinking of getting a backlink from Wikipedia

  • Make make sure that your blog or website that you want to link to looks professional with detailed contents ( with presence of citation sources in your post contents, and at least should have more than 50 post contents); it should also contain minimal ads or probably no ads at that moment.
  • The content of your blog/website or the particular post you want to link to on Wikipedia must be highly related and relevant to the Wikipedia entry content /page topic
  • You need to be a giver, this means that you have to concentrate first on contributing meaningful contents and entry editing to the community
  • Have it at the back of your mind that its tough getting a backlink and that it is not guaranteed
  • Read their editing guidelines ( first to have your mind prepared

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Credible ways to get PR9 backlinks from Wikipedia

  • First is to sign up, create an account and become an editor, to do that, check:

Please note that by signing up, you tend to get credit which in turn helps you gain trust within the community, and as such, you will no longer be limited to doing ‘anonymous editing’

  • Now, you have to edit selflessly the entry content and contribute immensely to get a ‘trusted editor status’, which is in line with their founding principles (
  • Do not bother having or creating a page ( it’s tough, read this –, simply find a page or pick up articles that has the advantage or opportunity for you to edit and add more detailed information
  • In carrying out the above task, you can add your link ( but the link should be highly relevant and adds more information which are not present on that particular page); do not really bother about the age or number of years you have spent as an editor as some people suggested, what really matters is that you have contributed and edited meaningfully over a certain period of time to the community and the link you are providing is also very relevant to the task at hand ( I got to understand this from an editor named Titodutta , he stated categorically that every editor’s edits are reviewed, regardless of whether you have spent thirty or hundred years in Wikipedia; he even said most of his colleagues simply review an edit without actually checking to see if its coming from the so called trusted editor
  • Please note that Wikipedia hates spams, so don’t spam them; if you do, they can block your IP and/or website URL, check their blocking policy ( and if they blacklist you, you can be sure that Google may know about it.

The other method of getting a link from Wikipedia

Though, this method may not sound credible to you, however it is not a black hat approach, so let’s get down to getting it done.

  • Remember that we made mention of trusted editors, these are the people that have an established Wikipedia accounts for years
  • Now, you can leverage on that to get your desire, however, it involves making some sort of payment to them, which can range between ( 20-100USD, depending on your bargaining power)
  • Simply contact these editors and discuss your need with them; it is easy for them to edit and help insert your link because they know how the system works and they’ve been at it for years.

Feedback and suggestions

Thank you for visiting and taking your time to read this blog post!! Please share your ideas and advice on how you usually get your own backlinks from Wikipedia through the comment section below.

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