10+ best fashion wordpress themes

Choosing and using proven, highly converting wordpress themes is one of the steps to becoming  a successful fashion blogger. For splendour, beauty, classy touch and feel, high sense of humour, professionalism in your fashion blogging, website passion and career; all what is required of you is to have a modern, beautiful and fully mobile friendly template […]

Google TrustRank – 15 facts to get No 1 ranking on Search result pages

One of the core and major requirement to rank high on Google search result is for a website and blog to follow and stick to Google’s quality webmaster guidelines, a codenamed I’d call Google TrustRank algorithmic dimension!! In the webmaster guidelines, Google clearly explained these factors under: Design and content guidelines Technical guidelines Quality guidelines From […]

10+ Best optimized Google AdSense Ready wordpress themes

The best premium Adsense ready wordpress theme are optimized to increase your Google Adsense earnings. To make passive income and earn more money with this programme , you need high organic traffic, high CTR; and to achieve this with ease, you need the most responsive design that will give you good conversions. Knowing what works best in getting quality […]

Top 10+ Best Genesis Child Themes for fashion bloggers

The rise of fashion bloggers are on the rise on a daily basis. My focus today is to share with you cost effective premium Genesis fashion themes that are purely made for fashionistas, jewelries/ accessories websites and even bloggers. In terms of coding, loading speed and SEO, they are the best. The use of a Genesis powered website […]

Best Genesis Child Theme for Ecommerce and WooCommerce shopping

I have compiled in this guideline the best genesis themes for ecommerce websites and blogs; the lists are WooCommerce ready and are SEO tamperproof!! Please, know that these templates are child themes of the Genesis framework ( meaning you will need to get the main framework to get it working perfectly) A very good case study […]

Schema WordPress Theme Review

Schema wordpress theme from Mythemeshop is the brand’s name for a Jet Age!!!. This great team of wordpress designers and developers codenamed this design and branded it as the fastest loading wordpress theme and SEO friendly design. Recommended to read: best genesis child themes This tutorial on schema theme review aims to look at the facts, figures and reasons […]

How to be on first page of Google without backlinks

How to be on first page of Google is not rocket science. With compliance and diligence to the listed instructions, you can actually rank and dominate the search engine first page results for any chosen keyword, website or blog. Before proceeding, you should know, Google changed their search ranking status quo on May 27th, 2013, […]

10+ Responsive best wordpress theme for food blog

The best wordpress theme for food blog (s) are usually premium templates; the choice of the perfect design template adds glamour, professionalism, and splendid touch to your blog. After the successful publication of detailed guidelines on how to start and launch a food blog; this particular post is meant to give you optimal wordpress themes that are both responsive, […]

100+ best genesis child themes 2015

I can beat my chest to affirm that only Genesis child themes remains the best and number one undisputed industry leader when it comes to Google friendly, SEO optimized and neatly coded wordpress themes. Early this year, 2015, I carried out a statistical research survey and came out with the below final conclusion. Must Read: Top 10+ Best Genesis […]

Sociallyviral WordPress Theme review

This is a thorough review of sociallyviral wordpress theme. For your information, have you noticed that Google created a special link in your Google analytic account to track social media signals hitting your website!! The answer to this is because big G is placing and actually using social media signals in its organic ranking indices. […]

How to start and create a news blog and website

Learn how to start a news website and become successful with your blog. Having the passion is not enough!! you are a journalist and you’ve been thinking of launching and setting up a blog. By the way, you are inspired by the likes of New York Times, ABC news, Reuters e.t.c. And/or probably, you are […]

Foodie Pro WordPress Theme Review

People don’t just throw away cash!! I have come to discover that it is not just enough to buy something. Buyers and online shoppers need to get assurance and sense of confidence on any product or item they want to buy. This Foodie pro theme review is not just one of those you read all […]

Impreza wordpress Theme Review

In every 24 hours, more than 3 new premium and 2 new free themes are released into the wordpress community. Going by statistics, wordpress is the most popular and sought after website template designers and developers uses. But, the question that comes to mind is? are these themes reliable? which ones among them is the best […]

How to start a successful food blog in 7 steps

This tutorial and detailed guidelines on how to start a successful food blog is a simple, easy and yet complete package to launch, set up and own a great, delicious, cooking and recipe site. Before starting off, I’m pretty assuming that you love cooking, probably you are a chef, and you’ve been thinking of starting and launching your […]

10 free tools and tips to check for links

A sound health is determined by how frequent you take care of it, and also is determined by the number of medical check-ups you give to yourself, as the saying goes ‘ health is wealth’. Must Read: 7 proven steps to protect your wordpress website security I have come to realize that one’s source of […]

