7 Great habits of highly successful bloggers-25 case studies


To be a successful blogger, it is important to study the life, attitude, culture and trends of successful bloggers ahead of you. A study of the blogging lifestyle of prominent probloggers is worth emulating.

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It is worthy of note to study their analytical approach to blogging to be able to achieve their remarkable feat of success in the blogosphere.

successful blogger

Darren Rowse of problogger is a great successful blogger

In the context of the subject matter, prominent probloggers like Darren Rowse of problogger, Zac Johnson, John Chow, Pat Flynn, Martin Brinkman, brian clark, Jeremy schoemaker, Neil Patel, Kristi Hines, Mike Stelzner, Ramsay Taplin, Carol Tice, Ana Hoffman, Jason Acidre, Derek halpen , Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh , Ileane smithe,. Jay baer e.t.c will be studied with the aim of applying what they did to become a successful blogger.

There are so many probloggers out there, however the above shortlisted names are popular and they are mostly seen as mentors to most internet newbies.

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I strongly believe that mentorship is a great way of getting and becoming successful in any career, I’m of the firm conviction that the below listed habits, if applied, embraced by newbies and even probloggers will ultimately lead to a successful career in the blogging world.

  • No 1 Habit – They are highly proactive bloggers


how to be a successful blogger

Pat Flynn runs smartpassiveincome blog

Pat Flynn was laid off from work, he sat down, took responsibility and started smartpassiveincome- he makes more than $100,000 usd per month. Daren Rowse was into three types of job and was a minister (working in church) for 10 years before becoming a blogger; he took up responsibility in becoming a blogger since 2002. (http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/01/25/becoming-a-problogger/). Brian clark took up responsibility and set up the present day copyblogger empire, which comprises studiopress genesis, synthesis web host e.t.c.

Harsh agrawal of Shoutmeloud took up responsibility and started with the same and as at now, remains one of the leading blogging site in India.

One notable attribute with all of them is that they took up responsibility for their actions and future and this is the pure meaning of a proactive mind.

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brain clark owns copyblogger media

brain clark runs copyblogger media

A proactive blogger takes up responsibility for their life, actions and deed. Nobody bullied them into it; they are bloggers that don’t give excuse or blame someone else for their failure. Despite the unstable Google algorithmic updates (panda and penguin), they still maintain their status quo, adjusting to the trend and kept on blogging.

Proactive bloggers work on the things they can do something on, something they know about; they don’t focus their attention and efforts on circle of concerns.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, take up the challenge, be proactive, don’t take no for an answer, don’t engage in excuses, don’t blame Google penalties for your predicament.

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  • No 2 Habit – They have a Niche and a Personal Mission Statement


zac johnson is professional affiliate marketer

zac johnson is a professional affiliate marketer

The mission statement of Darren rowse at problogger.net is: ‘Blog tips to help you make money blogging’. Since 2002, he and his team have kept to this mission statement.

The guys at Edmunds.com- leading auto website in the world has a simple mission statement and that is offering ‘Car Tips & Automotive Advice’.

Martin Brinkman of Ghacks.com mission statement is: ‘technology news blog covering software, mobile phones, gadgets, security, the Internet and other relevant areas’. Below are compilations of their goal’s and mission statement

  • Zaz Johnson mission statement is: “offering affiliate marketing tips”
  • Brian clark is: ” Offering content marketing solutions’
  • John Chow is: ” teaching and showing you how to make money online”
  • Pat Flynn mission statement is : “show and help people on how to make passive income online”
  • Kristi Hines mission statement is : ” offering content development services for businesses and bloggers”
  • Neil Patel is: ” helping your blog grow in traffic”  ( Pls note, he has more than one blog, and so do most of these people)
  • Derek Halper: : Offering online marketing strategies with psychology”
  • Neil Patel is a digital marketing consultant showing people how to get more traffic to their site and achieve good conversions
  •  Mike Stelzner runs social media examiner, commited to showing people the basics of social media marketing podcast’
  • Ramsay Taplin, runs blogtyrant and he helps and teaches people how to make money from building website, nurturing and selling it.
  • Adrienne smith ( a very good friend and motivator) is a coach; committed to helping people achieve success online by building and maintaining healthy online relationships

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derek halpern is successful in blogging

derek Halpern runs socialtrigges

Highly successful probloggers have a defined niche and a personal mission statement. You can’t be jerk of all trade and expect quality result.

