7 proven steps to get more twitter followers like katy perry

You know what? Katy Perry officially became the first person to achieve an incredible 50 million twitter followers, beating her closest rival, Justin Bieber (49,252,107 followers) with a margin of about 750,000 followers ( as at 10 minutes ago, 30th, January, 2014)

  • Katy Perry twitter followers: 50,000,000
  • Justin Bieber’s twitter followers: 49,252,107
  • Lady Gaga twitter followers: 41,102,000
  • Christiano Ronaldo twitter followers: 24,196,500
  • Kim Kardashian twitter followers: 18,938,000

As an internet and content marketer, what has this got to teach us? And what are the ways, strategies and techniques you can use to also have massive twitter followers like Katy Perry…anyway unless if you are a celebrity of her rank!!!!

I’m pretty sure you are asking yourself how can I get more twitter followers, how can I increase my present twitter followers? anyway, the following tips, tools and techniques will definitely be of help.

Why you need to get more twitter followers

We are now moving to an age where brand perception would be what really matters to sales and marketing. Twitter has become a powerful force to reckon with, and of recent, they have a total number of active registered Twitter users to be 645, 750,000 million users (according to http://www.statisticbrain.com/twitter-statistics/); and also according to Wikipedia ( who described twitter as the ‘SMS of the Internet’)

It is no longer surprising that we have major brands like SamSung, Apple, Microsoft, CocaCola, and Shell e.t.c. all scrambling to have a presence on the micro social networking site.

  • With a large twitter follower, it is easy to have a high influence over niches and competitors
  • Marketing and sales of products and services is made easy, thereby eliminating middlemen, retailers and payment of commissions
  • No wonder, companies pays celebrities with large number of twitter followers to help promote their products on the micro niche site.

e.g. it is easy for a jewelry, cosmetic company/products to easily sell 1 million of their products by just telling Katy Perry to tweet about it to her 50 million twitter followers

7 proven ethical ways to get more twitter followers

  • Have a quality, valuable and resourceful blog content

I discussed in my earlier content that publishing highly quality and well exceptional content is the first step to getting backlinks to your website; the same principle applies to getting more twitter followers.

Even Katy Perry has a website, with quality and up-to-date information about her tours, music and some funny posts; your first goal is to make sure that you publish evergreen, helpful, inspiring and valuable blog content (or stories/news) that will motivate people to share, link and eventually follow you on twitter.

So, if you are a company or brand; make sure that your website has a blog and then publish good, helpful updates and contents.

  • Have an enticing, professional and compelling profile bio

I learnt about this from Kim Garst; five factors should be put into consideration:

  • Use a clean, high resolution big picture of yourself, company product or company logo

This is important, people want to follow real people; use your real and current picture. Don’t upload your full picture, upload a passport size picture, where people and followers can see your face.

If you are into business or a brand, just create a twitter business page, and use the picture of your logo or well known brand

  • Edit and create a compelling profile description of what you do, can offer to help people, and why you are good at it.
  • If you look at my profile, you will see that the background was changed to that of my blog; this act is a proven technique that will want people to follow you because they see you as a professional. Look at the profiles of top people; you will see that they changed the default background to something more beautiful and appealing. Try this!!
  • Brand your username; this is an important strategy e.g. look at Justin Bieber, Jeffbulas, Kim Kardashiian e.t.c., they all branded their usernames with their own names. For example, I did the same with my twitter profile, @bloggingconsult. Don’t just use anything or any how name as your username. Use what people already know you with!

Try this approach and you will be surprised with daily addition of new twitter followers.

  • Link your twitter profile to your website/blog and your other social network presence

One of the most innovative approaches is to place your twitter link profile on your website and blog. Just look towards the left hand side of my blog, you will see the twitter link buttons. This is important as visitors and readers to your website can easily follow you to keep up with updates coming from your blog.

Another unpopular and less used strategy is this:

Link your twitter account to all other social media networks that you operate (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest) e.t.c, and not just this, in all other website profiles you have created, make sure to always insert your twitter profile on them and not just your website or blog address. This will help people to easily link up with you i.e. your friends on Facebook and Google+ can easily hook up and follow you.

