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At BloggingConsult, we are confident to say that we stand tall in the SEO industry. As an accomplished website SEO consultant specialist, we offer the cheapest SEO packages you can ever think of. Our philosophy is anchored on the fact that getting quality services/result should not be detrimental to the financial resources of our client.

Our mode of operation is highly streamlined with just two experienced SEO consultants, hence the cost of production is low.

Please note that our cheap website SEO services is sure meant to give you the utmost result, thereby resulting in an higher ROI ( return on investment) for your online business

What makes us credible as a recommended professional website SEO consultant?

Please, take your time to check our blog posts; Secondly 90% of our blog posts are ranking on either the first page or second page of Google search results. Example includes competitive terms like ‘ modern seo tools’, how to dominate google first page’ best wordpress adsense theme’ SEO consultant specialist e.t.c.

What about our Alexa Rank?

At the moment, our blog is less than 35,000 globally

And PageRank?

The blog is new ( will be one year old by October 2014); at the moment, it does not have any PageRank, because the last PR was December 23rd, 2013, and only blogs whose domain were registered from inception up till July 23rd, 2013 were ranked.


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  • SEO Consultant Specialist

As a SEO consultant that understands the unstable dynamics of Google’s algorithm, fluctuating SEO metrics; we have given ourselves an unparallel prime position to deal with any search engine optimization of your website or blog.

With an affordable fee, we carry out an intensive and systemic study of your blog and website with a view to finding solutions to your organic traffic problems, and thereafter gives out recommendations on what to be done to bring back your website to winning ways in Google’s purview.

Part of what is done includes:

  • Assessment and recommendation on your website/blog architecture; in most cases, we usually recommended that the blogger or publisher upgrade to a Google friendly website/blog design
  • An intensive on-page SEO is done on the website and blog posts to determine why they are not ranking well on Google search result pages
  • We carry out a detailed blog/website mock-up ( including maintenance and cleansing of the site). For example, part of what is being done is the removal of broken links, bad links ( backlinks), removal of Google penalty triggers, cleansing of the PHP data/table and removal of redundant plugins/codes that may be impacting on the overall performance of the blog
  • Being an attentive SEO professional that gives due diligence to facts and figures, we work together with the owner of the website/blog to know what he/she desires to rank for on Google SERP and also advise on how to triumph over your competitors

For detailed information,check Our SEO Consultant Specialist Page

cheap website design consultant

  • WordPress SEO services and Website Design

We offer web designing for your overall needs. Using the power and knowledge of wordpress platform, we will give you a slick, modern, professionally looking website design. Our web design creativity takes into account any niche; from hotel, school ( university or crèche), business or corporate design ( for your company or organization), medical organization ( medical blog, hospital, clinic e.t.c). In essence, we carry out design for you no matter the niche you are, just tell us and we will get to work immediately.

We have an understanding that it takes more than just having a beautiful website or blog design to be successful, we will  integrate Google’s best practice in SEO to greatly optimize your website in order to rank high and dominate Google first page.

Its all because we understand SEO that Google loves!!

In this category, we also offer the following services:

  • Blog set up and Installation

Be it a fashion blogger, a typical blogger that wants to make money from Google/ other monetization means; we are here to help you

  • Free wordpress installation

Are you confused on how to set up your wordpress blog, talk to us and we will help you get it done.

For more details and pricing, please check: Our WordPress SEO services and Website Design Page

professional blog commenting services

Drop blog comment like a marketer to have good conversion

  • Blog Commenting Services

We offer professional, spam free blog commenting services for your need. We understand spam. and we understand what makes a comment to have good conversion to the destination website or blog.

Our blog commenting services, is part of our overall professional professional website SEO consultant services, and we assure you that only the best, google penalty free blogs/website will be commented on.

Our strategy is focussed on dropping insightful, call to action comment on high pr blogs, with systemic ratio of both dofollow and nofollow link building concept.

In essence, our commenting ratio is usually 70% ( dofollow blogs) and 30% ( nofollow blogs). Please read our helpful and world class post below:

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Please check out our reviews, clients portfolio, case studies and testimonials in the page below

Please, check out our: Blog commenting specialist services

  • cheap website seo designGoogle AdSense Service

We offer a cheap and affordable Google AdSense service solutions. Our expertise, stemming from yeas of being a successful AdSense publisher is all you need to be successful with this monetization program from Google.

Our programme is exceptional and we are going to help you get the following:

  • Help you to get your Google adsense application approved
  • Guide and teach you how not to get your AdSense account banned
  • Show and guide you on how to increase your CTR- ultimately helping you to make more money
  • Guide and show you how to make your blog/website mobile responsive
  • Above all, give you freely our premium Ebook on ‘ dofollow backlinks- how to promote your website and blog posts’

For details, please check out:  Our  Google AdSense service solution page

SEO content writer

quality content is like green gas

  • SEO Content Writer

This is clearly one area that aligns pretty much with our professional website SEO consultant services. I offer a high quality, well researched and original content for your business and online marketing needs.  In the course of consulting for most clients and trying to solve their SEO problems with a view to determining why they are not ranking on Google first page, I’ve come to discover that lack of top notch, well researched quality content serves as number one reason.

Many SEO clients wil just tell you to build backlinks, but with the present Google restructuring of ranking factors, quality content is the main and major factor needed to rank high on Google. Though backlinking will help give a boost to it;

however, is it not good to pour gasoline ( fuel or petrol) on a dry log of wood to enable it burn faster rather than pouring fuel/petrol/gasoline on a wet log of wood?

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At bloggingconsult, we understand this important metrics and we are committed to writing exceptional, quality and non-duplicate content for your website and blog posts.

Ready? for more details, please check: SEO Content Writing page