Either as a newbie or even a probloggers, it’s important to carve out a solid, focused identity for yourself.

  • No 3 Habit – They are avid Guest posters

Zac Johnson, Yeremi Akpan, Ileane Smith, John Chow and the legendary Darren Rowse all agrees that guest posting is a powerful factor for anyone to be an authority in his/her chosen field.

Apart from helping you become an authority, guest posting currently is the modern day SEO of gathering backlinks.

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kristi hines of kikolani

kristi hines of kikolani.com

All of them from my research and analytical studies are either guest posting on related blogs or have guest posting options enabled on their site.

Even, the new entrant, reginaldchan.net used the power of guest posting to land 7, 977 organic traffic in just 60days to his blog. Greg, of dearblogger.org used the same concept and achieved a PR3 for his three month old blog.

I have been seeing lots of bloggers that claims to be a guest writer guru, but to be honest with you, none of them matches up to the standard of Kristi Hines. she is a guru, she understands the terrain and mostly offers her guest post on authority sites. You can only contact her for this service if you have the money, quality is not cheap ( at least from 800USD upward).

If you want to achieve their sort of remarkable success, be a guest post guru!!

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  • No 4 Habit – They focus on relationship and blog engagement


Neil patel

Neil patel is a successful blogger

We are gradually moving away from an era of ‘content is king’ to an era of ‘relationship is king’. This is highly true going by the recent and modern method of gaining high search engine rankings. Anyway, the underlying long term trend that will benefit a content marketer should be an integration of both content and relationship is king concept into their blogging mindset.

Probloggers have an understanding of this and that is why they focused more on social media signals e.g. the likes of twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, pinterest e.t.c enabled.

I have come to understand that for a business to survive in a competitive world, they need to embrace and sustain relationships with their customers. Successful bloggers and probloggers have an understanding of this concept,

john chow

John Chow -The father/pathfinder of affiliate marketing

therefore building and cultivating a culture of interactive relationship and engagement is important.

For instance, successful bloggers knows that a quality content shared on twitter and retweeted can go viral to millions of people and readers globally.

Most of them offers polls, contest, forum activities e.t.c. on their blog

I did a research survey on all the people mentioned above, none of them has a follower that is less than 500. Most of their followers on twitter, Facebook, Google plus are in thousands. Darren rowse, Adrienne smith, Neil patel, harleena singh are exceptional in this field

So, looking for their kind of blogging success, work on this point!!

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  • No 5 Habit – Synergy – they embraced the power of collective contribution

Synergy, as defined by freedictionary means ‘ the interaction of two or  more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of individual result’

Successful bloggers, just like successful business moguls understand the power and concept of synergy. They have a team that works together. Darren rowse has a team that understands and flows with the vision of Darren himself. Brian clark and the studiopress/synthesis empire has a powerful team comprising yoast ( Joost de valk), brian, simone smith, Brain gardner all coming together.

John chow, Paul Edmondson ( hubpages), shoutmeloud, Zac Johnson, Neil Patel, Martin Brinkmann, Derek Halpen, Jay baer, Ramsay Taplin, Jeremy Shoemaker, Mike Stelzner e.t.c. utilizes the combined power of a quality team.

Learn to reach out to people within your niche; do barter trade ( exchange of ideas, contents, social media sharing of posts), you will be surprised to see many genuine people online that want to help you!!

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Your team can be your authors, contributors, staffs, design teams, editorial staffs, moderators, guest posters e.t.c.

Note: A tree does not make a forest, therefore if you want to be successful in the blogging world or your online business, embrace and practise this truth.

