15+ Best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense 2015

I highly recommend that you chose the best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense monetization on your blog. As a consultant , I have come to discover that websites or blogs built using Genesis themes tends to rank high on Google search page results (most are on first page for their chosen keywords) and not just that, they also tend to convert well in terms of earning more money, which is due to the robust and excellent search engine optimization potential of the Genesis framework which indirectly helps blogs and sites to have increased organic traffic.

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Some critics might want to argue over the above statement of declaration, however, from my solid, successful and proven years as a SEO consultant; I have come to fully establish that dominating Google first page takes into account primarily the status of your website and blog. With various Google algorithm penalty flying all over, it is now established by seasoned SEO professionals that for you to increase your organic traffic, dominate Google first page; pay 80% attention to doing and implementing what Google wants and chief of this is making sure your site complies with Google webmaster quality guidelines. You can read and check my below post on the principles you need to apply to get things right:

However, the truth here is that all of Genesis themes, built using their framework offers all this features; and this is one primary reason I recommend them for all my projects and clientele!!

The following are some of the reason why I am recommending Genesis themes for your AdSense focused website

  • For all I know, there is no framework or any other template out there that surpasses or match the search engine optimization capabilities of Genesis
  • In terms of a solid security infrastructure, no other theme is better than them
  • All of the themes I am recommending are mobile responsive
  • Copyblogger is a big company ( the parent company of studiopress which owns Genesis); therefore you are rest assured of continuity  in terms of premium support and long term support
  • Quality design and Google friendly coding: I strongly believe that the success of Genesis themes is purely down to their neat coding which the search engines really love.

Find below lists of recommended genesis themes that you can use for your AdSense blog and website!!

List of best studiopress theme for adsense

  •  Magazine Pro

First on the list of recommended genesis themes is magazine pro. Magazine pro is recommended for a magazine and news website with focus on generating revenue from AdSense . This theme is one of the most popular in the studiopress repository because it also serves a multipurpose use. For example, it can be used for a general blog, niche focused blog e.t.c.

This template has three layer options and the front page can be customized based on your preference. A look at fascinating features of this theme are briefly explained below:

  • It is Ad ready; this is obvious with the large Leaderboard units at the header ( and from research/experience, this is the number one converting Ad units, as confirmed from Google and successful publishers)
  • Not only that, it has ready-made Ad slot at the end of each blog post ( check the second image below); in addition, there is the 336 by 250 rectangular Ad unit at the right sidebar
  • Magazine pro is the Best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense because the Ad placements gives you high CTR
  • It is fully mobile responsive ( see picture above)
  •  The theme is retina ready, built on rock solid optimum latest technology on HTML5 and CSS3
  • The coding and programming are clean and neat ( a very good requirement for excellent user experience)

Cost: $99USD ( Theme + Framework)

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • News Pro

News pro is a premium genesis child theme, purely made for news blogs. it is also ideal for a plain blog if you are a mutipurpose publisher wanting to create something similar like hubpages ( I mean a content farm, likewise like ehow.com).

The simplicity and style of this theme is one of the core reasons why its mentioned on this page. To use this theme, you should have installed or purchase the Genesis framework separately.

Cost: $79USD ( Theme + Framework)

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Elsa

Elsa is a premium wordpress theme from web-savvy marketing company. They have more than 30 beautiful responsive Genesis child themes, and aside our focus on Adsense focused template, you can also check out their vast templates for your online website.

Elsa is particularly good if you are a blogger writing on gardens and food related tips; though it can be used for general blogging purposes.

Cost: $49.95USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD 

  • Sixteen Nine

I am currently using this theme on this blog ( changed it just yesterday) and some of my private blog networks; I just love the unique design and the simplicity of it. It is a standard 3 column theme layout with excellent SEO advantages.

I have used this design for some of my clients and they are getting good results. The sixteen Nine is a premium and remains one of the best genesis child themes for Adsense out there, for bloggers.

