4 steps on how to use content marketing to grow a brand

Some sketchy illusions do exist on how content marketing helps online business grows. While, it has been proven that content marketing is the next big ‘thing’ to promote and market a brand, product and a company’s business, influence and identity, it is important and highly pertinent that you ( the content marketing consultant and strategist ) should sit and ponder on some few questions below.

  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you attract your target audience?
  • Do you effectively communicate exactly what it is you do?
  • Do you differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Do you show that you know what you’re talking about?
  • Do you seek to engage your customers rather than bamboozle and confuse them?

If you answered ‘no’ to some of these questions (hopefully not that last one), then it sounds like you might not be establishing your brand identity quite as well as you could be.

You’ve probably heard that content marketing is a useful tool for helping firms develop their brand, but if you’ve not yet jumped aboard the content train then now’s the time to start your journey.

Content marketing can amplify your brand competitive positioning

Importantly, content marketing can help you be seen; In its best form, content marketing is non-aggressive, it doesn’t seek to interrupt a consumer’s online experience. Instead, consumers come to it.

Through clever content, you can establish a successful brand identity, welcome new customers and see real return-on-investment. But with so many companies doing content marketing, it can be difficult to stand out from the pack. So here are four simple, but yet understandable steps and tips on how to use content marketing to grow a brand; these guidelines matters if you are thinking about developing a marketing strategy to help breathe life into your brand, market, promote and grow it.

  • 1. Develop your brand by being yourself

If you think the best way to do content is to see what other firms are doing and copy them, think again. There’s nothing wrong with seeing what other people are doing with their content (especially your rivals), but if you simply mimic what everyone else is producing without thinking about it, carrying out detailed competitive analysis;  it won’t help you communicate your brand values and demonstrate who you are as a company. An important brand question to ask is:

‘What is our philosophy?’ Think about it: what are your values, your principles, your core focuses? What do you do? What do you want your customers to know about you as a brand?

being original is a way on how to use content marketing to grow a brand

Take these answers and feed them in to your content marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to plough your own furrow. Having a clear definition of what you want your content to say will help you produce compelling content.

Sticky Content, a content marketing agency, posted a helpful piece about developing a content culture in your organisation – even if you’re a small business with no dedicated marketers.

  • 2. Tell a content story about your brand

Don’t think that content marketing has to be all about selling. Undoubtedly, content marketing is about helping you make money. Let’s not shy away from that. But that doesn’t mean you have to offer the type of deceptive content you often see, like advertorials dressed up as blogs, puff pieces masquerading as press releases.

In fact, you can tie your brand into your content in very sophisticated ways – ways that don’t interrupt the customer’s experience or shamelessly plug your products.

source: impingintotruth

Storytelling is one of the most important elements of successful content strategies and, indeed, brand strategies. Each individual piece of content you produce needs to tell a story, but you also need to weave in an overarching narrative that laces through your overall content strategy.

Let’s say you’re a florist developing a content campaign for Valentine’s Day. How will it begin, develop and end?    

  • 3. Offer quality content to help define your brand
carry out quality control

You’ve probably heard this maxim before, but it’s worth repeating. Customers will not read content if it’s rubbish, stale and doesn’t tell them anything. Consumers can be impatient – and they’re also intelligent.

They don’t have time to spend ages on websites, and they won’t be fooled.   If someone is looking for an FAQ on how to fix their boiler, they need it to tell them how to fix their boiler, not that they need to buy such-and-such a product.

Offering valuable content is one of the best ways to give your brand a real voice, grow, promote it and establish you as an authoritative company – a company that knows what it’s talking about and is honest, straightforward and transparent.   It’s about offering smart content that appeals to people.

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Grow and give your brand a loud voice

There are two types of content: good content and bad content. Simple!!

We drew up three examples to show you what we mean – here are three firms from different sectors and some examples of good and bad content.

  • Travel company: UK visits to Russia up 5% on Q2 vs Five things to do in St Petersburg  
  • Building products firm: Balfour Beatty buys energy products company vs Our new ecommerce site: FAQ  
  • Health insurance firm: Scare stories vs Clear landing page copy  
Be focused and dish out quality content

Think about it: would holidaymakers really want to read dry Russia tourism industry stats? Unlikely. Perhaps some top tips on things to do in the country’s second-largest city would be better.

Would construction firms want to read about an industry merger? Senior management might, but would its tradespeople and builders? Perhaps they’d be more interested in new products or information on how to navigate your new payment portal.

Would someone looking to take out health insurance want to read these horror stories that crop up, like people having accidents abroad but with no health insurance? Notwithstanding obvious ethical issues here, they won’t be stupid enough to fall for it. Maybe some landing pages spelling out what it is you offer in a clear and common-sense way would be a better approach.

Through sophisticated content you will be offering consumers valuable and compelling content that ties into your brand values and gives it a distinctive voice.

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Conclusion  and Recommendation

Content marketing is a must for any brand , company to have a great breakthrough; I hope that this blog post on how to use content marketing strategy will help grow and promote your brand.  Please, kindly share your views and additional information through the comment section.


Author Bio JonJon Yeung loves to blog about search marketing, exploring certain subjects in depth and preaching the importance of quality content. He regularly updates himself with the current trends, follow for more adventures.

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