Affordable SEO services


affordable seo servicesHiring an SEO consultant does not mean you should break your bank!! Infact, getting good organic results in Google SERP can be obtained with a small and cheap SEO budget, provided the SEO expert you contacted is up to the task. I offer an affordable SEO services that will fit your budget. As a proven SEO consultant, my aim is to get you your desired result, work with you, keep you updated and get your blog/website to winning ways.

Are you having problem with your website and blog posts? seems as if you are not getting enough and targeted organic traffic?, well, I am here to help. My cheap SEO services with proven ROI ( return on investment) for your online business is perfectly tailored for your convenience. I am highly skilled in the following specializations:

My Cheap and affordable SEO services

  • 1#     SEO Consultant Specialist Services

My services are affordable, and you are sure to get the best ROI ( return on investment); part of services to be carried out includes:

  • SEO/Website Audit
  • Link Building
  • Recommendations
  • Detect bad links and enforce their removal

cheap seo services

Some of the SEO/Website Audit that will  be done includes:

  • On-Page SEO analysis
  • Meta description audit for your website (primarily) and select blog posts
  • Title Audit
  • Keyword Focus Analysis
  • Checking of URL structure
  • Full Content Analysis
  • Analysis of your internal Linking structures & settings
  • Anchor Text analysis
  • Link building pattern analysis

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  • 2#      Blog Commenting specialist services

I offer spam free, high quality blog comments on leading blogs and website.

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  •  3#      Social media marketing Specialist

In need of a social media marketing specialist? Well, I offer a dependable social media services.

Are you having the following problem?

  • Experiencing problem getting traffic from social media platform?
  • Looking for ways on how to increase your twitter followers and get traffic from active, niche focused twitter followers?
  • You don’t have time to manage your social media platform and keep them active?

My Social Media Marketing Specialist Service

If your answer is yes to the above issues, then we can work together to achieve success.

  • My fees are cheap and affordable; I do not charge outrageous fees
  • My services are proven, with 90% success rate
  • I will help increase and grow your twitter followers (only pure and targeted followers)
  • I will be sharing your article links to social media networks basically on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Mode of Service

I hate spam, therefore, I will not be sharing your links at one single time, but share them several times daily or by days.

Duration:                                        Depends on packaged subscribed to

Mode of communication:            Email

Payment Method:                         PayPal

Package 1

Basically, I will help to increase and grow your twitter followers.

Cost:                         25 USD per 1,000 targeted follower                -      Max Duration  ( 1 month)

50 USD per 3,000 targeted follower               -      Max Duration  ( 1 month)

100 USD per 7,000 targeted follower             -       Max Duration  ( 1 month)

200 USD per 10,000 targeted follower            -      Max Duration  ( 2 month)

Package 2

  • $10    -        Will share 10 links per month [meaning that I will share a link 10 times per month on 5 social media platforms [total 500 shares].
  • $20    -        Will share 25 links per month [total 1250 social shared]

Need a custom plan?       Make a request through the contact from below

Package 3

To manage your social media network? Do contact us through the request form below. Tell us exactly what you need and expect us to do.

  •  4#      Accept Sponsored Posts

I accept sponsored posts; however, in most cases, the following tips are carried out:

  • Each sponsored posts must be unique, original, highly useful, and must be between 800-1500 words. In most cases, I usually rewrite the submitted content completely ( from scratch) so as to fit the vision and mission of this blog. I  mean I don’t accept most of the contents, I prefer to write a new content for the sponsored post
  • The published sponsored post(s) will be linked from related posts on my blog ( i.e. will link to it from related blog posts on my site)
  • I share the published posts on my twitter and Google plus account, with brief shares on Facebook and LinkedIn. Focus is on Twitter and Google plus, and will be repeatedly shared 15 different times within a month.
  • I will blog comment 20 times in one month only on leading related blogs and website. The blog comments will be to the published sponsored posts (50%) and directly to the site or blog of the sponsored posts

Cost: USD100

Kindly use the form below to let me know which of the services you are interested

Pls note:  I only work with clients who have penchant for excellence and are committed. Only get in touch if you are serious about business.