Top 10 best fashion wordpress themes

Chosen and using proven, highly converting best fashion wordpress themes is one of the steps to becoming  a successful fashion blogger. For splendour, beauty, classy touch and feel, high sense of humour, professionalism in your fashion blogging, website passion and career; all what is required of you is to have a modern, beautiful and fully mobile friendly template design. I have listed here the top 10 recommended responsive template for your use; they are ideal for clothing labels, style blogs, online stores, style niches and niche related websites

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I’m pretty sure that by seeing the likes of Zimbio, Perez Hilton and yahoo celebrities website; there is that impetus and desire to have a similar website that does nearly the same thing with theirs. However, I would love to discuss some few important things you ought to know before proceeding.

Most successful fashion bloggers that are seriously making money, increasing their brand online influence all have their website and blog built with the use of wordpress platforms. I am listing out recommended fashion and style designs you can use on how your blog and site will look.

To be a successful fashion and style website owner, to be able to make money, reach out to people and become popular, you need Google search engine. The reason being that, lots of people uses Google to search for information and getting to see your website att the top of the first page of Google makes it easy for them to click through to your site.

So the choice of these recommended fashion website templates should have the following technical and non-technical features:

  • Its important that these theme website templates be search engine optimized ( SEO); what this means is that they are configured with the right technical settings that will make Google and other search engine crawlers easily crawl and discover them.
  • Google, being the number one search engine made it clear that a good, neatly coded, well navigable website should be a priority. This depends on the layout and site architecture
  • Must fall within Google’s quality webmaster guidelines
  • The fashion and style website template should render very well on any mobile device; this means your product, fashion pictures, videos, contents will display and adjust to the size of any mobile phone device used.
  • Be retina ready: The clear resolution and size of any video or picture on your website should be able to fit perfectly well on the screen of any device used to view your fashion website. In addition, the pictures should also come out with clearity and resolution. These features are present in the fashion design templates I’m about sharing.
  • Have room for advertisement and ability for you to earn money easily either through checkout cart, Google Adsense, direct advertisement, sales of your clothing wears/accessories etc.
  • Google favours a fast loading website; this factor has been integrated and inbuilt into all these templates, and as such they load very fast on any web browser and mobile phones.
  • 1#      Lynette

Lynette is an HTML5 wordpress fashion website template that is also purely for fashion bloggers.  I am particularly fascinated by the simple beauty and neatness of this design, and selecting it as the top choice will be difficult judging from the fact that this design and marilin explained above are from the same designer. It is highly responsive on smartphones, mobile gadgets, light and loads very fast; its overall advantage lies in the perfect SEO structure, coupled with the retina focused attention given to the design.


Cost: $79USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

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  • 2#      Marilyn – best wordpress theme for fashion blogs

Marilyn is slick, beautiful and clean. To be honest with you, it is the ideal template for any serious fashion blogger. It is a recommended choice if you want to launch and start a fashion, style and even beauty blog. Many advantages exist for this reason, they include:

  • This theme is just too clean, neat, sharp and elegant to behold
  • Its mobile friendly ( i.e responsive), retina ready and slick to behold
  • This template is light and it loads very fast on any PC and mobile phones web browsers
  • It is HTML5 and CSS3 compatible

The concept behind the creation of this fashion design is based on Pinterest; it allows you to pin your favourable designs, fashion pictures and images on the social site, thereby making it easy for you to create interaction and engagement with your audience. This theme comes prebuilt with social media sharing buttons towards the right sidebar, and from here, you can share updates, latest trends, products to your followers and audience on social networks.

This theme is mostly ideal for fashion bloggers who want to gain influence, rank high and dominate first page of Google!!

SEO features that makes it thick

  • Optimized to be Google friendly
  • Presence of 2 layered options
  • On-page optimization is easy with the installation of Yoast wordpress SEO plugin; secondly the dashboard makes it easy to adjust your SEO settings
  • Presence of featured images and options for your theme settings

premiuim fashion wordpress theme

Cost: $79USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  #3      TheStylist

TheStylist is a complete one stop solution theme; this design is mostly recommended for fashion bloggers who desires to:

  • have a fashion show website
  • have a celebrity website, just like Zimbio
  • create, set up and have a makeup blog and a beauty website
  • Have shopping experience, shopping cart incorporated for sales of products, accessories, women apparels on their site


TheStylist offers so many advantage, most especially for feminite fashion bloggers who will love to blog about beauty and trends, diet and health, DIY tutorials, fragrance, Hair, inspiration, make up e.t.c. The theme design allows for products reviews and direct advertisement

It is a highly recommended blog and website design , even for beauty salon owners who wants to blog and showcase their products, skills and attract customers. One of the fascinating things that attracts me is the speed at which it loads, its design is minimalist in nature, highly responsive, with good clear picture ( retina ready).


Search Engine Optimization/Technical Specifications

This theme offers the following advantage

  • Peace of mind customer support
  • SEO ready, with features that makes it Google friendly
  • it is built with latest programmes, CSS3 and HTML5 compatible
  • Its retina ready ( allowing for easy integration and uploading of quality videos and pictures)
  • Its mobile responsive ( will adapt to any size on any mobile phone)
  • Already inbuilt social media widgets ( towards the right hand side)
  • When it comes to monetization of a blog, this theme is already a step ahead for its fashion bloggers. The right sidebar is well positioned to allow for direct advertisement, Google AdSense and/or promotion of any products.

