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A blog commenting specialist applies non-spamming commenting strategies . I offer a dependable, time tested and result oriented blog commenting services to bloggers, publishers and website owners.

Do you know that ranking high on Google’s first page search results and achieving success on the internet requires a holistic approach and a proper, indepth understanding of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and working dynamics of Google’s algorithm?

Blog commenting is a powerful, yet its the unpraised, unpopular, uncommon link building techniques that if efficiently done will help and project a website or blog to rank high and dominate Google’ search result pages.

I published an excellent piece on how to blog comment, the essentials and know-how to get maximum result; the post is a proof of the quality you will get through my blog commenting services, you can check it below:

Must read: How to blog comment – 7 Commenting tips to increase your Blog traffic

I walk the talk- proof of my blog commenting services

For example, I launched this blog, October of last year ( 2013), and if you look at my niche ( SEO, and ranking tips) very well, you will discover that its a high competitive niche, however, I single handedly used blog commenting techniques to grow my influence, meet people, grow my social media accounts, increased my Google rankings, good Alexa rank below 70,000, organic traffic percentage of 25%, with just 38 live published contents, and more than 1000 unique page views per month ( my blog is not up to 6 months, so Google PR has not been released).

This is enough proof to show you that I walk the talk and I have also helped few clients to get good results on Google first page with this commenting techniques.

So, what are the factors that should be considered in getting a Google friendly and best blog commenting services?
  • 1#           Manual commenting

One of the highly converting techniques to rank high on Google is to have an engagement with your audience, either through the quality content you have on your website/blog or through your comment section. This is highly important, however, this practice cannot be done with automation of blog comments. Using softwares to make comment on blogs leads to spam, and its a no-go area.

As a professional blog commenting specialist service provider, I offer a spam free manual commenting strategies that will give a high conversion of high click through to your website or blog

  • 2#           Call to Action

If you read my earlier link above on how to blog comment, I placed special emphasis on having a call to action comment style. Anyone can go to a blog post, and draft 5-20 words on the blog, but the question is, does the comment have a call to action spices? will it convert for the intended purposes?

There is no point making lots of comments on blogs without readers clicking through the comment made to your own website. A measure of the success of a commenting campaign is reflected in the click through rate to the targeted and destined blog or website.

I recommend you read the above to get an idea of what I mean by this idea.

My professional commenting services offers this unique advantage, you are rest assured of getting a good call to action/ ROI

  • 3#           Unique and original comments

One of the features noticeable with most people claiming to offer blog commenting services is that they basically uses software to distribute the same comment on different blogs. This is spam, and is not acceptable; and apart from this, the credibility of your own destination website/blog is under scrutiny and watch from Google’s penalty.

Aside this, some of them just makes out of point, stupid and bad grammatical structure of words in their commenting campaign. They repeat the same words all over on different blogs manually.

My techniques are unique, and original words will be used, because I’m actually going to read the various blog posts, then contribute meaningful, helpful comments that will have a high call to action rate.

  • 4#           Google healthy blogs/site

As importance/caution should be given to the type of links pointing to your site/blog, the same importance should also be given to links that are going out of your blog; Google is smart, intelligent and this issue is what is making lots of website owners suffer lot in their rankings. Before going further, I would want you to read:

My comments will be made on high PR blogs that are healthy in Google’s purview.

  • 5#           Dofollow and Nofollow sources

Mix of high quality 65% dofollow and 35% nofollow links will be given

One of the factors Google is penalizing websites and blogs for is ‘ irregularity and unnatural link building discovery’; Most SEO professional argued that to rank high on Google, all you need is a high Dofollow backlinks. While this is true, and still true to some extent; however, Google hummingbird that was released last year August 2013, and subsequent Google penalty algorithm changes clearly made us understand that its good to be natural.

All what is require is a rich blend of both Dofollow and nofollow links from blog commenting techniques; this makes your link building look natural, helping you avoid the dreaded Google penalties. However, my services incorporates a 65% to 35% dofollow and nofollow backlink sources respectively.

  • 6#           Niche Focused

My blog commenting strategies are sourced from niche focused blogs and websites. For example, I will not blog comments on a auto blog, healthy related blog to a real estate website or site.

Getting the best out of link building is to have related links from same or related niche.

  • 7#           SEO Friendly

I understand the language of SEO; my techniques are 100% Google and SEO friendly. Its 100% white-hat, not automated; thereby helping your website, video and blog to rank high on Search Engine result pages

Examples- Case Studies-Blog Commenting portfolio

I just finished a great blog commenting service for John Hurry ( he owns, he  is a specialised pain management physician. Please, see some of the comments I  made on some leading blogs for him:

You will see it here:

You will find it here:

You will find it here:

More examples can be found below:

I walk the talk….those are just examples of what you can expect from me!!


  • I was skeptical to have his service because of the cost in the first place. After careful thought and finally outsourcing the job and James, I’m impressed with the quality of blogs commented and as such, my ranking have been boosted.

B. B.  –, USA

  • Excellent job, timely delivery and professionally executed.

Barry White  – CEO,, NY

My Blog commenting services

The following are what is expected of me:

  • I’m committed to getting you 100 approved comments on high leading blogs and websites in a month.
  • The 100 approved comment sources will be sent to you via email, showing the various blog sources. It will be sent in Excel or PDF file.
  • I don’t spam, but manually drops call to action, insightful comments on high PR dofollow blogs.
  • I only accept not more than 5 requests per month; I believe in quality and this is aimed at delivering only the best. So, this is on a first come first served basis.
  • Duration:                                   1 month
  • Mode of communication:       Email
  • Payment:                                   PayPal
  • Cost:                                           100 USD


Order through the contact section. Thank you

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