How to be on first page of Google without backlinks

How to be on first page of Google is not rocket science. With compliance and diligence to the listed instructions, you can actually rank and dominate the search engine first page results for any chosen keyword, website or blog. Before proceeding, you should know, Google changed their search ranking status quo on May 27th, 2013, […]

Schema WordPress Theme Review

Schema theme review

Lately, MyThemeShop released a super unique wordpress theme called Schema. This great team of wordpress designers and developers codenamed this design and branded it as the fastest loading wordpress theme and SEO friendly design. Recommended to read: best genesis child themes This tutorial on schema theme review aims to look at the facts, figures and reasons why its being branded as […]

How to start and create a news blog and website

Learn how to start a news website and become successful with your blog. Having the passion is not enough!! you are a journalist and you’ve been thinking of launching and setting up a blog. By the way, you are inspired by the likes of New York Times, ABC news, Reuters e.t.c. And/or probably, you are […]

Sociallyviral WordPress Theme review


Have you noticed that Google created a special link in your Google analytic account to track social media signals hitting your website!! The answer to this is because big G is placing and actually using social media signals in its organic ranking indices. Do you know that twitter is a PR9 site? Facebook and Linkedin are PR9 while […]

Foodie Pro WordPress Theme Review

foodie pro theme review

People don’t just throw away cash!! I have come to discover that it is not just enough to buy something. Buyers and online shoppers need to get assurance and sense of confidence on any product or item they want to buy. This Foodie pro theme review is not just one of those you read all […]

Impreza wordpress Theme Review

impreza wordpress review

In every 24 hours, more than 3 new premium and 2 new free themes are being released into the wordpress community. Going by statistics, wordpress is the most popular and sought after website template designers and developers the world over uses. But, the question that comes to mind is? are these themes reliable? which ones among […]

How to start a successful food blog in 7 steps


This tutorial and detailed guidelines on how to start a successful food blog is a simple, easy and yet complete package to launch, set up and own a great, delicious, cooking and recipe site. Before starting off, I’m pretty assuming that you love cooking, probably you are a chef, and you’ve been thinking of starting and launching your […]

10 free tools and tips to check for links

A sound health is determined by how frequent you take care of it, and also is determined by the number of medical check-ups you give to yourself, as the saying goes ‘ health is wealth’. Must Read: 7 proven steps to protect your wordpress website security I have come to realize that one’s source of […]

Top 10 recommended best seo tools for 2015 and beyond

Being an SEO consultant, I’ve had the priviledge to have met and come across well respected and leading specialist in this niche. The secret to their success and their client success is largely due to proven best SEO tools used for various campaigns, analysis, project execution e.t.c. From dominating Google’s first page to social media successes; […]

How to start a successful fashion blog in 2015

Thinking on how to start a successful fashion blog ? honestly, launching and starting your own professional fashion blog might bring about the difference in your career, influence and your ability to make money on a large scale. Recommended to read: Top 10 best fashion wordpress themes I guess you might be influenced by the likes […]