How to get free PR8 backlinks and PR7 dofollow links

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The power of Link building is anchored on high PR inbound links . Relevant and niche related PR8, PR7 blogs and website are hard to come by. If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you would have read of my award winning eBook containing dofollow backlink sources,; this content is much more focused on how we can achieve the same thing of getting PR8 and PR7 dofollow backlinks from relevant sources. Follow me as we navigate through this tutorial together.

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The aim and purpose of backlinks, as we know it is to help your blog and website rank high in Google and outpace competitors.

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Find below how to get pr8 dofollow backlinks

  • List of PR8, PR7 dofollow blog and websites

For the purpose of this blog, the list of pr8 and pr7 blogs and websites that are listed below will work very well if you are looking to get backlinks to your blog , based on the following niche:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing website
  • Social media related websites and blogs
  • Content marketing, SEO, Internet Marketing and Analytical focussed blog/website
  • Tech related and IT related websites/blogs

However, if your niche falls in Hotel, restaurants, events specialities, business, commodities, entertainment, you need a general and even more approached style.

Please, note that there are lots of PR8 and PR7 blogs and websites out there, but you cant get any links from them; the ones in this post are verified and proven ones that you can get backlinks from.

PR8 dofollow blogs

  • Amazon

Quite a number of people do not know about getting links from Amazon. The idea here is to create a profile and insert your website address. To get started, follow the below guidelines:

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account
  2. Create a free profile and in the profile, insert your website address
  • Piwik

Piwik is an open source web analytics platform, just like Google analytics ( but far better than Google analytics tools). You can get free PR8 dofollow backlinks by dropping insightful comment in their blog posts.

To get started, check;


The official personal blog of the founder of wordpress ( the free and premium wordpress version). This guys name is Matt Mullenweg. Do you know what? His blog is a PR8 blog, and you can get some juicy backlinks from it.

The credible way to get this PR8 links is by contributing meaningful comments to his blog posts. To get started, check out:

  • Tumblr

Tumblr is an under-used and quite often unpopular tools to many bloggers, SEO consultants and content marketers. Tumblr is a proven PR8 dofollow blog, with so many fascinating features that eclipses that of blogspot.

Its user interface is simple and very much interesting to use. So, how do you get the desired links?

  • Sign up for a free account at:
  • Once opened, move to the dashboard and on top on the board, you will see the link icon button;  always use this to share your post contents.
  • Simply paste your blog or content URL into the link box, and the system automatically pulls up the meta description of the post.

Give it a try!!

  • Reddit

Reddit is a PR8 social bookmarking website. Reddit does not make use of a redirect before it links to your post; it links directly to your posts and the links are purely dofollow.

So, go ahead and create a reddit profile, click on ‘submit a new link’ and keep smiling. To get started, go to their homepage at :

List of PR7 blogs

Some of these blogs below offer nofollow status, and one sure way of getting backlinks from them is by contributing meaningful comments. They include:


Acronym as ‘ your best source of knowledge’, Quora is a question and answer mode of interactive web2.0 social media website. Infact,  notable bloggers and probloggers visit quora to get blogging ideas and topics to write about. Its a comprehensive forum.

At quora, you can write post, create blog e.t.c; after signing up with your twitter, Facebook or Google+ account, join relevant niche and related people. Ask questions, contribute and by so doing, drop your links in there.

Aside this, quora is a PR7 website, and by creating a free profile, oyu can easily insert your website and automatically get your free PR7 backlinks from it.


The aweber blog offers nofollow PR7 backlinks. Sign up and contribute inspiring and educative comments on their blog posts.


Toprankblog is a PR7 blog; you can get a free PR7 dofollow blog if you guest post.. Contact the publisher right away!!


Kissmetrics is an analytical company co-founded by Neil Patel. I love visiting the blog, not just for getting PR7 nofollow backlinks, but also to learn a lot on analytical studies and research by professionals.

You can get PR7 links by contributing in the comment section; and one sure way of getting a dofollow link is by contributing as a guest post ( however, your post content must be superb, detailed, convincing, well structured and well researched).


Copyblogger, the modern day company that changed the overall concept of copywriting has a blog, and from the blog comment section, you can easily earn a free PR7 nofollow backlinks to your blog. Why not give it a try!!


Chris Coyier, is the brain behind this high tech code blog. You can get a free PR7 dofollow backlinks if your comment aligns very well with the topic of interest. Very good for web savvy and code knowledgeable people to get free links.


And lastly, you can get a free dofollow links from the comment section of this blog, and not just that, its going to be a PR7 dofollow backlinks.

Know of more sources, kindly share in the comment section below!!

  • Need  more high PR blogs
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Feedback and suggestions

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, I am hopeful that it has been impactful. Kindly share below your suggestions, ideas, criticism through the comment section, I’d be more than glad to hear your thought!!

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