Best Photography WordPress Themes

fullscreen photography website template

  Simplicity, focus, clean, minimalistic, catchy and professional looking design should be the hallmark and distinguishing factor/feature of the right photography wordpress theme. Quite a number of exceptionally looking professional wordpress photography theme does exist from various designers. However some of them lack modern SEO features that will make them do very well in search […]

Responsive best wordpress review themes 2014

reviewgine is responsive

  Research and studies revealed some important metrics and factors affecting consumer buying decision on any online website /blog. It is proven that visitors tends to engage with a website that has a review system; not only that, an online store or a pure blog/website that has a review system in place has a higher […]

Responsive best fashion wordpress themes

vogue is best fashion wordpress theme-responsive

  For splendour, beauty, classy touch and feel, high sense of humour, professionalism in your fashion blogging, website passion and career; all what is required of you is to have a modern, beautiful and fully mobile responsive best fashion wordpress theme for your fashion and style niches. Recommended to read: How to start a successful fashion […]

How to be on first page of Google without backlinks

content marketing strategy

  How to be on first page of Google is not a rocket science; it might interest you to note that with simple obedience and diligence to stated instructions, one can actually dominate the search engine first page results for any chosen keyword, website or blog. Hire Me/ Must Read: Google AdSense Consultant Services Recommended to read: How […]

Responsive best wordpress news themes design

all news wp theme

  One great feature that you should consider when launching and starting a news blog is the type and ease of design you want the site or blog to look like. Most especially, if you are considering a wordpress powered blog/site, it is ideal to go for the best wordpress news themes. Recommended to read: […]

Modified- trained and recreated pursueincome


  Van, got the blogging inspiration from Pat Flynn, and as such, he was determined to build his blogging empire to a successful level, just like pat. Van approached bloggingconsult, and we advised him on best practices to follow. To start with, we advised on: A total blog design ( we did this, using the […]

How we set up- SEO settings Samson Logan Website


  When the client contacted us for his ideas, we gave her the best SEO advice obtainable in the industry. At the end of the day, we formulated, created, launched and helped set up the music website (blog) for the award winning recording artist, actor e.t.c. ( Samson Logan). Of most importance is the proper […]

Increase your organic Google traffic with the use of revive old post plugin

revive old post plugin review

  I have always been a keen and aggressive SEO campaign addict on the use of social media signal, most especially on the use of Twitter and Google Plus. Why? It’s simply because social media signals (Twitter and Google+ in particular), if obtained properly produces remarkable Google SERP rankings!! It naturally boosts your chances on […]