Top 30 Mobile Responsive Best Online Newspaper WordPress Themes

The overwhelming support and request I got after publishing ‘ the successful guide to launching an online newspaper and make money‘ spurred me in writing and publishing this important guideline on selecting and choosing the most mobile responsive best online newspaper wordpress themes that you can use for your website and blog design.

In the tutorial, I specifically made mention of the importance of having a mobile responsive website/blog design, as that is the trend and focus at the moment; Google has now included a mobile responsive factor as a ranking signal.

So, if you are looking forward to start your own new york times, rollingstone, theguardian newspaper website and blog, the following are recommended wordpress themes you can rely on ( they are premium templates, and this means they are not free!!)

  • 1#      NewsPaper

NewsPaper is a glossy, sharp and retina ready wordpress theme from MyThemeshop. Being a theme from a brand that is universally recognized and respected for its super fast loading themes and an inbuilt Ad monetization settings, this theme is an ideal bet for an online newspaper website.

A closer look at the theme shows the following important advantages:

  •  It is much more a Magazine /lifestyle focused template
  • It is image centric i.e. its places much emphasis on using large images as featured images on both posts/stories and on the homepage
  • The homepage displays a colorful, yet simple large image with title bylines of the posts on it; a very distinct way of harmonizing and presenting an uncommon type of online newspaper format.
  • It is exceptionally built for content-rich sites; with its fluid responsive attribute ( to be fluid means its slick and glossy in looks)
  • Despite its focus on the use of Images, its loading speed is blazing fast
  • one of the fascinating aspect of it all is the featured section that shows slick, high definition (HD) pictures of your images
  • Excellent Parallax scrolling and an inbuilt Adsense optimization. In this case, you do not need to use any third party plugin or play around with the HTML code to insert your Adsense codes.
  • It has an excellent inbuilt social media integration ( so, you dont need a plugin e.g. FB, twitter plugin for your social media presence on your site again with these theme).

More details about the newspaper wordpress theme can be obtained through the link below:

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 2#      Interactive

Interactive is a super engaging template, ideally built for a much more entertainment and gist news site. As the name portrays, this theme has a large, high definition featured image in a grid like manner with much more importance on the main featured story, followed by two smaller box sizes of accompanying story which call all be modified based on preferred category settings.

Being one of the recent creative templates from MyThemeshop, this theme boasts of maximum loading speed, easy to use and insert Google Adsense code ( and also from third party codes).

Interactive wordpress theme is slick, glossy., catchy and is the modern day template for the modern day online newspaper website.

A quick visit to the site reveals more intricate details:

Cost: $45USD

Recommendation: BUY NOW AND DOWNLOAD

  • 3#      Interactive

Literally, anyone would think

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