Foodie Pro Theme Review 2016- Best Food WordPress Template

Studiopress Foodie Pro Theme Review :This is a complete and thorough analyses on Foodie Genesis child themes, why it is the best food WordPress template, its SEO advantages, live websites and blogs using it.

People don’t just throw away cash!! I have come to discover that it is not just enough to buy something. Buyers and online shoppers need to get assurance and sense of confidence on any product or item they want to buy. This Foodie pro theme review is not just one of those you read all over the net, however, it contains fact-finding reasons ( both negative and positive) and analysis why Foodie Pro is being considered one of the best WordPress theme for a food blog.

On a fact-finding research from a client that wants me to help set up her blog ( she is a caterer and food enthusiast), I discovered that Foodie is by far the most popular and highly recommended template, as endorsed on most leading sites. This tutorial shows and dissects the whole details to you on why spending between 99USD – 129USD on this theme is worth the value.

Full Review on Foodie Pro WordPress Themes

The following are professional, unbiased facts why this theme is recommended for your website design:

  • 1#   Built on Genesis Framework

One of the most vital things in life is security; the same concept applies to the world of online business. If you are keen about your food website business, then the security and reliability of the site should be of concern to you. Foodie Pro is a Genesis child theme built on the Genesis framework. Professional, experienced, successful webmasters, publishers, and SEO experts know that the Genesis framework offers a high level of security owing to its skilled coding, programming, and structural semantics.

In essence, you are confident of having a website design that cannot be broken by hackers and malware ( other things being equal-especially your web host provider); you will have the rest of mind to focus on your core business.

  • 2#   Unmatched SEO intelligence and advantage

It is an undisputed fact that Genesis child themes have a superior search engine optimization advantage compared to others. Don’t you believe me? Check out the first 6 sites that are ranking on Google ‘s first page for any given keyword; use to check the type of WordPress theme they are using.

You will discover that 80% of WordPress websites and blogs that are ranking high on the first page of Google are built on Genesis framework

Lesson: If you use Foodie theme, you have 75% advantage and edge to rank higher than your competitors in your food niche!!

  •  3#   Mobile Responsive, Retina Ready-HTML5 Ready
Foodie is 100% mobile responsive

Google is now favoring blogs and websites that are mobile friendly ( i.e responsive). See their declaration here and here also.

As an SEO consultant, I have personally discovered that Google tends to favor blogs and sites that are optimized for an excellent mobile experience. This is because ranking and dominating the first page of Google has shifted 90% attention away from backlinks to 100% attention to a satisfactory user experience. With Foodie Pro, you have a mobile friendly design that displays excellently well on any smartphone, PC, laptop e.t.c

At the same time, this theme is retina ready and HTML5 configured. What do I mean by this?

It means it is optimized to accommodate high resolution, glossy, high-quality pictures and videos. Take a look at successful food blogs like, minimalist baker, the kitchen magpie, cookieandkatie e.t.c.; can you see the layout of their various pictures?

  • 4#   Minimalist, clean, neat and loads Fast

Well, I have seen so many food themes, including Dish, crave ( see the full list of WordPress food themes); however, none of them is as clean and neatly coded like Foodie. The term minimalist means that it is uncluttered; meaning its glossy, sharp, clean with easy to use navigation links that will not confuse any visitor on your blog/site.

Perhaps, one of the greatest advantages about its minimalist look and layout is the load speed exhibited by this theme. Shaybocks ( the Genesis designer and developer) put special emphasis on the load size of the theme. Using Foodie will give you an average advantage over other themes!!

5# Inbuilt widgetized Recipe pages

When I was preparing to write this Foodie Pro theme review, I made it an important assignment to include this important factor and feature in this write-up.

Aside from the easy ways at which its built to work seamlessly well with the Easy Recipe Pro plugin: Foodie comes prebuilt with an easy to use, world-class ready-made recipe pages that can be used unlimited based on your preferences.

Please note that it is highly important you have a recipe page on your food blog because that is the main distinguishing factor between your blog and other niche blogs

And on a second note, if you want to use and integrate the earlier mentioned easy recipe plugin, download, install and follow the stated instructions. ( you will see the guidelines from the download page –

Example of configured page below:

6#   Additional Features – Pros And Cons

As common with most Genesis child themes, they all have a knack for digital, glossy outlook and Foodie is no exception. Its typography is simple, yet creative with the use of special / uncommon fonts type in Helvetica, Arial Sans-Serif , and Pontano Sans. In addition, it has a 6 layout design options, large featured images ( in excellent horizontal sliding options) and a powerful custom header.

Pros/Features as spelled out in this Foodie Pro WordPress theme review

  • Inbuilt Visual Recipe Gallery Page Functionality
  • Excellent built-in Widget
  • Excellent ready made Ad units at strategic places
  • Color and typography Customizer Options
  • Inbuilt recipe card styling
  • Excellent flexible Grid Archives
  • Foodie Pro Featured Posts Widget
  • Highly minimal- clean and easy to use
  • Excellent support / Do it yourself tutorials
  • Already installed Genesis Responsive Slider
  • Inbuilt Gravity Forms
  • Already installed Genesis Enews Extended, Genesis Latest Tweets, and Simple Social Icons plugins
  • Ability to change Fonts color with visual editor
  • Email subscription form, even at strategic sidebar locations


  • I think it is a little bit expensive at $129, compared to other premium food themes
  • You might need to invest little amount of time to fully understand and customize it to your taste
  • You will enjoy it best if you are hosting it on a pure WordPress hosting platform

What about its technical assistance and support?

  •  7#   Foodie Theme Support and Documentation

One of the most motivating aspects of using Foodie is the level of support you tend to get from studiopress and from the developer. First, it is a custom in that when you buy any Genesis themes, you have unlimited access to vast resources, tutorials on how to set up your new theme successfully.

For maximum support, check:

  • My Studiopress (Beginner’s Guide, Theme Settings)
  • Shaybocks Tutorial and Support Assistance; the address is:

Examples of blogs and website built with Foodie Pro Themes

The following are real live examples of blogs and sites that were created and built using Foodie WP themes:


And if you need my professional help to configure and set up your Food blog, don’ hesitate to contact and hire me from 220 USD upward.

Conclusion and Recommendation

I am a professional blogger, entrepreneur and understands the importance of going for quality. A quality and value for money item/equipment or services give you rest of mind. Going by this Foodie Pro theme review, I can confidently say that this template is a good value for your money. Remember, it is built on the Genesis framework and offers exceptional SEO advantages.

To succeed online, either as a blogger or online business owner; you need tools, helpful hands, good web host and a quality website design, just like this Foodie!!

I honestly recommend you check out the demo and buy it.

Cost: $129.95USD

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