Top 10 responsive best wordpress adsense themes

Recommended best adsense theme

Making quality money with Google AdSense involves receiving high organic traffic, high CTR, and a ready made AdSense high converting wordpress theme. Knowing what works best in getting quality money is an important metrics in your quest with Google AdSense. To help with detailed explanation, I once received a mail from the Google Team, advising me […]

Top 11 recommended best wordpress Food themes

cookiepress theme

The choice of a premium, beautiful, premium themes adds glamour, professionalism, and splendid touch to your blog. After the successful publication of detailed guidelines on how to start and launch a food blog; this particular post is meant to give you optimal web design templates that are both responsive, and Google SEO friendly. Recommended to […]

How to start a successful food blog in 7 steps

general settings of a new blog

This tutorial and detailed guidelines on how to start a successful food blog is a simple, easy and yet complete package to launch, set up and own a great, delicious, cooking and recipe site. Before starting off, I’m pretty assuming that you love cooking, probably you are a chef, and you’ve been thinking of starting and launching your […]

5 steps your blog post can be on first page of Google search

google first page

While there is no guarantee that your blog posts will dominate Google’s first page, however there are certain best practices that can be applied which will make some of your blog posts to actually be on first page of Google search page. Recommended to read: recommended best blog commenting services The way Google’s search result […]

5 safe ways to build and get backlinks to a new website and blog

quality content get links to a new site fast

We must understand that the techniques involved in building and getting backlinks to an already established blog or website is totally different from the way links should be obtained and pointed to a new site and blog.  This truth should be emphasized because the overall and long term success of such website and blog depends to a […]

Top 10 recommended best seo tools for 2014 and beyond

best social media optimisation tools

Being an SEO consultant, I’ve had the priviledge to have met and come across well respected and leading specialist in this niche. The secret to their success and their client success is largely due to proven best SEO tools used for various campaigns, analysis, project execution e.t.c. Recommended: I offer a thorough Blog commenting services From […]

Accidental plagiarism which kills copywriting

write original content- avoid stolen and duplicate content

Inadvertent copyright infringement is by and large the aftereffect of poor note taking, or rewording, without appropriately referring to the reference. All literary theft, both purposeful and unplanned, is seen genuinely by the University and can acquire punishments. Accidental Plagiarism happens when scholars and analysts utilize the words or thoughts of others however neglect to […]

Top five highly recommended best keyword research tools

keyword-research-best seo tool

The following response was given to Joe, after he called and was complaining on Google’s search rankings!! Please, you must understand that online success on Google is primarily a matter of upstaging your competitors and getting your online brand, product, blog and websites on Google’s first pages i.e. ranking above your competitors; and to achieve […]