How to get free PR8 backlinks and PR7 dofollow links

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Having published how to get PR9 backlinks to boost your organic traffic and high SERP in Google, this particular tutorial on how to get PR8 and PR7 backlinks is a continuation of the series.

From experience, I have personally discovered that having few quality high PageRank links to your website and blogs, hosting on premium servers ( with fast loading experience), publishing quality, interesting content and staying clear of Google penalty triggers; your website and blog will definitely outrank competitors and keep you at the top of Google first page result searches!!

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Follow me and pay detailed attention to the lists and tutorials below:

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List of PR8 and PR7 backlink sources ( Dofollow and Nofollow)

There are lots of high pagerank blogs and sites out there, however, there is no way for you to get backlinks from them. Secondly, most of the links you will get from there are either not related to your niche and as such are not advisable to pursue.

The lists below is a researched lists of PR8 links that you can use for your general blogs without getting the anger of Google penguin penalty.

NOTE: Before getting the links, please check and make sure that your website/blog or destination of the links is related or nearly related . For example, it will be a suicide mission to get PR7 backlinks from a food niche or site to a fashion, technology or automotive blog!!

PR8 dofollow blogs

  • FileZilla-Project.ORG

FileZilla is used for FTP related purposes; for those that wants to upload files to their websites. At the same time, this is a powerful sites for your link building campaign.

To get started:

  • Go to and sign up
  • After the registration, insert your backlinks in your profile
  • For maximum exposure, insert your backlinks also in your posts

After this, just relax!!

  • Google Drive

Making use of most of Google’s products and services will help you to get high PR values. For instance, using Google Drive (, you can get dofollow backlinks from it.


  • Create a simple HTML file and insert your links ( this is easy to do). Just open a notepad and paste the following in it:

DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> xmlns=”” > <head> <title>Just Dummy File</title> </head><body> <center></h1> <h3> <a href=”” target=’_blank’>Your Domain e.g</a></h3> </center> </body> </html>

  • Then, when you are about to save it, save it using the .html file extension ( the image below will be of help)

name of the file

So instead of just saving it as pr8 ( using the image above) or dummy file, make sure you save it putting the .html beside it.

  • After this, upload the notepad on Google drive

Good Luck!!

  • Storify

Storify is a PR8 story telling and sharing website. One thing peculiar about storify is that you can write your own quality story, get the URL address and then share it with your friends e.t.c.

Its a site loved by Google and within some few hours, you will start seeing the links to your blog.


  • To get started, sign up ( using Facebook or twitter or your email address), then login to your account
  • Click “Add Story”
  • Now, click on embed link, and add your website’s link.

And the next link sources:

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the most powerful, longest and most aged domain in this tutorial. It is an authoritative PR8 website; the ironic part of it all is that even some web savvy webmasters do not know about getting links from Amazon. Follow the below steps to get it done.

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account
  2. Create a free profile and in the profile, insert your website address
  • Piwik

One of the most respected open source web analytics ( that is a bit better than Google analytics) is Piwik. To get the desired links, just drop comments on their blog posts. To get started, check;


The founder of wordpress brand ( and has a personal blog and its PR8. To get the required backlinks, start by contributing meaningful comments to his blog posts. To get started, check out:

  • Tumblr

To get started;

  • Sign up for a free account at:
  • Once opened, move to the dashboard and on top on the board, you will see the link icon button;  always use this to share your post contents.
  • Simply paste your blog or content URL into the link box, and the system automatically pulls up the meta description of the post.

Give it a try!!

  • Reddit

One core advantage of using Reddit is:

  • Its one of the oldest bookmarking sites with an aged domain, considered authoritative from Google’s purview.
  • It does not redirect before it links to your post; it links directly to your posts and the links are purely dofollow.

Just sign up, create a profile and start pasting your links: Address is

List of PR7 blogs

Some of these blogs below offer nofollow status, and one sure way of getting backlinks from them is by contributing meaningful comments. They include:


Acronym as ‘ your best source of knowledge’. To use quora is simple:

  • Write post, create blog i.e  after signing up with your twitter, Facebook or Google+ account
  • Join relevant niche and related people.
  • Ask questions, contribute and by so doing, drop your links in there.



The aweber blog offers nofollow PR7 backlinks. Sign up and contribute inspiring and educative comments on their blog posts.


Toprankblog is a PR7 blog; you can get a free link if you guest post.. Contact the publisher right away!!


Kissmetrics is an analytical company co-founded by Neil Patel. I love visiting the blog, not just for getting PR7 nofollow backlinks, but also to learn a lot on analytical studies and research by professionals.

You can get high links by contributing in the comment section; and one sure way of getting a dofollow link is by contributing as a guest post ( however, your post content must be superb, detailed, convincing, well structured and well researched).


Copyblogger, the modern day company that changed the overall concept of copywriting has a blog, and from the blog comment section, you can easily earn a free PR7 nofollow backlinks to your blog. Why not give it a try!!


Chris Coyier, is the brain behind this high tech code blog. You can get a free PR7 dofollow backlinks if your comment aligns very well with the topic of interest. Very good for web savvy and code knowledgeable people to get free links.


And lastly, you can get a free dofollow links from the comment section of this blog, and not just that, its going to be a PR7 dofollow backlinks.

Know of more sources, kindly share in the comment section below!!

  • Need  more high PR blogs


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