How to get links to a new site- 5 recommended ways

We must understand that the techniques involved in building and getting backlinks to an already established blog or website is totally different from the way links should be obtained and pointed to a new site and blog. This truth should be emphasized because the overall and long term success of such website and blog depends to a large extent on this principle.

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In this year 2015 and beyond, Google simply don’t want you and I to run and pursue links, but rather that links ( backlinks) should naturally pursue and become attached to us!!

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Google pays so much attention and scrutiny on a new site; excessive, low quality, irregular, non-niche related links triggers Google sandbox (a situation where your site looses Google ranking for close to a year before ranking very well), Google panda and some other related quality penalties from big G.

“Having a sustainable, high quality backlinks is the secret to having success from a new site or blog”.

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Sustainable in this regards refers to natural links that maintains their pagerank; they are also evergreen because they are not lost or deleted. Sustainable backlinks are the best links.
High quality backlinks in this context refers to equal or nearly equal amount of dofollow and nofollow backlinks from PR3 – PR10 sources.

With this full understanding, let us now explore the five proven ways on how to get links to a new site, online business or even a blog.

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1# High Quality Content

The issue of having high quality content falls into two critical areas which needs adequate explanation

Are you running an online business e.g. ecommerce, Shopping site or a website in General
Are you running a blog?

The approach on having high quality content is a little bit different from those two points of thought. Firstly, according to the English dictionary, a blog is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other e.t.c. In other words, a blog consists of contents, text articles, informational details that you simply wrote and publish e.t.c. so, in this context, all what is required is that your content, article or information should

be helpful
Resourceful and well detailed to the reader
Should contain facts, e.g. case studies
Should have a minimum of 600 words ( by my standard), with quality pictures
the contents should be original, informative, free of duplicate content and plagiarism.

However, if you are simply selling something on your website or just a company website e.t.c, how will you handle this?

The solution to this is:

On your new website, create a blog that you can be publishing weekly or daily contents that relates to what you are doing on your site.
For your new website to be succesfull, and for you to easily get natural backlinks, this step is very important
Thirdly, Google does not love a static site, but rather, there should be a reason why their search spider or bot should be visiting your website regularly
So, you are thinking of having a fashion website, a company or corporate website; create a blog on the site.

How can you create a blog on your website ( I’m assuming your website theme does not have one or your designer did not create one), simply read:

So, after implementing this, make sure that the blog posts you will be posting are top notch, original, very detailed and informative ( having the features earlier explained above).

This single step of having good and high quality content is the first step to attracting natural and long lasting sustainable link

2# Social media websites

In search metrics list of 200 ranking factors, social media remains number 1, and Google + was the leading social network. So if you are starting a new blog or website or you have one already; I strongly believe that you have friends, colleagues and family members. Create a page for your site on each of the below social networks, invite your folks, friends, enemies, family members over and start sharing the content.

Best recommend social media network to use are:

Google Plus

Start and focus heavily on Twitter and Google+ for the first 2 month. You will be able to build and get dofollow PR10 and PR9 links from twitter and Google+ respectively.

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3# Embrace Blog commenting

When I launched this blog, October 2013 , one of the major strategy I used in building links to my new blog was basically to make comment on related blogs and site. As at that time, I was planning to have a community of interested bloggers and readers around my blog, and I was able to achieve this with the blog commenting techniques applied.

The concept behind this approach is for you to build relationship, engagement and community with fellow bloggers and site owners within and around your niche. Just visit related blogs, read the content and drop meaningful comments, with your name and URL of your new site.

As a new blog and website owner, practicing credible and call to action blog comment is by far the best way to easily and quickly gain sustainable links; this approach offers two edged advantage:

Blog commenting helps you make and connect with friends online, helps you become an authority on your chosen field and helps you build a community with like minds
Thirdly, it is a fantastic way to get natural links to your website.

My advice to you is this” “Create a time plan strategy; visit 5 blogs daily and drop comment”

This was and is still my link building techniques, far ahead of guest posting, blog networks e.t.c;

Please, read below my thorough and fantastic guidelines on how to make blog comments that converts

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4# Blogging communities

I declared earlier that sustainable backlinks are the best backlinks, in addition to that getting backlinks to a news website from related communities of your niche is also an example of credible best links.

They are, because they thrive on relationship and engagement which are the hallmark of long-lasting business success.

Recommend communities include;

Google+ communities
Blog Engage

You can use Google search to look for related inche focused communities for your online business and new blog/website.

e.g. just type in “communities:yourkeyword’ in Google search, and all relevant communities will be displayed.

5# Social bookmarking websites

I argued that social bookmarking is dead, however, the basis of the argument has been re-engineered and new, highly efficient bookmarking sites is out there. To get good, quality, best backlinks to a new site, embrace and use the social bookmarking lists

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Recommendations and Feedback

Thank you for taking your time to read this content on how to get links to a new site. I am optimistic that its quite helpful. I strongly advise that you follow the listed guidelines and instructions if you are looking for long term success and don’t be tricked into black hat practices that will trigger Google to penalize your new website.

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