  • Have a different approach to guest blogging

As a content and internet marketer, have you noticed Kristi Hines of kikolani, I mean her twitter followers @kikolani; her secret is simply taking a different approach to guest posting.

Many webmasters, probloggers believed that guest blogging is the most efficient and credible way to get dofollow backlinks, and with this norm, the act of guest blogging is made more prominent, even with Google thinking heavily on triggering a penalty on the issue ( See Matt Cutts view).

One common trend with people doing guest blogging is that they basically link to their website/blog, why not change this approach and start using it to link to your twitter profile. This is an efficient proven way to easily get more twitter followers. Trust me, it works greatly.

  • Strategically follow your niche people

This technique was taught by Daniel Sharkov; he advised that people should simply follow people that are in the same niche with them. By following targeted people, you are 65% sure that they will follow you back, I will explain further using five simple strategies:

  • For example, my niche is blogging, SEO and content marketing, so if I want to follow my people in my niche, I will simply go to twitter search and type in blogging or SEO or even content marketing, I will then filter the presented result, and follow only the people with high influence i.e. people with high number of followers.

I make use of the following twitter tools, as they will help me determine a lot of features about building twitter followers:

  • Unfollowers: highly recommend, helps you determine who unfollows you, fake followers e.t.c.
  • TweetAdder-: Excellent and good for retweeting
  • Buffer:  Highly recommended to share your tweets on scheduled time, and hours of the day
  • Twitterfeed– helps you spread and share the contents of other people by using their feeds
  • Tweepi : Highly recommend tool, it makes it possible for you to follow either the followers or the friends (i.e. mutual followers) of a Twitter user of your choice.
  • Followerwonk: very similar to unfollowers

I highly recommend those tools to use, successful internet marketers are using them, you will later thank me for recommending them!!

  • Place a call of action to retweet

People rarely realize the many benefits of telling and calling the attention of people to help you out. Please, by reminded that real people and not bots are the ones reading and visiting your website, so by reaching out to help you retweet your post really helps.

Daniel Sharkov , a blogger and webmaster (he has more than 50,000 active twitter followers) experimented with this approach and he declared that he receives more than 5000 clicks from twitter to his blog every month (do you know the power of those clicks….in case you don’t know, twitter is a PR10 site)!!

So, when you post a tweet, put ‘kindly help retweet’ as prefix before the main title.

  • Leverage and make use of Email Signatures

The use of Email signature is also an incredible, not so popular means of increasing and getting more twitter followers. It basically increases your awareness as you send and receive emails from friends, clients and people from all over the world.

I highly suggest you create a simple signature at the bottom of your email having your twitter and other social media links present e.g.

See the below example:

Blogging Consult

Follow me on Twitter / Join my Facebook page / Circle me on Google+ / Connect with me on LinkedIn

For yahoo users, go to the wheel icon button at the top right hand side, click on ‘settings’, then ‘writing email’ and to ‘signature’ where you can insert your own twitter link profile as a signature.

For  a Gmail user, go to the same wheel icon at the top right hand side of the page, just below your picture. Click on the wheel, chose ‘settings’ and on the displayed page, scroll down where you will see the signature box, and from here, you can insert and customize your signature link.

  • Retweet relevant content and Share Content Repeatedly

One of the biggest challenge to using twitter is knowing the actual time to tweet to get to your followers. Successful twitter users therefore uses services  like buffer to schedule and automate their blog posts.

There is a higher correlation between sharing your tweets multiple times and gaining increase in more followers, therefore, practice by tweeting your posts repeatedly.

Secondly, you can use the same service by to retweet other people’s post, believe me, its one strategy to actually get a following from them. I recommend the use of buffer and TweetAdder to achieve this task.

Feedback and suggestions

I  hope this post has been helpful in your desire to increase your twitter followers!! if you know of any other method, tools and strategies, kindly share through the comment section below.


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