How to create a school blog and website for colleges and universities

This guideline is a cost effective approach for you to setup a website or blog for a school or educational colleges. Setting up, launching and creating a website or blog is not just for programmers this days. Infact, you don’t have to be HTML, CSS, or even PHP knowledgeable before you can start or launch a site or blog for a school or academic institution.

This guideline is cost effective because it will help you save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on web designers or programmers!!

With your laptop, PC, patience and few hundred dollars (less than 200USD), I will guide you on how to start, create and set up a successful blog and website for your school.

Let’s get started!!!

On how to create a school blog, we would need to go practical, and two sections of detailed tutorial will be discussed. First is the technical aspect and the second aspect is the non-technical aspect.

Delay is dangerous and he that waits for the right time will not get started!!!

Steps to create a school blog and website design

So, what are the steps you need to take?

  • A#          Get the technical factors sorted!!

In summary, the technical factors you will need includes:

Come up with the name you intend using for the blog or site. e.g. for Harvard business school or Mabel international school or bloggingconsult college e.g.; after this, chose a domain name which will reflect the identity and brand of the school/college. e.g for Harvard above, you can chose, e.t.c.


To get started, check out the availability of the name and buy it immediately at

  • 2#       Web hosting package

The choice of your web hosting company goes a long way on determining your long term success rate. To be live on the internet, you need to buy a space on the web.

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For a starter, buy your web space at Bluehost

  • 3#       Website Design, Layout and WordPress theme selection

The look, feel and the design of your new college or school website is an important feature that should not be ignored. In this tutorial, I am simply recommending best of the art, highly optimized, SEO friendly, ready made website design from wordpress platform.


Check out the vast selections of beautify wordpress college and school themes at this place!!

If you are a developer building a college or school website for a client, it is important you create an email marketing and subscription services on the website. This is important for database management.


To get started, I recommend you Sign up for their free trial now

Additional Readings for more understanding: How to start a website and blog

  • B#          Get settled with the non-technical factors

People fail in life because they refuse to have an adequate plan!!

This aspect is the most important aspect to deal with. It is imperative that you make adequate plan in setting up a college website or blog ( even though the presence of the  above mentioned themes makes it pretty easy without coding skills).

Please note, that with the first step above ( the technical factor), once completed, your site will be live on the world wide web, however, it wont look neat and well arranged, and that is why you need to read this other factors

Once the college blog is live, you can login to your dashboard ( see the image below):

Again, please read this guidelines for easy and proper understanding: How to start and set up a blog and website

The following are important steps to take, important questions to ask before launching out!!

  • 5#       Draft out a plan on the layouts and structure……list things out on About me page, Contact e.t.c.

Professional web designers usually have a sketch on how they want the site they are creating/building to look like. it is important you have at the back of your mind the details of the pages you will be adding. In the dashboard image below, just look towards the right, click on the page icon, and create a page for contacts, about the school, events, admission e.t.c.

  • 6#       Get details about each department, faculties, staffs e.t.c

The pages you are going to create should have detailed information, so you have to get your information right and correctly from the main sources.

E.g you need to have detailed and up to date information about the school, its courses, the department, upcoming events, admission dates and requirement e.t.c.

  • 7#       Get high quality pictures of the school buildings, department , student gathering

Based on your preference and/or the choice of your clients, it might be required that you upload some pictures of departments, faculties, admission protocols, staffs, new students, graduation parties e.t.c. It is required that you have with you clear, good quality and high resolution pictures.

  • 8#       Ask yourself ‘Who will maintain and upload weekly or monthly contents’

This is a question that matters both for the short and long term advantage. while it is generally accepted that building and owning a site is easy, the major challenge is how to maintain it because 70% of most start up business usually dies within the first 2 years.

If you are developer servicing a client, it is better you have an agreement with the owners or authority. Get this facts at the back of your mind!!

  • 9#       Buy wordpress themes ( mentioned this above) and install the purchased premium themes

This singular stage matters to how people, visitors and your clients will be able to judge your professionalism, and at the same time, it is a major focus of this overall tutorial.

The above wordpress designs ( also called themes) are examples of ready made college designs you can use for your project. I highly recommend you check the following college/school designs.

  • 10#       Install social media buttons and create a social media pages for each

Social media is the new and modern form of promoting and marketing your product to the global world. The addition of leading social media buttons and pages for students, lecturers and teachers to be able to follow, like, circle their favourite school is important.

Go to the following leading social media networks and create a page on each, using the name of the college or school as the brand to use. e.g. for American college of surveyors, I will simply use this name to create a social media page on twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Once you are done creating the accounts, now go back to your dashboard ( image shown earlier above), scroll down to the left and click on plugins, from here, click on add new, then on the displayed page, type in ‘Social Media Widget’ ( follow the instructions in the image below) and once it comes up, simply install the plugin displayed.

======5 steps to promote, market and make the website successful==========

Create backlinks and promote the new website on social media sites.

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Conclusion and feedback

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post on how to set up and create school and college website or blog. Please, share your views and input though the comment section.

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