Important layout advantage includes:

  • Presence of Ad units below post title
  • Presence of Ad units at the end of posts title ( either at the centre or the left)
  • Presence of large 300 by 600 Ad units at the right sidebar

Some of my clients using it includes: pursueincome.com and electricfordtransit.co.uk

Cost: $99USD ( Theme + Framework)

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Tidy

Tidy is a clean, well organized child themes from restored316.  A vivid look at the design shows the presence of an Ad unit at the top header ( prime location for high CTR).

Tidy has the following features:

  • A six (6) color schemes
  • Six (6) layout options
  • Optional advantage to upload and use your own custom background
  • Presence of featured images, presence of fixed width design
  • Simple, well design and minimal landing Page Template
  • And in addition, a  free installation of a Genesis Responsive Slider plugin

Cost: $50USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Tasteful

Tasteful is the perfect Genesis child theme for a food blogger whose main monetization is Google Adsense. The advantage of this theme is the numerous features, excellent SEO settings ( expected of a Genesis product) and its clean fluid interface that makes blogging truly delicious.


  • Its 100% mobile responsive
  • Easy to use custom landing page template
  • A three (3) layout options to chose from
  • Six colour schemes
  • Split Sidebars and a creative styled social sharing icons
  • Its Monetization ready ( Widget area above header for site-wide messages or ads)- As shown in the arrow above!!
  • Its retina retina, HTML5 Markup and presence of subscription slots at the footer edge

Cost: $50USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Divine

Divine is a pure eCommerce theme, but with a difference!! Divine is built on a solid understanding of having a professional versatility and personalization concerning your online business.

Built on the defense of the solid Genesis framework, Divine fits perfectly for use on any niche, blogs ( either for Ecommerce) of general blogging purposes.

Amazing features includes:

  • Pre-installed WooCommerce Easy Recipe plugin
  • Already installed plugins includes: the simply Instagram, Genesis Enews Extended, Genesis Responsive Slider and the almighty Jetpack for WordPress.com
  • Its mobile responsive
  • Clean, retina ready with a glossy and shining look
  • 3 layout options
  • HTML5 Mark up with optional sic color schemes to chose from

Cost: $50USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Foodie Pro

Foodie remains one of the most popular genesis child themes; though this theme is made for food blogs or bloggers, the same purpose of using Google Adsense as a means of making passive income is made possible with the custom version I am presenting.

So, if you are a food blogger, a cake/desert blogger or a general fellow interested in gardening tips and/or loves using pictures to explain your posts, then this theme is mostly ideal for you.

Cost: $129USD ( Theme + Framework)

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Innovative

Innovative is a superb premium genesis child theme from pixelista; this theme is purely for blogging, and will fit absolutely well for a food blog. However, this theme is Adsense ready. This advantage alone, plus the SEO advantage, fast loading speed, secure framework  makes it a recommended option.

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • Pinspired

Pinspired is a slick, gallery rich theme, created from inspiration obtained from Pinterest. Its reason for creativity is to allow bloggers to run, operate and maintain a blog thats so focussed so much on the use of images.

This Pinterest look-alike template is highly recommended if your objective is in this regard. Notable and important metrics why I recommend this Genesis theme for your Adsense pinterest blog are summarised below:

  • It has a powerful SEO attribute which makes organic ranking easy
  • It has 100% Pinterest working functions
  • People, web visitors can easily pin and share your images and pictures
  • The design is clean, sharp, high quality ( high-definition resolution) and neatly coded
  • It is not heavy, light and loads very fast
  • The location of its Ad unit is placed at prime position at the header ( 728 by 90 Ad units); and this position is good for maximum CTR.

Looking for the perfect Genesis theme for good monetization advantage, then I recommend this template.

Cost: $50

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

Conclusion and feedback

The use of Genesis themes presents a great SEO advantage. I hope that the listed Genesis Adsense themes will help you make money from their program.


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