  • No 6 Habit –They are consistent and write for people

A look at labnol.org reveals that the publisher ( Amit Agarwal) publishes content on specific and consistent days. Same thing goes for Neil Patel’s kissmetrics blog, problogger.net , Harleena Singh’s blog, Jay baer’s convince and convert  blog e.t.c.

One noticeable trend about probloggers, influential and successful bloggers is that they publish blog posts on a scheduled and consistent pattern.

Being consistent with your publishing helps both the search engines to better understand and crawl your site while at the same time, it gives your readers and subscribers a sense of seriousness, comfort, relaxation and professionalism.

Another point worthy of note on the seven habits of successful bloggers is that they ‘write for people and not for Google or the search engines’. John Chow made me understand this (after reading a particular article on his blog). This is one powerful secret of becoming a Google friendly blogger. John Chow said

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‘If you concentrate and write for people, Google will in turn like you’

Have you ever wondered why Google scrapped the Adwords sandbox traffic estimator???..think about it!!

To be successful as a blogger, write and post content that are well detailed, helpful, resourceful and very informative!!

  • No 7 Habit –They embrace Email marketing services and offer free E-Books

A commonly said adage in the affiliate blogging niche is ‘ the money is in the list’…..Over the years, I have come to realize the truth behind this statement that the money is truly in the list, and how does one get the list? the list comes from the emails!!

This is highly true as most probloggers embraced this marketing strategy. Check out all the names and blogs of people I have mentioned in this post, you will discover that they have mass email subscribers, and they also offer free E-books.

They have subscription boxes either on the sidebar of their webpages, or at the bottom of each single post or the subscription form can just come as an animated form (e.g. as noticed on this blog).

If you don’t have Email subscription form on your website or blog, you better get one NOW, I highly recommend Aweber or getresponse.

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Summary and feedback

The above points are tips on how to be a successful blogger; I however solicit for more inputs from fellow readers, either through the comment section below.

I stand to be corrected and possibly criticize, and if your name or blog is not mentioned, kindly let me know through the comment section below.

But, most of all, your inputs to better compliment this post is highly welcome.


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  • http://www.aha-now.com/ Harleena Singh

    Hi James,

    Wonderful post indeed :)

    Thank you SO much for the kind mention along with these awesome bloggers, though I wouldn’t honestly call myself successful in the way they all are! I’m still a learner, and all these pro bloggers are a source of inspiration to me, just as to you.

    Yes, being successful takes a lot of hard work and effort. Being consistent and committed to your readers is the key factor, and if you share posts that they like, they are bound to be yours forever. I see a lot of bloggers fail in these aspects even though they are great bloggers.

    Also, building relationships with other bloggers is something we all need to do, whether we are bloggers or not – because at the end of the day, those are what matter, isn’t it?

    Thanks once again for the kind mention – much appreciated. Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for the visit and the insightful comment.

      What struck me most was the comment part which says ” if you share posts that they like, they are bound to be yours forever. I see a lot of bloggers fail in these aspects even though they are great bloggers”, this is a great and mostly overlooked action.

      I’m sure most people reading this post will take note and put a positive action into effect.

      Thanks and do have a nice day

  • http://adriennesmith.net/ Adrienne

    Hi James,

    What a wonderful surprise to be mentioned among so many very very successful bloggers. I know that so many of us don’t see ourselves like others do so I’m truly honored to be included among these awesome bloggers.

    What an awesome post and such great examples of these bloggers that have strengths in so many areas. I mean that’s how we definitely can all learn is from them and by putting into play what they’re teaching us.

    Once I started to understand what it really takes it was just consistency from that point on. Most people get frustrated not seeing certain results but it’s up to use to apply what we know and be consistent with those steps and we will find our own voices and our own places where we belong online.

    I love that what I share has helped so many people move forward with their blogs and business and I hope to continue doing this in the coming year.

    Thank you again James so very much for sharing this wonderful post and for the mentions here.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday and may the new year be your best ever.