Top 10 recommended best seo tools for 2015 and beyond

Being an SEO consultant, I’ve had the priviledge to have met and come across well respected and leading specialist in this niche. The secret to their success and their client success is largely due to proven best SEO tools used for various campaigns, analysis, project execution e.t.c. From dominating Google’s first page to social media successes; […]

How to start and run a successful fashion blog in 2015

Thinking on how to start a successful fashion blog ? honestly, launching and starting your own professional fashion blog might bring about the difference in your career, influence and your ability to make money on a large scale. Recommended to read: Top 10 best fashion wordpress themes I guess you might be influenced by the likes […]

10 proven steps to get pr9 backlinks to rank high in Google

On December 13th, 2013, a week after Google updated its PageRank  metrics i.e on Dec 6th,2013; I published a post on steps to get a dofollow backlinks from Google plus. I must say that the response on the content was overwhelming and this content is a continuation of tips and strategies on how to build and get […]

How to start a blog in 2015

How can I start a blog and be successful like you?. This was a question my younger brother asked me 2 days ago. I helped him to create and start one; I can also help you do the same thing. This tutorial is a guideline to so many people that have been thinking on starting a blog. Starting and setting […]

How to get free PR8 backlinks and PR7 dofollow links

The power of Link building is anchored on high PR inbound links . Relevant and niche related PR8, PR7 blogs and website are hard to come by. If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you would have read of my award winning eBook containing dofollow backlink sources,; this content is much more focused on […]

Best wordpress school theme for education and colleges

Research survey shows that people make use of the internet to search for credible colleges and schools their children should attend, and so, having a professional and highly corporate education website for your college, school or university is important for your integrity and brand perception. Gone are the days that building or having a college […]

Best WordPress Themes for Architects

Minimalistic, clean, clear, focused, catchy, professional and simplicity should be the distinguishing features for the right and best wordpress themes for architects; this feature, along with optimal SEO settings, responsive attribute and being search engine friendly is all that matters to deliver in terms of return on investment and the growth of your business. Today, we are […]

How to rank your real estate website on Google first page

Two days ago, I received a mail from a respected and leading real estate company and they were inquiring on how they can build backlinks to their website. in summary, they want a solution on how they can increase organic traffic and rank their real estate website on Google first page search results for their business […]

Responsive best genesis child themes for photography

One thing is needful for a successful online business and that is reliability, security and being online ( live) all the time. Professional photographers who takes their business serious understands this concept and has such craves/desire for a reliable website design. The best genesis child themes for photography made explicitly for this purpose offers not just […]

Top five highly recommended best keyword research tools

The following response was given to Joe, after he called and was complaining on Google’s search rankings!! Please, you must understand that online success on Google is primarily a matter of upstaging your competitors and getting your online brand, product, blog and websites on Google’s first pages i.e. ranking above your competitors; and to achieve […]

15+ Best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense

I highly recommend that you chose the best Genesis child themes for Google AdSense monetization on your blog. As a consultant , I have come to discover that websites or blogs built using Genesis themes tends to rank high on Google search page results (most are on first page for their chosen keywords) and not […]

Top 10 Best Photography WordPress Themes

Simplicity, focus, clean, minimalistic, catchy and professional looking design should be the hallmark and distinguishing factor/feature of the right photography wordpress theme. Quite a number of exceptionally looking professional wordpress photography theme does exist from various designers. However some of them lack modern SEO features that will make them do very well in search engine […]

Responsive best wordpress review themes 2015

Research and studies revealed some important metrics and factors affecting consumer buying decision on any online website /blog. It is proven that visitors tends to engage with a website that has a review system; not only that, an online store or a pure blog/website that has a review system in place has a higher sales/service […]

Responsive best wordpress news themes design

One great feature that you should consider when launching and starting a news blog is the type and ease of design you want the site or blog to look like. Most especially, if you are considering a wordpress powered blog/site, it is ideal to go for the best template that will give you the right design. […]

Modified- trained and recreated pursueincome

Van, got the blogging inspiration from Pat Flynn, and as such, he was determined to build his blogging empire to a successful level, just like pat. Van approached bloggingconsult, and we advised him on best practices to follow. To start with, we advised on: A total blog design ( we did this, using the world […]

How we set up- SEO settings Samson Logan Website

When the client contacted us for his ideas, we gave her the best SEO advice obtainable in the industry. At the end of the day, we formulated, created, launched and helped set up the music website (blog) for the award winning recording artist, actor e.t.c. ( Samson Logan). Of most importance is the proper and […]

Increase your organic Google traffic with the use of revive old post plugin

I have always been a keen and aggressive SEO campaign addict on the use of social media signal, most especially on the use of Twitter and Google Plus. Why? It’s simply because social media signals (Twitter and Google+ in particular), if obtained properly produces remarkable Google SERP rankings!! It naturally boosts your chances on ranking […]