A vivid look at its post pages shows some relatively important features that I’m sure are crucial to ranking high on Google first page; the post page below shows:

  • Easy, ready made spot to place advertisement ( at the right hand top side)
  • A bio box for author, and easy sharing button for Facebook, twitter, Google+
  • most viewed posts ( towards the right hand side of the sidebar)

Recommendation: This website design template is a complete one stop solution for all your fashion blogging ideas, needs and creativity; get it immediately:

Cost: $59USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 4#      Pinstagram

Pinstagram is an affordable premium fashion theme that can be purchased for just 35USD. The creation of Pinstagram is a creative instinct borne out of inspiration from Pinterest. Its interesting to note that with this pinterest alike fashion design, your creativity, ideas, pictures and products comes to life, with the optional ability for you to pin and share them on Pinterest.


Pinstagram is a fashion website template that is ideal for fashion bloggers who loves to showcase latest trends, latest designs, clothing apparel to the online audience. This theme makes your site and blog to become engaging and interactive.

This theme has the following features that makes it to be recommended:

  •  Search engine optimized ( fully compliant with Google SEO guidelines)
  • Ability to customize the theme yourself with no coding knowledge
  • Unlimited Color scheme
  • Google fonts ready
  • Inbuilt social media sharing buttons
  • Mobile response and retina prepared
  • Transalation ready
  • Full schema integration

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 5#      Vogue WP Theme

vogue-is-best-fashion-wordpress-theme-responsiveThis Vogue theme is a premium, eye catchy, attractive fashion theme; the creation of vogue has fashion in its creative fiber and architecture, and this theme will be ideal for a fashion blogger.

Being a minimalist design template, Vogue will shoot up and make your content stand out to viewers and your website visitors. The following are attractive features that makes this design worthy of mention in this post.

  • Its solidly tamper-proof against Google panda and penguin; this implies that its search engine optimization followed Google’s best practices
  • The vogue fashion design template is mobile responsive, retina ready, and built solidly with HTML5 and CSS3 compatible.
  • It is neat, well coded with beautiful design.
  • It has unlimited color codes ( optional for your customization)
  • Translation ready to any language
  • Built with Google fonts e.t.c.


Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 6#      FashionBlog Theme

Its exceptionally simply; this is the description I can give to this theme. This website design template is purely made for bloggers and individuals that has unique interest for fashion, its news and trends happening in the industry. For an upcoming new fashion blogger, I suggest you pick and start with this template.


Apart from the great search engine optimization features inbuilt into this fashion template ( plus being responsive), one great advantage is has is its post pages. The post pages allows for maximum earning potential because of the custom built monetization placement of Ads ( perfect for either Google AdSense, any other monetization programme or even direct advertisement).

Cost: $35USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  •  7#      Uberto

Uberto is a premium minimalistic and highly beautiful wordpress theme that can be used for a fashion blog. The theme is clean, looks crisp and presence of featured rich support for both audio and video files.

uberto website template for fashion blog


  • Pre-inbuilt with JetPack plugin ( very important because I use this plugin on this blog)
  • It is clean and neatly programmed
  • It is responsive

Cost: $39USD

Recommendation: Download I View the Demo

  • 8#      UltraSeven

UltraSeven is a slick premium fashion wordpress theme specifically made for those that want to have a fashion shop, site or blog to sell clothes, accessories and other fashion related products. This theme is from cssigniters, and their award winning themes are minimalist in nature, loads very fast on web and phone browsers, and all are mobile responsive.


Cost: $39USD

Recommendation: Download I View the Demo

  •  9#      Troy

Troy is a premium, slick, SEO optimized tumblr-like theme for WordPress.  Its very much ideal for a fashion blog and site; simply post audio, video, quotes, links, photos and normal posts with no hassle and stress.



Cost: $39USD

Recommendation: Download I View the Demo

  •  10#      StyleShop


styleshop3StyleShop, from Elegant themes is a super-power, beautiful and well designed theme meant for fashion shops, bloggers that want to operate a fashion ecommerce business or shop. The features in this design makes it highly recommended for this purpose, most especially for the sale of clothing lines, ranges of accessories and fashion wears.

This theme is highly recommended for your fashion website template design.

I love the background concept of this design ( as can be seen above, the background represents a blend of human face blended in a fading black colour. Aside this, this theme has an excellent call to action red button that makes you to have a high CTR.


  • Compatible with all browsers
  • SEO optimized
  • Slick, responsive and retina ready
  • Light on web browsers
  • It has optional page templates ( you can adjust it to full width, gallery page e.t.c.)


Cost: $69USD for all themes, including the above styleshop design

Recommendation: Download I View the Demo

Conclusion and feedback

In summary, the above have been carefully selected as the preferred premium website templates and WP fashion theme for your use.   The hurdles in selecting and choosing a web design that will handle all your SEO needs have been done. All what is required of you is to get this template, download them and installed them on your wordpress website platform.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post on best responsive fashion themes for your style blog and online store. I am of the opinion that the presented lists will be helpful to you.


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