  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi Adrienne,

    Honestly, you are a great mentor and friend, and you deserve much more than the mention in the post.

    It’s important to show newbies and fellow bloggers important people so as to learn from them.

    Thanks for the visit and do have a nice day.

  • http://pvariel.blogspot.in Philip V Ariel

    Hi James,
    I just happened to be here from one of my new friends at twitter and I am so glad to join in this page, You did a good home work to present to all these professional in the blogging sector. Few of them like Adrienne, Harleena, kikolani etc are in my list but most of them are new to me, thank you so much for this intro of these prominent people of this wonderful world called BLOGGING. Yes, we can emulate one or two leaves from their life book which will be of great use in the long run of blog life, Oh no not one or two but can adopt many. Thank God for their ability to delivery the goods.
    Hey, James why didn’t you provide their twitter link to get a quick access, of course we can directly go their place :-)
    Hey, your email mailing list in the page is broken I just received the following message while i pressed the button, please check and fix it.

    “This mailing list is not currently active.
    Please push the “Back” button and notify the website owner.”
    Keep informed
    Have a Blessed Holidays

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for the visit.

      I’m not aware that the subscription form is not working, will check with Aweber.

      Thanks for the notification, and i wish you the best this coming year.


  • http://www.nowisbest.com Nitesh Sharma

    Hi James,
    Nice to come on your blog.Found a very useful post for a new blogger like me.
    I have a question James a)great content & average relationship
    b)average content & great relationship
    who will be a better blogger among blogger a and b.
    You mentioned above are really great blogger and doing a fantastic job.
    Thanks for a great post.

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi nitesh,

      You are putting me to the test!!!

      Blogger A will win; because great content always rules. Great content will naturally bring about readership and relationship.


  • http://viralwriter.com Gilbert Samuel

    Hi James,

    Epic! whoever wants to be successful should follow the footstep of these successful bloggers, it’s isn’t easy though but when the pace is being kept, our destination will look near.

    I admire Kristi, Neil and Pat and of course I’m seeing good results in their tips I’m implementing.

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Gilbert,

      Kristi, Neil and Pat are wonderful people to have as mentors. They are the gurus and they understand the language called ‘blogging’

      Thanks for the visit and have a happy new year in advance.

  • Jordan

    I think one of the key elements mentioned is to write for people. Sometimes we write for ourselves or to promote certain causes or goods. These bloggers consistently remember who their audience is and what they want to read.

    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

      Hi Jordan,

      That was the great lesson I learn from john Chow…and you know what, it works. A very good blogger should basically learn to write for people.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com Donna Merrill

    Hi James,

    You have a wonderful list of great bloggers to emulate on this post! Happy to know some.

    These are grate tips to follow to be a better blogger. We write for our audience giving them helpful hints along the way. We do have to know our audience and engage them with every single comment!

    For many years I followed this quote by Mary Smith “Content is King, Relationship is Queen and the Queen rules the house”

    Having a good call to action at the end of our posts is a great way to encourage engagement.

    And yes, we must offer something like a newsletter or free opt-in on our side bar so that we can build a list. Keeping in touch with our list is the best thing a marketer can do because it is targeted to those who know, like and trust us.


    • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James


      Always a pleasure…and I appreciate your commenting on my blog.

      Definitely yes, i love the quote by Mary smith.

      do have a happy new year in advance.


  • http://www.kulerthemes.com/ Stephan

    very nice article
    I think beginners should follow up people in this list to walk easier in this field. Some of them are my favorite like Kritis from Kikonlani and John Chow. They’re really amazing.
    Thanks for your informative post.


  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi Stephan,

    I learn a lot from John Chow, Kristi Hines is damn good at guest posting. Thanks for the comment, and definitely, they are important people to have as mentors.

    Do have a nice day.

  • http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/ Ana Hoffman

    A very inspirational read indeed, James – makes me want to be more and to do more.

  • http://bloggingconsult.org/ James

    Hi ana,

    Thanks for the visit, you are a mentor to lots of us, including myself.

    Do have a nice day