How to Get pr9 dofollow backlinks from Google +


As Google is a PR9 website, it is a well-established fact that higher Google rankings on search results can be achieved with a large number of Google + shares the post or article receives. Please, it is important to note that many factors account for the ability for a particular content to rank high in Google index, however, it has been confirmed that social media signals play a major role in 2013 and will doubtful play the major leading role in 2014.

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pr9 dofollow backlinks

backlinks are the building blocks of the web

According to searchMetrics, Google+ stands out as the number one major factor helping contents to rank high in Google according to their recent study; so getting high pr9 dofollow backlinks from the site is a great advantage to you.

Case studies:

According to searchMetrics, social media signals accounts for close to 50% ranking factors, and chief among the social factors is Google+.

Quite also, a research carried out by Cyprus Shepard, of MOZ, testified to these facts; see below:

However, not all backlinks from Google plus helps your SERP, the only backlink that does are dofollow backlinks and about 90% of links from Google + are not dofollow but nofollow.

Well, there has been a lot of debate about the relevance of dofollow or Nofollow backlinks in helping a particular blog or website to rank high; this is my personal opinion “ both of them count and matter a lot, however, getting about 65% dofollow and 35% nofollow ratio is the best SEO practices”


Graphical representation on ranking factors shows Google+ is No 1

What is the importance of backlinks?

I believe that for you to ask this question shows that you are a newbie or just starting out in the busy and competitive world of online business or simply the blogging niche.

Backlinks are the building, breathing, interlocking chains of blocks on which the survival and successful ranking of a blog and website depends on; and this ranking is dependent on the search engine platforms.

This tutorial below shows you how you can actually get a pr9 dofollow backlinks from Google+.

Nofollow sources from Google Plus

  • You will get a nofollow status from links obtained when text content are shared on the G +
  • Links in comment section are nofollow

People are too busy and are always in hurry to share and post their content on Google plus; by just copying and pasting the link or URL of a particular post/page will not make it a dofollow backlink

pr9 dofollow backlinks google plus

simply paste your URL in the link section of the share whats new

PR9 dofollow backlinks sources from Google Plus

To check and know if a page has dofollow or nofollow status, I recommend the use of:

Now,  there are two ways of getting dofollow backlinks from Google plus. The two ways are:

  • Backlinks obtained from the “share what’s new” section on Google + are dofollow.
  • Links obtained from the profile page of the user

1.      To actually get a PR9 dofollow backlinks from your Google+ page is by pasting your URL on the link section of ‘share what’s new’. the image above is a good guide.

2.      To get the link from your profile page, follow the guidelines below

  • Login to your Google+ account
  • Locate and go to ‘profile’, then to ‘about’
  • On the about page, scroll down gently and locate “links”
  • Edit the link, and paste your blog address and webpage
  • that’s all, what you have now is a dofollow backlink

Please note that it is only here that you have the dofollow status, any other thing or adjustment you  make on the about page, e.g. contributor to, youtube links, other profiles’ all remains nofollow

A video Tutorial to help you out:

For more resources:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, I am hopeful that is has been impactful. Kindly share below your suggestions, ideas, criticism through the comment section, I’d be more than glad to hear your thought!!

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  1. Arbaz says

    Great post James.
    I have known about this from a long time but I don’t really think that it gives a dofollow backlink. I can’t see any google+ backlink in any of the backlink checker!
    But I do share my posts on Google+ and have a link in the profile page as well.
    Thanks for the post man!

    • says

      Hi Santosh,

      Good question; if you read the post very well, there are two ways to get the dofollow links:
      1. First is through the profile, and to get this, you have to verify your site
      2. The second method does not require any verification, just make sure you share your post content using the ‘ what’s new section’ and then you click on the link button.

      I hope this answers your question!!
      James recently posted…Top 10 best social bookmarking sites with high PRMy Profile

  2. Abhishek Abh-i says

    Great post to get a expensive dofollow backlink. It is of no discussion that G+ is for professionals and you have given nice guide how to use it. Thanks….

  3. Akos Fintor says

    Hey James,

    that’s just shows how overrated the knowledge and execution of basic SEO knowledge.


  4. Adoga the trader says

    I always thought all links from google + are dofollow, I guess I’ve spent my time trying to promote my online trade management blog. Anyways its informative and I can now direct my energy to the right places.

  5. business manager says

    Thank you man, I hope it will be regarded as a quality link though. Someone once said that google don’t take profile links very seriously.

  6. Mikel DeFrancesco says

    I just did exactly this… but the link that was created in the Story -> Introduction tab was NoFollow? Has this very recently changed or was something not done correctly?

  7. That Cool BabsHaybell says

    Excellent post. I planned to use G+ for SEO Purposes and your post just made it even more easier. Thumbs up

  8. Small Business Marketing Consultant says

    Thank you for that tutorial on Google + DO follow links – I’m currently working on a few new sites and want a solid social media footprint including a Google + inbound, you’ve clarified that point for me. I’ve seen somewhere that it’s best to have the link in the STORY section of your profile as opposed to the LINKS section as you muted above though…any further point on this matter?


  9. Rakesh Lohan says

    According to firefox NoDoFollow Extension backlinks created using share what’s new method and link on about section are no-follow not do-follow.I think you should update this turtorial because it is for no-follow backlink not for do-follow.


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