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Learn how to blog comment; the old practices of how to build and create backlinks pointing to your website and blog is fast changing and paving way for the modern SEO strategies to rank high in Google.

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According to Moz search ranking factors , it is now obvious that ranking on Google is much more than the ordinary link building sharp practices.

I studied the graph and came up with a fantastic conclusion that a systemic commenting strategy serves as an umbrella to almost 75% of these ranking factors.

Many probloggers endorsed and acknowledged that embracing commenting practices on related blogs and website is an ethical form of getting links pointing back to your website.  Before proceeding, I would recommend the below content from respected bloggers on their views and practice about blog commenting.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar detailed explanation on Blog commenting

This tutorial has a different dimension, which should be the foundation building block of blog commenting techniques:

    • Commenting should be aimed at creating relationship and engaging with the site owner and fellow readers of the blog post.
    • Commenting should also be aimed at contributing meaningfully to the topic of discussion and also should be a platform to learn from.
    • Blog commenting can tremendously increase your traffic if done rightly.

The focus of this blog post comprises the above mentioned foundational techniques, however, I’m going further to discuss proven strategies and tools on how to do blog commenting to increase both organic and referral traffic to your website/blog.

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Learn how to blog comment in 7 proven ways

  • Make use of Commentluv Plugin

Veteran bloggers and probloggers whose blog and website were built on wordpress platform makes use of CommentLuv plugin. Premium commentluv plugin ( released by Andy Bailey) integrates with wordpress commenting system and it works by allowing you to place between 1-10 of your latest blog posts along with the comment you are making ( as noticed on this blog).

Therefore if your website ( whatever the niche) has a blog, install this plugin, and you will see an increase in user engagement and also an increase in both organic and referral traffic.

Ready, get the free version at :

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  •  Link to relevant Blog Posts

90% of bloggers simply make and leave comment, with a link back to their homepage( though, this is good, but it won’t give good conversion). The idea here is to drop the URL of a blog post on your site that is related to the particular content you are making comment on.

Detailed Explanation

  • Instead of just using ‘’ as the URL homepage to an article on ‘ how to recover from Google penalty’.
  • I’d rather used ‘’ as the URL!!!

Too much backlinks to the homepage is not good and it does shows to the search engines that the links are not obtained naturally.

  •  Place a Call to Action

Successful content marketer have an understanding of good conversion sales speech and content. Placing a call to action is one of the blog commenting tips used by probloggers.

Don’t just drop comment anyhow, drop and contribute an insightful, helpful, complimentary comment that naturally want any visitor to that blog to clickthrough to your website.

Example: Please see the below illustration

Hi James,

I absolutely agree with you on this information. My site got slapped by Google and lost rankings throughout 2012-2013 due to shaddy blackhat practises. Anyway, I learnt my lesson, abandon the blog, started a new one and simply embraced blog commenting. From October 2013 till now, I have witnessed serious growth in both organic and referral traffic, and even my Alexa ranking has dropped seriously to less than 200k at the moment.

Thanks for sharing this post.

As you can see in the above illustration, I complimented the blogger on the topic, shared my experience and what I did; this is naturally tempting to readers to want to have a look at the blog I am talking about. Blog commenting is the key as it helped and is still helping my blog traffic growth.

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  • Strive to be the first blog commenter on a new blog post

This is a fundamental strategy, and there are two bloggers that I respect for such attitude

Harleena singh is so aggressive with this technique and I use to wonder whether she does sleep at all!!!

Being the first person to drop comment on a blog post naturally has the tendency to be seen by prospective visitors and readers to the blog post at a later stage. I, for one loves reading the comment made by people on a post, and the first five comment is what I actually read thoroughly.

Embrace this technique and you will be surprised that it helps in getting few links back to your own website.

  • Get Engaging and respond to comment made by readers

Blog commenting helps you build friendship and community: Adrienne smith and Carolyn Nicander

Most bloggers are guilty of this, as Sherman smith rightly explained on his blog, ‘ if you don’t respond to comment made, it simply shows that the fellow making the comment is not important’. To increase your blog engagement and have torrents of traffic, try to respond to each comment made by visitors to your website.

On a personal note, I try as much as possible to respond to comments made on my blog; some visitors might simply be looking for additional clarification,  while others might just be making helpful statement that will even compliment the content more than what you have shared.

You want referral traffic, want to turn your blog to an engaging community? this single act will sure help you achieve it.

  • Take Advantage of Google Search

This technique has been proved to work very well. The idea is this:

  • After publishing your content, Go to Google search and look for similar or related topic
  • Take the first two pages of the search results, read the various posts, and drop your comment linking back to the post.

Veteran blog commenting bloggers are using this technique and it’s really helping them rank high on Google.

Try it!!

  • Only accept comment from blogs and website that are free from Google penalty

And lastly, make sure you only accept comments from blogs and websites that are not suffering from Google penalty. Accepting their links will have negative impact on your ranking and traffic.

Feedback and Suggestions

Knowledge is not limited, therefore, if you know of additional tips and information on how to blog comment, kindly share in the comment section below. Thank you

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