Top 10 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2015

Simplicity, focus, clean, minimalistic, catchy and professional looking design should be the hallmark and distinguishing factor/feature of the right photography wordpress theme.

Quite a number of exceptionally looking professional wordpress photography theme does exist from various designers. However some of them lack modern SEO features that will make them do very well in search engine ranking. The selected bits (shown below) of themes that you can choose and use to get maximum result, influence, and conversion as a photograph and have the below important features.

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  • Bold and lasting Impression
  • High resolution, retina ready/inbuilt picture features
  • Editing capabilities /Photoshop touches (not all of them have it)
  • Mobile Responsive: Check out the below statistics, 8% of online viewers has phone in the US alone  and they surf the net and make online shopping directly from their mobile handsets.
  • Clean and minimalistic: A photography theme should serve a good purpose and it can be achieved with a first impression of your website looks determines to some extent the lead of customer conversion, retention and success.

Without wasting much time, please, find below details of recommended best photography wordpress themes for your blogs and website:

  • Pretty Pictures

Pretty pictures is slated as number one recommended templates. why? Its because its built on the incredible Genesis framework, and based on this framework ( adjudged the best and most complete SEO framework). One thing is certain with the use of this theme, it will help increase and soar up your organic rankings in Google, all things being equal.

Features and specifications:

  • It is mobile responsive
  • Slick and much ideal if you are freelance photographer in need of personal and business blog.
  • It is built on HTML5 and CSS3
  • it is retina ready e.t.c

Cost: 99USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

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  • Portfolio Photography template

A minimalistic, simple and premium website templates mostly suited for freelance photographers, designers that want to showcase their work; thats what this theme, from mythemeshop is meant to do. it is a slick, premium photographic template that gives a vivid and bold first time impression to your visitors.

Its features and specifications include:

  • Minimal theme layout ( earlier mentioned)
  • Optional ability to show your logo and menu on top
  • Display social icons with profile links
  • Optional ability to add custom heading and message at the header
  • Show All portfolio items and filter buttons on homepage
  • Inbuilt Pagination Options
  • Optimal Search engine optimization settings
  • Optional customization for page templates ( e.g. for blog, Contact, Portfolio, Archives, Category)
  • Category widget with bold fonts; Multi tab widget with 3 sections
  • Inbuilt Flickr widget
  • Installed recent posts widget ( no need for third party plugin)
  • Inbuilt monetization widgets ( especially at the sidebar)

Cost: 35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Vignette

Crisp, HD digital expression and a pure crystal clear theme; that’s the description that fits this theme. Vignette is a premium WP theme made specifically for photographers and models with special interest in showcasing their classy works for the public to see. The creation of this theme was borne out of the fact that ‘ first time impression is a great recipe for success’. This statement is specifically true to professional photographers and models.

This theme has custom homepage, wide and systemic layout of picture gallery all at the homepage. This design was made with some interesting features that are worthy of mention:

  • Excellent and optimal setting of installed Jetpack plugin ( this is one industry leading plugin that all wordpress users needs to have)
  • It is responsive on mobile devices
  • It has a full width layout and design
  • It has seven gallery styles and two optional homepages that can be used as featured images or video
  • Above all, it is SEO optimized.

Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Glare

The team at CSSIgniter came up with this slick design. Glare is a perfect acronym for perfection in the photography niche. This photographic design model can be adjudged the most complete responsive best photography wordpress theme. The following are some summary of its features:

  • It has a responsive layout
  • Presence of supersized design structure:  In summary it has 2 forms of homepages. You can either chose to use the homepage layout with super photo slider or just decide to use the other structure ( the one with full screen background video).
  • Presence of 4 columns ( this allows for flexible creativity)
  • Language localization advantage: You don’t it to be in English!!, you can simply change the language format to any language of choice
  • Search engine optimization ready
    Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Memories

With a four column layout, a mobile responsive advantage, inbuilt jetpack plugin and a super search engine optimization settings; memories is a premium photographic theme that is ideal for photographers and models that wants the outside world to see their unique and professional collections of pictures.

Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Zoomy

The design structure of Zoomy is quite different from the traditional photographic website; this design is much more business inclined. It has a strong call to action buttons, and this makes it extremely recommended for a professional photographer that wants to showcase his/her portfolio with absolute aim to get more clients and services.

Zoomy is best recommended for blog, portfolio, creative agency, photography site, photoblog; its captivating features includes:

  • SEO ready
  • It has a strong and good minimalist fresh design.
  • It is mobile responsive and retina ready ( meaning it can be viewed on any mobile device) and for being retina ready, it means the pictures and images are crystal clear and sharp to use.

Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Photogenic

Photogenic represents the total package expected of a slick and professionally looking wordpress theme for a photography website. This template will be much appreciated by instagrammers, professional photographers, as it allows you to display and showcase your your photoshoot or panoramics with ease and pride.