Top 10 recommended best wordpress business themes

The  best wordpress business themes should basically give a high customer conversion (for sales, services) ratio, give you a call to action strategy, be minimalist and fully on point to a web visitor. If you have or thinking of owning a business website for your company, I highly recommend you chose wordpress platform for one simple reason; wordpress […]

5 Modern SEO tools to rank high and be on Google first page

There are secrets to success and the few that knows such secrets never wishes to share it with anyone else; the same thing goes for being successful with an online business or the desire to make money with your blog or website. Successful bloggers, problogers, and successful website owners all have some winning arsenal of tools […]

fastest loading wordpress theme – Schema

Lately, MyThemeShop released a super unique wordpress theme called Schema. This great team of wordpress designers and developers codenamed this design and branded it as the fastest loading wordpress theme and SEO friendly design. Recommended to read: best genesis child themes Finally, this theme has arrived in the marketplace and we are looking at the facts, figures and reasons why its being […]

xtheme wordpress review – why its the ultimate wp theme

Have you ever wondered why thousands of good bloggers along with time migrates from one good wordpress theme to a more better wp theme design and template ? Well I have the right answer for you that’s because  they are in search of the best WordPress Theme that will give them the right conversion. Recommended to read: best genesis child themes […]

High CTR ready AdSense templates for blogger

From an honest and professional point of view ( being a successful AdSense publisher over these years), It is recommended to get and purchase premium high ctr AdSense blogger template!!. The reason for this statement is explained below. Google monetization program remains the leading, flexible and global means of making and earning money on the internet. The program has more […]

11 ways on how to know a bad backlinks and avoid it

Have you ever wondered why the Google ranking of your website or blog is not increasing. Are you confused that despite the fact that you have built lots of links, yet there seems to be no improvement in organic traffic e.t.c. Recommended to read: How to be on first page of Google without backlinks On […]

How to dominate google first page for your blog posts

While there is no guarantee that your blog posts will dominate Google’s first page, however there are certain best practices that can be applied which will make some of your blog posts to actually be on first page of Google search page. Recommended to read: How to be on first page of Google without backlinks […]

Best copyscape alternative checker tools

Having spent so many hours and energy writing and publishing quality content, Josh discovered later on that his contents and blog post were being downgraded day after day in the Google search engine rankings. After rigorous search, he later discovered that duplicate content of his post syndicated on some blogs was the major culprit. Another […]

Responsive best wordpress magazine themes

The choice of the perfect best wordpress magazine themes for your magazine blog and website goes beyond just a beautiful design. Though having a beautiful magazine design should be a priority in your selection, but the most important factor is to have a Google friendly, SEO optimized wordpress theme that will deliver to you in terms of having […]

Robots.txt file is a cause of Google Penalty

This may sound weird, however it is true and well proven that the use of robots.txt file if abused can lead to a Google penalty. The quote below from Google confirms the above statement of declaration: If your site contains pages, links, or text that you don’t intend visitors to see, Google considers those links […]

8 tips to Increase the speed of your website and reduce load time

Google gave a naked exposure by saying that the speed or load time of your webpage does affect your rankings. With focused attention on mobile user experience, it became more important to optimize your blog and website for a faster mobile responsiveness. Hear what Google said: Google now factors in site speed Interestingly enough, webpage […]

7 Great habits of highly successful bloggers-25 case studies

To be a successful blogger, it is important to study the life, attitude, culture and trends of successful bloggers ahead of you. A study of the blogging lifestyle of prominent probloggers is worth emulating. Hire Me/ Must Read: Google AdSense Consultant Services It is worthy of note to study their analytical approach to blogging to […]

60 proven ways to monetize and make money on a blog

How can I make money on a blog? What are the ways to make money from my blog? How do I monetize my site properly? I’m sure you have landed on this page looking for an answer to all these. Follow the 60 proven ways I have carefully explained in this post. Hire Me/ Must Read: Google AdSense Consultant […]

7 proven steps to protect your wordpress website security

WordPress is the world’s most popular and used blogging platform. However, no matter how good a particular system might be, there is however chances of vulnerability and that is why the security of the blogging platform is important for its users to be conscious of. Hire Me/ Must Read: Google AdSense Consultant Services A good […]

7 SEO tips to get Google traffic from USA visitors

In getting the best out of Google AdSense and any affiliate program, savvy probloggers and webmasters knows that visitors and traffic from USA through Google search , UK and Canada gives a high CTR ( meaning that clicks from them offers a high conversion rate because they are high paying regions according to Google Adwords), as […]

7 killer SEO tips to increase google traffic using images

In May 2013 when Google enlarged the cover photo of the Google plus page, I knew then that the search engine is really serious about Images. The use of Images on a blog and website is an important factor as it helps cement understanding and seal creativity on the topic of interest. It helps and […]