Exceptional features includes:

  • Inbuilt instalgram integration
  • Works great as a blogging platform. Incredibly useful for a photographic blogger: it has features to add videos/images to blog posts, presence of social sharing buttons with the commenting structure all in place
  • Automatic resizing features
  • Inbuilt custom coding without having the skill: Even the least web savvy young man can effect some changes without having to crack his/her head. With ease, you can do color customization, change of layout columns and structure, and in addition, its easy to make uploads to the header section
  • It  is responsive on all sides
  • It is language translation ready e.t.c.

Cost: 79USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Coastline

Coastline is a professional wordpress theme explicitly made as a portfolio template design. With coastline, you can showcase your works easily. This template comes handy with some choice features which are briefly explained below:

  • Infinite scrolling features:  With this features, you have unlimited options to scroll down the page, viewing unlimited pictures and photographs
  • It is powered with sophisticated Jetpack plugin
  • It is responsive
  • It is light and loads pretty fast on most web and browsers
  • Very handy and useful as a stand alone blog
  • Detailed theme options- This features makes customization of necessary layouts, color e.t.c. easy to achieve.

Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Shape

The guys at Teslathemes came up with this slick, HD look alike theme. One interesting and striking point of this design is its homepage ( FrontPage). At a glance, the FrontPage offers a condensed and pure summary of what the entire website is all about. This is evident in the ways the photographs are neatly arranged and stacked up together.

It is a multipurpose, styish theme template; responsive in nature with minimalist design.

Its unique features include:

  • A responsive design attribute
  • Filterable galleries
  • Social media support button integration
  • Inbuilt presence of AJAX contact form ( this saves you some extra dollar from using a third party plugin or services)
  • Inbuilt Google Maps
  • Optional presence of 12 colum gird, calendar features e.t.c.

Cost: 39USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Fullscreen

As the name suggests, this template is a responsive premium wordpress theme for a photographic website and blog. It is purely a one-page photography theme. A visit of the demo is highly recommended for your decision making. Fullscreen has the following features:

  • A mobile responsive layout
  • It is retina ready ( as seen in the displayed featured homepage gallery
  • A pure and high resolution full screen gallery with swipe support and auto play
  • Presence of photoswipe and lightbox; two essential features that powers the gallery display option
  • Inbuilt lightbox option
  • Custom header menu
  • Inbuilt social media icons
  • SEO optimized
  • Presence of seven different theme skins
  • Inbuilt with HTML5 and CSS3 latest technology coding

Cost: 49USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • PhotoTouch

PhotoTouch is a beautiful photo theme designed with mobile devices in mind. It features a gallery/slideshow that mimics the iPhone native Photos app. User can swipe or press arrow keys to go through the photos, double tap, auto play, pinch and expand, etc.

Cost: 49USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Photolux

Photolux is a sparkling wordpress theme made for commercial and business driven photographers. It is a one page wp theme containing high resolution pictures of a photographers image gallery.

Its interesting and most unique feature is the gallery page link at the top of the page; this gallery page contains sub-page formats viewing mode in full width slideshow, full height slideshow, black and white effect gallery e.t.c.

From a professional and creative point of view, it is a photography website template worthy of using, as it contains most Photoshop effects!!

Cost: 48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Camilla – Horizontal Fullscreen Photography Theme

Camila is a large, captivating design that a photographer can use for his/her photo business. It features excellent gallery in horizontal portrait posture. Aside its SEO ready made settings, this design is responsive and retina ready.

Cost: 48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • ePix

This theme is hot; with five different types of captivating featured large images and video, this design is a must have. ePix is built with parallax effect, excellent slider options at the homepage and a proper search engine optimization settings.

Cost: 58USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Skylab

Skylab is a premium portfolio and a photography wordPress  theme. Skylab is different from the rest because of its intuitive, innovative, slick navigation slider designed for photographers. It is mostly recommended and useful for illustrators, graphic designers, creative directors, movie directors, architects, luxury businesses or bloggers to use as their website template. I love the simplicity and its retina focused coding. At 48USD, I think its a fair and good bargain.

Cost: 48USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Hiker WordPress Photography Theme

Hiker is a premium wordpress theme. This theme is unique due to the following below features and specifications:

  • It is explicitly designed for photographers; the concept behind the design is to make sure that full attention is on the pictures, making your visitors to pay maximum attention to this most important cause
  • It has an homepage designed for your work to stand out
  • It has an inbuilt drag and drop page builder; this is due to the installed virtual composer plugin.
  • Hiker WP design is fully responsive and retina ready
  • Forget about search engine optimization, it has been taken care of
  • It is language translation ready to any language of your choice
  • You are rest assured of getting timely premium support
  • When you buy and download, you will not just the ZIP file, you will also get the layered PSD files
  • Presence of unlimited gallery and portfolio pages

Cost: 58USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD


Thank you for reading this post on selecting the best and most responsive photography wordpress theme. I’m of the opinion that these lists will be helpful to your decision making. Please, kindly share your views, opinions, additional information on these lists through the comment section below. Thank you


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